Most Influential Folk Music Artists

There are some forms of music which are very soothing to the people, their mind and soul as well, folk music is that kind of music. Folk music was more common in past, but now its place is taken by other forms of pop and rock. But some real music lovers are still fond of folk music as it has strong roots related to traditions and cultures of different countries. There are many famous folk artists in the world which are known in the whole world. Most of the folk songs are made with traditional tunes of every country to represent them in another world. Folk music is very calm, interesting and with full of entertainment which attracts people towards it. There are some instruments which are always associated with the folk music and are compulsory for playing songs. Some of folk artists are popular all around the world because of their influential voice and tunes which attracts people and they have millions of fans in the world.
The following are top 10 most influential folk music artists of the world:

10. Steve Earle:

List of Top Ten Most Influential Folk Music ArtistsSteve Earle is the artist who started his music career as a protest singer and his further collaboration with Del McCoury. He is famous rock singer who belongs to America. He started his original tunes career from a classic American style to all other countries and rock and roll. His songwriting skills are very influential and best in their way. He was very lucky and got success in very early stages of his career. He has also received 3 Grammy Awards for his hit albums. He also appeared in many films, novel and short stories as well.

9. Ani Difranco:

Top Ten Most Influential Folk Music ArtistsAni Difranco is not only a singer but guitarists as well and belongs to America. She has released many successful 20 albums on the market and was loved by the whole world. She was considered as the first independent singer who has created his record label. Her presence on the stage was very appealing for the people as she sings with the guitar. She has given many messages in her songs which depict peace and some other topics. She has influenced many females of the young generation to pursue their career in the field of singing.

8. Doc Watson:

Top Ten Influential Folk Music ArtistsDoc Watson was not only a folk singer but guitarist and songwriter as well. He belongs to America and not only plays folk melody but all types of music. He was very successful in the field of melody and has won almost 7 Grammy Awards and Lifetime Achievement award as well because of his knowledge. He has the best command on the narrative songs and old time’s classics which were very attractive to the people. He has given many big hits to the world which are still loved by the people.

7. Townes Van Zandt:

Top 10 Most Influential Folk Music ArtistsTownes Van Zandt was famous songwriter and singer of America. He has very devoted and influential voice which made him famous in very less time. His first single was a big hit which made him famous in the whole world. He was a big drug addict which hinders the growth of his career and also has memory loss because of that which ended his career. He then died in 1997 because of different health issues. He lived very difficult life, and the lyrics of his songs completely depict his sad phase of life, but his songs are considered as timeless and have marked the history.

6. Alison Krauss:

List of Top 10 Most Influential Folk Music ArtistsAlison Krauss is considered as one of the best musicians of America and songwriter as well. She entered the music industry at very young age and released her first album in 1985. She has also joined the band. Her singles and albums were very famous and a big hit in the world which made her won Academy awards because of her amazing performance. She has won almost 27 Grammy awards because of her hit songs and was also given the title of most awarded female artist in the whole history of Grammy, which is an amazing thing.

5. Pete Seeger:

Top Five Most Influential Folk Music ArtistsPete Seeger was not only a folk singer but also an activist in America. He was heard by the whole world on the nationwide radio in 1940`s. He was on the top of the chart for best song for almost 13 consecutive weeks in 1950. His work in the field of singing is very vast because of the impressive singing and the lyrics. Some big folk artists like Bob Dylan etc. were also inspired by his singing and the legacy in his singing.

4. Bill Monroe:

Top 5 Most Influential Folk Music ArtistsBill Monroe was a songwriter and singer of America who has created the form of music called Bluegrass. The whole career of this singer was of 69 years which was very successful and has many fans till now. He was given the title of Father of Bluegrass because of he was the inventor of this form. Most of the folk singers now get inspiration from his songs and his style of singing. He plays his music with the bluegrass instruments and vocal harmonies which are always associated with him.

3. Joni Mitchell:

Top Three Most Influential Folk Music ArtistsJoni Mitchell was not only the best singer but songwriter and amazing painter as well and belongs to Canada. She used to write lyrics with very deep meanings which also inspired her fellow singers. She was named as the most influential and best female folk artist in the whole 20th century. She has inspired many women of folk culture to start singing in her style, and her work can be still seen in the style of Dar Williams.

2. Bob Dylan:

Top 3 Most Influential Folk Music ArtistsBob Dylan was an American writer, singer and songwriter as well. He was famous for his music and culture introduced his music for almost more than 5 decades. He has given many big hit albums for the listeners and also won different awards for those performances. He has also received Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012 by the President of America Barack Obama for his spectacular work in the field of music. He has a long successful career of 30 years in the field of music and radio shows as well.

1. Woody Guthrie:

Most Influential Folk Music ArtistWoody Guthrie started his career from the radio station of California. He has made many big music albums and was named as the best folk artist of the world. He then started his group with different musicians of New York. They were also named as the most famous folk music group of the world. He has combined folk music, political and social elements in his music perfectly. Then his son was also introduced with this form of music and was always associated with the singing of his father.

Most Influential Folk Music Artists – Top Rated List

Sr.No. Names
1 Woody Guthrie
2 Bob Dylan
3 Joni Mitchell
4 Bill Monroe
5 Pete Seeger
6 Alison Krauss
7 Townes Van Zandt
8 Doc Watson
9 Ani Difranco
10 Steve Earle


Folk Music is a very interesting thing which is loved by the whole world. Folk music has many big artists in the world who have made this music from famous all around the world and marked their name in the history of folk music. All these artists discussed above are best in their way and have made a major contribution to this field that is the reason the whole world loves them till now.

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