Most Expensive DH Bikes

Bikes are used all over the world, and there are different varieties of bikes in the world like normal bicycles, racing bikes, and hiking bikes as well. Downhill bikes are mostly used by the hikers to be used on mountains. These bikes are normal with 8 inches of suspension for traveling. These bikes are very expensive, and only the true, and dedicated bikers purchase them. These downhill bikes are made very strong to face all difficulties while traveling and for vertical tracks as well. With these mountain bikes, helmets are used by the bikers for their safety and the according to rule. Some of these bikes are very stylish to make them style icon for the bikers. The whole design of these bikes is like the normal ones, but the technology used and its working is more professional and best than the normal ones. There are many best bicycle brands but in this article we will talk about the top 10 most expensive ones in the world.
The following is top 10 best downhill bikes with price in the world:

10. Rocky Mountain Flatline Park:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive DH Bikes in the WorldRocky Mountain Flatline Park is best and is available on websites as well like “”. It is also available on rent basis in Whistler Park in BC, where the world’s oldest mountains are located which were found almost 3 decades ago. It is stylish cycle that has 7.8 inches of front and comfortable as well. It is also proved that it is good for World Cup of hiking. The price of this Rocky Mountain Flatline is $3,100. The whole design of this cycle is stylish and made suitable for downhill. It is a very powerful bike with strong wheels to be used on rocky places.

9. Yeti 303 WC Race:

Top Ten Most Expensive DH Bikes in the WorldYeti 303 WC race is the bike that is used and made especially for World Cup. It is very high class downhill cycle. The price of this luxurious and best bike is $5,900. It is made with very expensive material and best steel to make it more powerful and strong. It is made in the whole black frame which is its signature look and is very expensive. It is very strong that is the reason it the first choice of many cycles to be used for Downhill.

8. Giant Glory O:

Top Ten Expensive DH Bikes in the WorldThe name of the bike completely tells about it, it is true that it is giant bike. It is very special and best bike for downhill. It is designed with many latest features which are avid brakes, Swiss wheels, large front and SRAM shifting as well. The design of this bike is very stylish and decent which is loved by the bikers. The price of this Giant Glory O is $6,400. Its latest features are the main attraction in this bike in the whole world.

7. Nukeproof Pulse Pro:

Top 10 Most Expensive DH Bikes in the WorldNukeproof is very professional and old brand in the field of bikes and works on latest technology. It is considered as the first choice among people for purchasing the best bikes in the world. The Pulse Pro is their best bike to be used for downhill as it is made with all latest features. The main features in this bike are Avid brakes, whole alloy frame and many others. The price of this bike is estimated to be $6,640 which is little expensive than all other bikes available in the market.

6. Transition TR4501:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive DH Bikes in the WorldTransition bikes are a newcomer in the world of bikes and are very good and professional. It is the best in speed and can match the speed of chairlift. The Transition TR4501 is made with very latest features like a best kit, carbon bars, a comfortable seat, front shocks and many other features. The price of this Transition TR4501 is almost $6,700. It is a very stylish downhill bike to be used as a style statement.

5. Kona Supreme Operator:

Top Five Most Expensive DH Bikes in the WorldKona Supreme Operator has a very limited edition of cycles as it only has 2 bikes in it which are very professional. The price of Kona Supreme Operator is $7,000. It is very expensive which the cost of a decent car is. Kona is the car that is used for downhill for more than 20 years which has a strong name in the world of cycles. It is very sleek and stylish bike that is sued for downhill and is made colorful to make it attractive.

4. Commencal Supreme DH WC:

Top 5 Most Expensive DH Bikes in the WorldCommencal Supreme DH WC is perfect bike that is used all over the world for the downhill athletes of the world. It is made in neon color to make it more attractive. It is made with all the perfect features. The whole frame of this bike is made with expensive aluminum that has very comfortable front and seat. The price of this bike is estimated to be $7,900.

3. Specialized S-Works Demo 8:

Top Three Most Expensive DH Bikes in the WorldThe Specialized S-works is very best and stylish bike which is available at the price of $8,500 for the downhill and moves like a rocket. It is made with latest features that made this bike powerful and best in its word. Demo 8 is considered as the best bike to be used for the Downhill racing because of its speed and features. The price of this bike is almost $8,500.

2. GT Fury World Cup:

Top 3 Most Expensive DH Bikes in the WorldGT Fury world cup is made with a full carbon frame. It is made the best, and expensive XTR chain and features are introduced in it are latest and made with new technology. It is not only a name but the best thing in the world. The price of this bike is $8,800. It is very powerful and hard bike to be used in the Rocky Mountains. The whole look of this bike is very stylish and attractive to be used by the stylish bikers.

1. Trek Session 9.9:

Most Expensive DH Bike in the WorldTrek Session 9.9 is the most expensive downhill bike of the world and is best in features as well. It is made with a carbon frame and Swiss wheel set that made this bike very high class and luxurious bike of the world. The price of this bike is $9,999.99 which is not affordable for everyone and only the best bikers of the world purchase them for different competitions.

List of Most Expensive DH Bikes in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Trek Session 9.9 $ 9,999.99
2 GT Fury World Cup $ 8800
3 Specialized S-Works Demo 8 $ 8500
4 Commencal Supreme DH WC $ 7900
5 Kona Supreme Operator $ 7000
6 Transition TR4501 4 6700
7 Nukeproof Pulse Pro $ 6640
8 Giant Glory O $ 6400
9 Yeti 303 WC Race $ 5900
10 Rocky Mountain Flatline Park $ 3100


The above ranking of the most expensive downhill bikes is given according to the prices of these bikes in the world. All these bikes are best in features and made with attractive designs and colors as well. These bikes are especially for the downhill and are not affordable for everyone. Some of these bikes are used for different competitions and world cup as well which made these bikes famous in the world.

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