Most Expensive Camera Kits

Pictures are now the basic need of every person on every special event to make them memorable. Normally pictures are clicked by the professional photographers because they are well equipped with all the best and perfect equipment for shoots. The pictures clicked by them are best and professional ones. There are many brands that are making a camera and the lenses be used for them like for focusing etc. The price of all these things varies, and some of them are affordable while some are expensive as well. The perfect kit for the photography is with the perfect camera with different types of lenses for capturing different views. The best and professional most expensive cameras of the world are very large and heavyweight as well. The photographers know the best combinations of camera and lenses to be used together. It has a complete bag in which all products related to the kit are kept, and the cost includes the adapter of a camera with them. These camera kits are normally made by the famous and big camera brands of the world and are continuously improving them.
The following are top 10 best kits for cameras to be used by photographers in the world:

10. Panasonic:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Camera Kits for PhotographersPanasonic is a very famous electronic brand of the world and has some best cameras in the world. That is a cam kit which has a camera and lens with it, and its price is estimated to be $3,296. The cost of the lens is the power OIS that only costs almost $1,598. It is very high class and small cam that can be used easily. It can be easily purchased from the online selling websites and the store of Panasonic as well. It is a very handy cam that is the reason it is loved by all the photographers in the world.

9. Olympus:

Top Ten Most Expensive Camera Kits for PhotographersOlympus is a Japanese brand and started to work in the field of technology in 1919. It is owned by some big cam brands of the world like Mitsubishi and Sony as they have purchased its 17% share. It has an adapter with the cam kit and lens normally used with its camera is estimated to be $6,499. The whole cam kit that is recommended to the photographers is almost $7,898. The cam of Olympus is in black and silver color and has a large lens with it for the auto-focusing of the far beautiful views.

8. Pentax:

Top Ten Expensive Camera Kits for PhotographersPentax is the brand name that is used by the Ricoh Company, which is famous for their cameras, CCTV cameras, and sports optics as well. It has also now working in the medical products for the world. It has collaboration with Seiko for the optical lenses. The price of the whole cam kit of this brand is $13,494. The lenses of this brand are normally expensive than some of the famous brands of cam as its lens costs $4,997. It also has some medium priced products for the limited budget people.

7. Sony:

Top 10 Most Expensive Camera Kits for PhotographersSony is basically a Japanese company which is working from Tokyo. It has many diversifications in products and has large number of products for the people. It is also considered as the leading electronics maker company of the world. It was also listed on 116 numbers in the Fortune Global 500 in 2015. The whole cam kit of Sony can cost $15,496 which provides the best results for photography. The cam of Sony is mirror-less which is amazing technology advancement of this brand. It is very well reputed brand in the world.

6. Canon:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Camera Kits for PhotographersCanon is also very famous brand of Japan which is considered as the best in the whole world for manufacturing brand for a camera, printers, camcorders, etc. It is also named as the 10th largest company working in Japan. It is the camera that can also be used perfectly for movie making, and the whole kit is available at the price of $23,498. It is the best brand for the professional cameras in the whole world. It is a very small camera that has a long lens with the auto-focusing feature to be used for photography.

5. Nikon:

Top Five Most Expensive Camera Kits for PhotographersNikon is also a Japanese Brand, which is the best for the imaging products in the world. It has different products like Lenses, Binoculars, camera, measurement instruments, etc. It is the subsidiary company of Mitsubishi. The perfect camera kit of Nikon can be purchased at the price of $24,896. The lens of this brand is also very expensive as its price is $17,897. Nikon is very famous among the people because of the advertisement on television, and different famous celebrities are seen in their ads.

4. Sigma:

Top 5 Most Expensive Camera Kits for PhotographersSigma is a very famous brand that is working from London. It is famous among all the professional photographers of the world because of its best performance. The price of this whole camera kit with its lens of this brand is estimated to be $27,798. It was launched as the next model of their previous camera which has some new technology and advancement. It is a DSLR camera that is now in fashion and trend in the whole world.

3. Leica:

Top Three Most Expensive Camera Kits for PhotographersLeica is a German company that is famous for its cameras in the world. It not only manufactures cameras, microscopes, equipment and many others products. The price of cam kit from this brand is $37,150 which has a camera and professional lens with it. It is the medium format camera that cost $25,400, and the lens of this brand is $11,750. The lens of this camera is very professional one and is made with the latest features and focusing features which are loved by professionals.

2. Mamiya:

Top 3 Most Expensive Camera Kits for PhotographersMamiya is also a Japanese company that is famous for manufacturing the best and luxurious cameras in the world for the best photography. It is working from Japan and has total employees of 200. It was started in 1940 in this field. The camera kit of this brand can cost $46,475 which is very expensive one. The simple lens of this brand can cost $6,490 while the digital camera is available at the price of $33,995. It provides the best results to the users and famous among the professional photographers.

1. Hasselblad:

Most Expensive Camera Kits for PhotographersHasselblad is a Swedish company that is working in Sweden. It is the best one for the digital camera and professional camera. The price of this camera kit is estimated to be $53,160 which is the most expensive in the world. It is very different kind of camera which is paired with the lens of $8,160 cost and provides the best performance for the professionals. It perfectly captures the beautiful views.

List of Most Expensive Camera Kits for Photographers

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Hasselblad $ 53160
2 Mamiya $ 46475
3 Leica $ 37150
4 Sigma $ 27798
5 Nikon $ 24896
6 Canon $ 23498
7 Sony $ 25496
8 Pentax $ 13494
9 Olympus $ 7898
10 Panasonic $ 3296


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive camera kits in the world are given according to the price of the camera with their compatible lenses used for the best results. All these kits are made by the big and best brands for the best performances and capturing of memorable moments of life. These are not affordable for the rich people because only they can afford them and the photography conscious people in the world.

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