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In this article, we will talk about top 10 luxury clothes brands of the world. We as a whole realize that nowadays everybody is attached to garments and needs to wear best clothes. Individuals need to wear unique and alluring clothes to appear to be unique from others. There are many brands on the planet for garments, however, are extremely costly like Armani, Gucci, and so forth. A few people need to wear clothes of well-known brands for their status and to look more in vogue and trendy. Everybody needs some extravagance in their life to build the way of life. Extravagance brands for garments are expanding quickly and have caught the entire market. Every renowned brand has opened their outlets in numerous nations for the general population and furthermore offer their items through online stores. All brands have made their name exceptionally famous among the group of onlookers, so their name is sufficient to perceive an issue or something. They are influencing garments, as well as numerous different things to like sacks, shoes, watches, and so on. We trust that by reading this article, you will have the capacity to think about best ten luxury clothes brands of the world.
Here is the following top 10 luxury clothing brands list that are most expensive clothing brands of the world as well, which are as follow:


top clothing brandsD & G is an Italian brand and was started in 1985. Their dresses are very famous in Hollywood as many celebrities wear them in movies and award functions as well. This brand is working on creating unique designs and styles in dresses with new contracts. This brand is also working on many other products like shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses, perfumes, etc. This brand is famous for providing an elegant look to the woman who makes them more attractive. Their clothes are famous and available all over the world. Their unique styles and designs have made this brand more successful.

9. DIOR:

top clothing brandsDior is a French brand that is famous all over the world. It started to work in this field of fashion in 1946. Dior is making very beautiful and luxurious dresses for women who are very expensive as well. It includes ready to wear, scarf, sweaters, etc. for ladies. It is also involved in making perfumes, bags, shoes, makeup and accessories. It also offers the different range of clothes for kids and men. This brand has a tradition of creating haute couture. They are famous in creating luxurious dresses like formal dresses for award function, etc.


FENDI luxurious clothes
Fendi is an Italian brand that is involved in making luxurious clothes. They are also involved in making many other items like perfumes, bags, and shoes. All products made by this company are unique and creative especially the ready to wear clothes. They are working to make traditional wear more common among the audience. Its clothes can be seen on TV in many shows and movies like sex and the city, etc. It is also working on leather and fur products as they are in fashion. It is an expensive luxury brand not affordable for everyone. It sells its products in many countries through their outlets.


most luxurious clothing brandsBurberry is a British brand. It is not working for clothes but also many other sectors like perfumes, sunglasses, bags, etc. Its pattern and design have become much famous among the audience that they can easily recognize it. Now it has many sub-brands working under it like Burberry London, Burberry Prorsum. They focus more on youth in terms of clothes and is considered as a trendsetter in the world of fashion. It has almost 500 stores in more than 50 countries to capture more market. Most expensive product of this brand is Burberry coat that was sold for $35,000. It has high brand value that is $4.34 billion.


top clothing brandsIt is very famous luxurious brand involved in making ready to wear, luxury clothes and fashion accessories. This brand is more famous for the name Coco Chanel. It started in 1883 with a perfume and a single black dress in clothes. It follows the quote that luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is of no use and their clothes are very comfortable. Their collarless jackets and skirts are very famous among the audience and can be seen on many award functions where by many celebrities. It is also working in many other sectors like perfumes, jewelry, bags, etc. It is very expensive brand and has a brand value of almost $7 billion.


most fomous clothing brands in the worldPrada is an Italian brand that is involved in making ready to wear, shoes and bags, etc. It is a famous luxury brand making clothes for men as well as women. They also started a range of ready to wear clothes in low prices that are affordable for everyone. They are working to make creative products catch the attraction of more audience. It recently launched a mobile phone that is a new thing for this brand. It has a brand value of $9.4 billion. This brand is famous for making formal dresses that many celebrities wear on many award functions as well. Its products are also available in the copy in many countries at very low prices.


most famous clothing brands of the worldGucci is an Italian brand. It is involved in making leather products. It is also considered as the largest selling Italian brand in the whole world. It is also involved in making other products like watches, shoes, bags, etc. They are also working for the welfare of society like health care projects, clean water, etc. Their clothes are very famous all over the world due to their different designs and cuts. The brand value of Gucci is almost $7 billion. It is also the most sold brand all over the world.


top luxury clothing brands Hermes is a very famous brand all over the world. It is involved in many products like bags, shoes and most of all clothes. It also set a new record for its most expensive bag called Hermes Birkin bag and was sold for $203,150. It also produces very attractive clothes with leather and fur that are very famous among the customers. Its logo is very famous and easily recognizable among the people due to carriage with a horse. Its formal dresses are very popular among the people.


most luxurious clothing brands of the world It is a French brand and started in this field in 1854. They are very famous among the people with their logo LV. It is working in many fields like shoes, bags, clothes, and watches. It is very famous and successful brand all over the world. Many celebrities wear their clothes on famous events like Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica, and Lady Gaga. It first started to work with leather and fur in clothes. They are selling their products through their outlets and from online stores. The brand value of LV is almost $28 billion.


giorgi armani clothing designesArmani is famous Italian brand that is working internationally. It designs, manufactures and then sells the products through their outlets. It is working in many sectors like watches, shoes, cosmetics and mainly cloth. It also has some sub-brands like Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, etc. Their clothes are very beautiful and unique and mostly for formal wear. Recently it conducted a fashion show in Paris in which Indian actress Sonam Kapoor was the show stopper.

List of Top Ten Most Luxury Clothing Brands of the World at a Glance.

Rank Clothing Brand
1. Giorgio Armani
2. Louis Vuitton
3. Hermes
4. Gucci
5. Prada
6. Chanel
7. Burberry
8. Fendi
9. Dior
10. Dolce & Gabbana
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