Most Expensive Women Shoes Brands

Shoes are worn by everyone and these are the main item that completes the whole look of the person. To make a fashion statement, shoes should not be ignored by the person, and special focus must be done on them. There are many brands in the world which are making shoes and are very expensive due to their famous brand names and latest designs. The gesture of buying expensive shoes shows the luxurious status of the person and also maintains their status. All the latest designs of the brands are worn by famous celebrities of the world at different occasions like red carpets, awards, etc. as they can afford them, and people can get aware of them. All celebrities can afford these expensive branded shoes for their status and match them with their clothes and dresses. The shoes of these famous brands can further give a much luxurious touch to your closet and apartment as a whole that is an amazing thing about these brands.
The following are top 10 most expensive and best shoe brands in the market:

10. Gucci:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Women Shoes Brands in the WorldGucci is an Italian brand that is considered as much luxurious and its main headquarters are located in Florence. It is quite famous in the whole world because of its pure leather products like bags etc. It has many stores located all over the world with their all product range. The products of this label are available with all the latest designs to provide the luxurious look of the buyer. The shoes of this brand are normally expensive, and their price range is $600 to $800 for a single pair of shoes.

9. Miu Miu:

Top Ten Most Expensive Women Shoes Brands in the WorldMiu Miu is also a luxurious brand that has not many stores in the whole world, but the products of this brand are very fashionable and stylish. The most famous pair of shoes of this brand is the pink suede books with the gold metallic ankle strap. Miu Miu was called as the sister branch of fashion and was started in 1993. The style of their products has some eclectic style with much style and grace. The normal pair of shoes of Miu Miu starts from the price of $500 which is still expensive to pay for a normal pair of shoes.

8. Stuart Weitzman:

Top Ten Expensive Women Shoes Brands in the WorldStuart Weitzman is the brand that has become famous in some recent years and is now known in the whole world. It is said that Stuart Weitzman is quite luxurious and stylish brand for shoes. This brand started its business from Massachusetts but is now manufacturing its products in Spain. The material used in their shoes is their trademark that is its threads, vinyl, wallpaper, diamonds, etc. Stuart Weitzman is the brand that basically designs shoes for the famous celebrities for Oscars and other famous awards. The normal price range of this trademark products starts from $600 and more.

7. Brian Atwood:

Top 10 Most Expensive Women Shoes Brands in the WorldBrian Atwood is the brand that started its business from Chicago and to provide fashion products to people. Brian first worked with Versace to get some experience than started this brand in 2001. The products of this brand were a big hit as they were introduced in the market and had also received awards for its style of shoes. All the products of this brand are manufactured in Italy and then exported to all other countries. The price range of this label starts from $600 to much more.

6. Alexander McQueen:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Women Shoes Brands in the WorldAlexander McQueen is the brand that got more famous because Lady Gaga always wore shoes of this brand. The shoes of this brand are much bold and are very latest. All the products are made with the theme of the 16th century. It has recently introduced shoes are the ash wood boots that are designed with the harmony of the body. The designer of this label is passed away in 2010, and now company only manufactures its old designs. The price range of this trademark starts from $600 to onwards.

5. Walter Steiger:

Top Five Most Expensive Women Shoes Brands in the WorldWalter Steiger is the designer who was born in Switzerland and is much famous for its unique and latest designs. Its first boutique was opened in 1974, and then all luxurious shoes were introduced there. The style of their products can never go unnoticed. The heel style is very different which is arch-shaped and is always associated with this label. The price range of these products starts from $600 to much more than this.

4. Christian Louboutin:

Top 5 Most Expensive Women Shoes Brands in the WorldChristian Louboutin is one of the best brands that are a very luxurious label. The main signature feature of this brand is their red heels and the towering heels. Their red heels are in high demand and are very delicately designed. The most expensive pair of shoes from this brand was called Sexy Strass with the price range of $3,095. The price range of this trademark starts from $300 to $3,095.

3. Jimmy Choo:

Top Three Most Expensive Women Shoes Brands in the WorldJimmy Choo designs the most adorable shoes for the whole world. Almost in all movies of Hollywood, shoes of this brand are worn by famous actors. It is the brand in highest demand among all the shoe lovers of the world. Most of their products can be seen on the red carpets of different famous awards due to their style and popularity. The price range of their products starts from $400.

2. Manolo Blahnik:

Top 3 Most Expensive Women Shoes Brands in the WorldManolo Blahnik is the brand that was started in 1970. This brand does not make wedge heels as they believe in producing high heels to make ladies more stylish. This brand renewed the old fashion of platform and boots in the form of Stilettos. This brand is very expensive as the material used in them is very precious, and some range of their shoes is made from the alligator’s skin. The price range of Manolo Blahnik starts from $945 and goes much more than this.

1. Louis Vuitton:

Most Expensive Women Shoes Brand in the WorldLouis Vuitton is the most luxurious brand in the world which not only makes stylish shoes but bags and clothes as well. It is still considered as the most valuable brand from last 160 years. The most expensive shoes of this brand were Manhattan Richelieu Men, which was sold for the price of $10,000. The normal price range of their shoes starts from $870 to $10,000.

Most Expensive Women Shoes Brands – Top Ten List

Sr.No. Names Prices Range
1 Louis Vuitton $ 870 to $ 10000
2 Manolo Blahnik $ 945 & more
3 Jimmy Choo $ 400 & more
4 Christian Louboutin $ 300 to $ 3095
5 Walter Steiger $ 600 & more
6 Alexander McQueen $ 600 & more
7 Brian Atwood $ 600 & more
8 Stuart Weitzman $ 600 & more
9 Miu Miu $ 500 & more
10 Gucci $ 600 to $ 800


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive shoe brands for women in the world is given according to the price range of these brands and their style. All these brands are much famous in the whole world and have their outlets in different countries to make them available to their all customers. These brands are much expensive to afford for everyone, and only rich people can afford them to maintain their status and to make their living style more luxurious.

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