Most Expensive Brands of Perfumes

Perfumes are loved by everyone as they provide a fresh smell to the whole body for long hours. Every perfume has a special and unique smell, and every person chooses some special smell according to their personality and taste. Some of the smells are unisex which can be used by men and women. There are many brands that have been making perfumes for the people and are available at different prices. Perfumes are made with different precious ingredients that are the reason now perfumes are getting expensive by the passage of time. It is said that perfumes of famous brands are quite expensive because of their famous brand names and brand image in the market. Perfumes provide the fresh for the longer hours, and they are more used by the people than deodorants. Most of the brands also focus on the bottles of the perfumes to make their perfumes more luxurious and use pure crystal bottles and further decorate them with previous materials to make them attractive to the people.
The following are 10 top rated perfumes brands available in the market for the people:

10. Hermes Perfumes:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Brands of PerfumesHermes is a quite famous brand and is expensive as well. Their normal price range starts from $1000 and more than this. They have a special smell of scents which is inspired by the Persian style as they provide very fresh to the body. Their best perfume is Hermes 24 Faubourg, which is sold for the price tag of $1500. Their smells are perfect and are considered best for the females especially orange flower, vanilla, amber, yland-ylang and many others. This brand has been working since 1951 and manufactures scents both for women and men as well.

9. Joy Perfumes:

Top Ten Most Expensive Brands of PerfumesJoy is again a brand that produces amazing scents for the people but is expensive. It was started in 1929 and by Jean Patou. It is considered as the brand that continuously offers best smells to their customers in the whole world. Their best and most expensive perfume is Jean Patou, which is sold for the high price of $1600 for a small bottle. It is named after the dominating brand in the whole Europe because of its attractive smells. It has used different ingredients for creating fragrances that are jasmine flowers, tuberose, jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang.

8. Ralph Lauren Perfumes:

Top Ten Expensive Brands of PerfumesRalph Lauren is a quite famous brand in the whole world which is considered as luxurious one that is the reason it is expensive as well. Its bottles of scents are made in limited number and price is very high. Their most expensive perfume was sold for the high price of $3500 which is very expensive. They normally launch their scents in special events and occasions like Christmas etc. The brand ambassador of Ralph Lauren is famous French Model called Laetitia Casta for all their ad campaigns.

7. Chanel Perfumes:

Top 10 Most Expensive Brands of PerfumesChanel is very famous brand due to its luxurious perfumes available on the market. The most famous and known perfume Chanel #5 is the perfume that was sold for the price of $2300. This specific perfume was launched in Paris by the fashion designer Coco Chanel and was sold in the whole world. Chanel has been working in the field of fashion since 1921. They all smells are quite fabric friendly that will not harm the clothes as well. They have beautiful bottles and smell last for longer hours to keep the body fresh.

6. Caron Perfumes:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Brands of PerfumesCaron perfumes are very attractive and beautiful scents. Its most expensive perfume is called Poivre which was sold at the high price of $2100. Their scents are packed in beautiful crystal bottles and further decorated to attract more customers towards them. Caron is the brand that introduces many smells in a single year, and their customers can have hundreds of options in each year that is a good thing. The selection of best perfume from their whole collection is difficult for the person because of a large variety.

5. Clive Christian Perfumes:

Top Five Most Expensive Brands of PerfumesClive Christian is the brand that has the title of making the most expensive perfume in the whole world called Clive Christian Traditional perfume that was sold for the highest price of $211,210 which is unbelievable. All Perfumes of this brand have unique smells and are combined with perfect ingredients that are a lemon, benzoin, jasmine, carnation, etc. The bottles of their scents are also very attractive which are considered as the best gifts for the loved ones because of their beauty and their packing make them luxurious as well.

4. Annick Goutal Perfumes:

Top 5 Most Expensive Brands of PerfumesAnnick Goutal is the brand that is the most favorite brand of most of the perfume lovers in the world. The famous perfume of this brand is called EAU D` Hadrian which was sold for the price tag of $1500. Their scents have special unique smells and are presented in stylish bottles. Most of the famous celebrities, fashion designers and models use their scents in the whole world. Their perfumes are made from the best extracts of flower petals and citrus fruits. It also offers the people to choose their smell from the following smells like vanilla, lemon and grapes as well.

3. Jar Perfumes:

Top Three Most Expensive Brands of PerfumesJar Perfumes are considered as the best one in the whole world. The most expensive smell of this brand is called Bolt of Lightning which is sold for the high price of $800 for 1oz bottle. The bottle of the perfume was designed by the famous jewelry designer called Joel A. Rosenthal. They produce best scents for the people and then serve them in attractive and stylish bottles. The company aims on creating something different from the scratch rather than copying others.

2. Baccarat Perfumes:

Top 3 Most Expensive Brands of PerfumesBaccarat is highly expensive perfume brand in the world which has a special perfume called Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes for the high price of $6900. The bottles of their scents are fully covered by the beautiful golden stripes to make them attractive and to appeal for the people. That is the brand that produces almost thousands of perfumes in each year that are loved by perfume lovers in the world and are sold in large quantities as people love their smells.

1. Shalini Perfumes:

 Most Expensive Brand of PerfumeShalini Perfumes is the best brand not in any specific market but all around the world. The famous traditional Shalini perfume was sold at the price of $4900 which was created by Maurice Roucel. Almost they’re all perfumes are made in perfect quality and have unique smells which are loved by their customers. They design their perfumes with different ingredients that include vanilla, sandalwood, musk, tuberose, coriander and many others.

Most Expensive Brands of Perfumes – Top Rated List

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Shalini Perfume $ 4900
2 Baccarat Perfume $ 6900
3 Jar Perfume $ 800
4 Annick Goutal Perfume $ 1500
5 Clive Christian Perfume $ 211210
6 Caron Perfume $ 2100
7 Chanel Perfume $ 2300
8 Ralph Lauren Perfume $ 3500
9 Joy Perfume $ 1600
10 Hermes Perfume $ 1500


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive perfume brands is given according to their best perfumes and the prices charged by them. Perfumes are loved by everyone and are quite important item for the perfect dress ups. All these brands are famous in the whole world and are involve in creating something different for their customers in each year with unique ingredients which result in different smells.

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