Richest Drug Lords

There are many businesses in the market in which people are involved and are earning a lot from them. Businesses are of different types among which some of them are legal while some are conducted illegally according to the rules of different countries. Drugs are quite bad and harmful thing which can ruin the whole life of a person. But drugs are now considered as the big source of earning money and a big business to become rich. It is said that the business of drugs can make a common man one of the richest people in the world. These drug lords are not working legally in the market because drugs have a bad reputation, and people cannot purchase them directly from the market. Drugs are normally expensive, but drug addicts are willing to purchase them. Drug lords are supplying drugs throughout the whole world which is indeed harmful but still used by the people. They are very rich and are earning a lot by sitting in their places but are ruining the life of people by their work.
The followings are top 10 richest and most famous drug lords of the world:

10. Griselda Blanco:

List of Top Ten Richest Drug Lords in the WorldGriselda Blanco is the drug lord and was born in Colombia. She is the only female person included in this list. She is commonly called as the Godmother of Cocaine and is called one of the most dangerous ones. She was also a prolific smuggler who is involved in the business at places like New York, Miami, and many others. She has also murdered almost 200 people in this bad business. She was also in prison in 1985 but then was released in 2004. She has the net worth value of almost $2 million.

9. Khun SA:

Top Ten Richest Drug Lords in the WorldKhun SA is one of the big drug lords of the world and belongs to Myanmar. He has been in the field of business from 1974 and has been earning from that. He has the net worth value of $5 million. He supplies drugs to main places like Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. He also has developed the largest heroin empire of the world. He has also challenged US government to purchase Opium from him. He then surrenders the police of Myanmar but don’t know what next happens to him.

8. Freeway Rick Ross:

 Top Ten Richest Drug LordsFreeway Rick Ross is the drug lord who belongs to the USA. His original name is Ricky Donnell Ross and is also considered as a celebrity. He has been supplying the cocaine from 1980 and is also the main reason for the death of millions of people in 1999. He was involved in this bad business from the age of 19 years. He owns a factory which can produce and sell drugs of almost 2-3 million per day. His net worth value is almost $52 million because of his enhanced business of drugs.

7. George Jung:

Top 10 Richest Drug Lords in the WorldGeorge Jung is the drug lord who has the net worth value of $100 million and belongs to the USA. He is one of the most famous drug dealers as he was also portrayed in the movie of Johnny Deep called Blow in 2001. He has been supplying cocaine to almost all parts of USA and has made millions from that. Then he was in prison but was later released in 2014 because of his strong approaches with famous and big people.

6. Rafael Caro Quintero:

List of Top 10 Richest Drug Lords in the WorldRafael Caro is the drug lord who belongs to Mexico and is the first Mexican drug dealer in the world. He was first involved in the business of Marijuana and has many farms. He then also started selling cocaine and made many dollars from that. He has also invested money in different construction and real estate projects. He was then sent to the jail in 1985 for 40 years and is still here. The net worth value of this drug lord is almost $650 million.

5. Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas:

Top Five Richest Drug Lords in the WorldCarlos Enrique belongs to Colombia with the net worth value of $2.7 billion. He is the 2nd most famous drug dealer of Columbia. He was involved in cocaine business on a small island and used to supply drugs to different places. He also owns his armed troops and hangers for the safety of his business. He has private places for supplying drugs. He was sent to jail in 1987 for almost whole life, but then his punishment was later reduced to almost 55 years but still in jail.

4. Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela:

Top 5 Richest Drug Lords in the WorldGilberto Rodriguez was born in Tolima and has the total net worth value of $3 billion. He has earned a large amount of money because of the drug trafficking business which was started in 1990. He supplies drugs to different countries of the most which make him most famous and richest drug dealer. He was then sent to prison for 30 years due to money laundering and drug trafficking in 2006.

3. Ochoa Brothers:

Top Three Richest Drug Lords in the WorldOchoa Brothers is the drug dealer who was born in Colombia with the net worth value of $6 billion. Columbia is the country which is more involved in drug dealing than all other countries. They were more successful because of their special teams. They all brothers were arrested in 1991 but then were out in 1996. Then their youngest brother was again arrested in 1999 for almost 30 years, and he is still in jail because of his deeds.

2. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar:

Top 3 Richest Drug Lords in the WorldDawood Ibrahim is the most famous personality of India with the net worth value of $6.7 billion. He is also involved in some other activities like political bombing and the incident of 1993 in Mumbai, which killed 250 people. He was also linked to Osama Bin Laden for different crimes. He is involved in film industry financing, terrorism, supplying arms other than drug smuggling. He also earns large revenues by investing in Bollywood movies and earning from them.

1. Frank Lucas:

Richest Drug Lord in the WorldFrank Lucas is the drug dealer of USA with the net worth value of $52 billion. He was born in 1930 and established the biggest international drug market in the whole world by his large business. He has been selling all types of drugs available on the market. He has a brand called Mean Machine which supplies all drugs to the users and earning profit from that.

Richest Drug Lords – Top Ten List

Sr.No. Names Net Worth
1 Frank Lucas $ 52 Billion
2 Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar $ 6.7 Billion
3 Ochao Brothers $ 6 Billion
4 Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela $ 3 Billion
5 Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas $ 2.7 Billion
6 Rafael Caro Quintero $ 650 Million
7 George Jung $ 100 Million
8 Freeway Rick Ross $ 52 Million
9 Khun SA $ 5 Million
10 Griselda Blanco $ 2 Million


The above ranking of top 10 richest drug lords of the world is given according to their net worth value in the market. Drugs are now supplied in large quantity, and most of the people are involved in that. The drug dealers are supplying them to all parts of the world and earning from them which are indirectly ruining the life of the people. Some of them are also involved in other crimes.

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