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Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Brands in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Brands in the World

There are many drinks in the world which are loved by the people and are used for different occasions. There are many types of drinks which include tea, coffee and juices, etc. It is loved by everyone which is available in various types and includes cappuccino, espresso and black as well. It is the drink with which most of the people start their day with a hot cup of coffee. It is said that one cup in the morning is vital but the brand of coffee is not that important, but its taste matters. Some particular people have well-developed a taste for the coffee. In the market, some machines are also available for this drink lovers to get perfect coffee for themselves at their home. The prices of different brands differ according to the reputation and popularity of the brand in the market. It comes in bottles and different sizes, and their prices are also different according to the scale of the bottle.

The following are 10 top rated coffee brands available in the market for the coffee lovers in the world:

10. Yauco Selecto AA Coffee:

top 10 most expenses coffee brandsYauco Selecto is the famous brand which is sold at the price of $24 for each pound. It is an outstanding and shared crop of Puerto Rico. Their coffee is cultivated for the purpose of commercial use and domestic as well. It is of very high quality and provides perfect taste when blended. It is very rich and gives a different feeling to the person because of the efficient and latest farming techniques used in its cultivation.

9. Starbucks Blue Bourbon:

10 most expenses coffee brandsStarbucks is very famous and best brand which comes from Rwanda. The beans of this coffee are famous because of their different and perfect taste. It comes with butter melt and cherry flavor which is also enhanced with nuts. It is grown there for the whole world because of its superior taste and is the primary contributor to their economy. The price of this brand is estimated to be $25 for each pound. It comes in a unique, amazing packing to maintain the standard.

8. Honduras Mi Esperanza Coffee:

top 10 most expenses coffee brands in the worldHonduras is the place which is famous for its best quality production which is available all over the world. This provides different types of tastes which include chocolates, nuts, fruits and spices as well. In near future, Honduras will join the group of big coffee producing giant of good Central America. It is sold at the high price of $35 for each pound. It is quite famous among the international buyers of the world.

7. El Salvador`s Los Planes:

world,s most expenses coffee brandsIt is the brand which is cultivated in the beautiful mountainous areas located in El Salvador. It is an award winning brand of the world which is owned by a private group. It has the very rich flavor which provides a much blended taste of different ingredients like spices, chocolates and fruits. It has also received the 2nd position in the Cup of Excellence Awards in 2006. It is sold at the price of $40 for each pound, and the satisfaction of coffee lovers is a sure to guarantee.

6. Jamaican Blue Mountain:

top rated coffee brandsJamaican blue mountain is the one which is not placed on the shelves for the long period because they are sold like hot cakes in the markets of the whole world at the price of $40 for each pound. This type of coffee is mainly produced in Japan and is then exported to the entire world. The flavor is very fantastic and is known for its excellent taste which is the main reasons for its popularity among the coffee lovers.

5. Fazenda Sana Ines:

top rated coffee brands in the worldFazenda Sana Ines comes with the very traditional type of coffee which is still produced with traditional methods to maintain its taste. It has much higher value among the people, and the whole business is operated by a family. It is a very old brand which is involved in making high-quality drink for the people. The fertile soil and rain provide the perfect beans. It comes in different taste which includes caramel, berry and fruit taste. It is sold at the high price of $50 for each pound.

4. Hawaii`s Molokai Coffee:

10 expensive most coffee brandsHawaii is the only place of the, USA which produces best quality beans for the whole world because of the soil conditions and rainfall and produces different types of beverages. It has received worldwide popularity among the people because of its flavors which include caramel, berry, herbs and many others. It is tough to find in the whole world because it is relatively rare and sold at the high price of $51 for each pound.

3. The St. Helena Coffee:

10 expensive most coffee brands in the worldThe St. Helena coffee is one of the best coffee brands which were launched in the world in the 19th century. It comes with amazing flavor and taste which is produced at the Helana Island. It is quite expensive because of high transport cost as well, so its price is $79 for each pound. It is expensive because of its high-quality beans and is also included in the best brands in the world because of its flavors and high-quality taste.

2. Luwak Coffee from Indonesia:

top rated coffee brandsLuwak is much rich brand which comes with amazing flavor and taste which is entirely a different one and is totally worth to spend $160 only for a single pound of this drink. It is produced with a particular method which enhances its taste. It has redefined the taste and is the most favorite brand of the people in the world. It comes in different sizes but is a quite most expensive coffee brand.

1. Hacienda La Esmeralda from Panama:

top 10 most expensive coffee brands in the worldHacienda La Esmeralda has gained many awards for Excellence since 2004. It has set many records because of its taste and is produced in Panama. It was also sold at auction at the high price of $350 for each pound in 2013. It has very rich taste and flavor which is worth trying once in the lifetime of a person. It also has very easy packing to maintain the standard of this coffee.

Most Expensive Coffee Brands – Top Rated

Sr No. Name Price
1 Hacienda La Esmeralda from Panama 350$
2 Luwak Coffee from Indonesia 160$
3 The St. Helena Coffee 79$
4 Hawaii`s Molokai Coffee 51$
5 Fazenda Sana Ines 50$
6 Jamaican Blue Mountain 40$
7 El Salvador`s Los Planes 40$
8 Honduras Mi Esperanza Coffee 35$
9 Starbucks Blue Bourbon 25$
10 Yauco Selecto AA Coffee 24$


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive coffees brands in the world is given according to the prices of these brands for each pound. Coffee is quite a famous and favorite drink all over the world which is available in different types and prices. But the only difference among brands if their quality and the taste of its beans which attract the coffee lovers towards any specific brand.