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Top 10 Most Expensive Private Islands in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Private Islands in the World

There are some places in the world which are very beautiful and have full of natural beauty that attracts people from all around the globe. There are many big islands that are very luxurious and beautiful while some are small yet have attraction. Islands are invented with large efforts and money as well but are a true symbol of natural beauty. Private islands are those which are owned by different rich people, and they have made them their vacation spot. These private islands are equipped with all the luxuries of life to make them a comfortable place for their owner and they have furnished them according to their needs. Most of the private islands are owned by the rich people and famous celebrities of the world as they can afford them, and these islands can truly explain the high standard of living of those celebrities. Everyone in the world knows that islands are situated in water and people go there by using ships which is very different and adventurous journey for most of the people. It is also very relaxing because of the natural beauty there.
The following are top 10 most expensive islands in the world:

10. Charles Island, Bahamas:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Private Islands in the World Charles is very high class and luxurious one that is called as Mini Dubai in the whole world. It is very well developed and is located in the Spanish Wells of Bahamas. It has all the basic utilities and other facilities there like telephone, government water and electricity as well. It is located in beautiful place and is very near to the Harbour Islet which is also very famous. The price of this beautiful Charles Isle is $39 million in the market. It is not a large islet and owned by a private person that’s why its not open for everyone.

9. Motu Tane Island, Bora Bora, French Polynesia:

Top Ten Most Expensive Private Islands in the World Motu Tane is very small Private Islet, which is very attractive. It is located near the big main island Bora Bora. It is a very high class, and luxurious islet that is fully decorated by the famous French Designer called Christian Liaigre that is the reason its interior is very impressive. It has the capacity to accommodate almost 20 guests as a whole. The price of this islet is $40 million in the market. The temperature on this islet is almost 73 to 80 F in July and 70 to 85 degrees F in December which is the best place to live luxurious life to relax from the city life.

8. Hans Lollik Island, US Virgin Islands:

Top Ten Expensive Private Islands in the World Hans Lollik is the small islet which is located near from the North Coast from the famous Virgin Islands of US. It is considered as the best and famous destination for the tourists from all over the world because of the perfect weather there. It is very beautiful isle which is surrounded by the white sandy beaches which enhances its beauty much more. The price of this small isle is almost $45 million in the market but the beauty of this isle cannot be estimated in money.

7. Caye Chapel Island, Belize:

Top 10 Most Expensive Private Islands in the World Caye Chapel is the small and beautiful isle that is located in Belize. It is near to the main Belize City and also near to Caye. It is a very different islet that is the exclusive destination for the private vacations for the famous celebrities of the world. The look of this isle is like a paradise and very relaxing. It has beautiful 8 villas and 11 large casitas which have the front view of a beach. It also has a golf club, restaurants for the entertainment. The value of this isle is $65 million.

6. James Island, Canada:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Private Islands in the World James Islet is the beautiful isle that is located on the Gulf island of Canada and can be easily accessed by using a boar or private plane. It is a very beautiful isle that is considered as the masterpiece of all islands of the world. It has almost 6 well-decorated guest houses, pool house, private docks and many other facilities. The price of this land is estimated to be $75.1 million in the world.

5. D` Arros Island, Seychelles:

Top Five Most Expensive Private Islands in the World D` Arros Islet is the main and famous part of the Amirante Islands group that is located in the Seychelles. It is the isle that was purchased by the Prince Shahron Pahlavi of Iran in 1975 and till now it is under the private ownership of this prince. It is considered as the most beautiful isle of the whole place. The natural beauty and environment of this islet is loved by everyone, and it is officially used as the natural reserve. The price of this private land is $94 million.

4. Ronde Island, Grenada:

Top 5 Most Expensive Private Islands in the World Ronde is the island that is also private and small. It is located in the chain of the Caribbean Sea. It is located on almost 2000 acres and surrounded by the beaches of white sand and beautiful water that enhanced its beauty and look. The price of this small island is almost $100 million which is very high. The whole area of this island is enhanced with the flush flora that looks very beautiful.

3. Necker Island, British Virgin Islands:

Top Three Most Expensive Private Islands in the World Necker Island is considered as one of the most beautiful and jewels of the whole British Virgin Island. It is located on The North side of the Virgin Gorda which is the whole country of the large islands of the world. It has the Great house that is located in its center and has total 6 luxurious rooms in it and a big suite as well which has a separate balcony with each of them. The price of this island is estimated to be $100 million which is also owned privately.

2. Lisbon Island, Portugal:

Top 3 Most Expensive Private Islands in the World Lisbon is the island that is located in the center of Portugal and is not much developed. But the country has strong plans for the developing and making it purely a luxurious private island that will be filled with all facilities of life. The price of this island is $310 million which is very high for an undeveloped Island, but its location is precious because it is located in the heart of Portugal which increased its price and made it expensive.

1. Lanai Island, Hawaii:

Most Expensive Private Island in the World Lanai island is also a privately owned that is not accessible to the people very easily and publicly. It is also called the pineapple island because in past the island was famous because of the high plantation of pineapple. It was purchased by the famous technological billionaire for almost $600 million which is considered as the most expensive private island of the world.

List of Most Expensive Private Islands in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Lanai Islet, Hawaii $ 600 Million
2 Lisbon Islet, Portugal $ 310 Million
3 Necker Islet, British Virgin Islands $ 100 Million
4 Ronde Islet, Grenada $ 100 Million
5 D` Arros Islet, Seychelles $ 94 Million
6 James Islet, Canada $ 75.1 Million
7 Caye Chapel Islet, Belize $ 65 Million
8 Hans Lollik Islet, US Virgin Islands $ 45 Million
9 Motu Tane Islet, Bora Bora, French Polynesia $ 40 Million
10 Charles Islet, Bahamas $ 39 Million


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive private islands in the world is given according to the price of different small islands of the world. All these islands are very luxurious one and are well developed. The locations of these islands are very impressive and beautiful which enhanced the beauty of the island much more. Some of them are not much developed, but countries are planning for their developing.