Best Sewing Machines

We all know that sewing machines are a very important item of every house. Mostly women in their homes use sewing machines for the sewing of clothes and their embroidery which is also a good hobby at home for ladies. There are many machines in the world which are used for sewing, quilting and embroidery as well. There are many brands which are making machines and their price ranges so that people can purchase the best one according to their own budget. Mostly girls have the passion of sewing from very young age as they have seen their mothers and grandmothers stitching clothes on machines. The electronic machines are easy to use and are considered as the best gift to be given to anyone. There are some machines with easy use for the perfect perfect stiching by the young girls which is good thing to be used as hobby and learning as well.
The following are top 10 best sewing machines in the world:

10. Janome DC 2014:

List of Top Ten Best Sewing Machines in the WorldJanome DC is very basic kind of machine that is best for the normal use. Janome is the brand that launches a new model every year with some new features and advancements. It also changes the nameplate and color of the machine as well to make it look different. They have been producing machines from 2010. It is the machine that is completely electronic and has a digital meter on it for the displaying of numbers. The buttons on this machine have also a digital system that is pressed to given certain instructions to the machine for processing.

9. Janome DC 5100:

Top Ten Best Sewing Machines in the WorldAgain here comes a Janome machine that is a computerized machine and considered as the best for sewing purpose. It is very light weight and easy to use. It has large arm and a large number of buttons from which respective one can be pressed. It is very stylish and compact to be kept at home. It is the best choice for the young girls as it can be placed in any place and is easy to use. It has a digital meter on its side which has some features to be used on it. It is made in white and purple color to make it look attractive.

8. Janome 2222:

Top Ten Sewing Machines in the WorldJanome is considered as the best brand for the sewing machines in the world. The Janome 2222 is made of different features and options to be used on it other than sewing. It is the best and easy machine for the beginners of stitching. It has a booklet in it for understanding the use of machine and best learning tool at home to use it properly. It is not digital one as it has rotating wheels for a different setting and works with the continuous supply of electricity.

7. Pfaff Smarter 140s:

Top 10 Best Sewing Machines in the WorldPfaff has a large range of machines for the beginners in the field of sewing. This specific model is very light weight and is made with hard covers with the beautiful look and use for a long time. The stitching quality of this machine is exceptional and very easy. The whole body of this machine is made of best plastic and was introduced in 2014 that means it is not very old. It is specially designed for the daily use at home. It is designed in a perfect color combination of white and green/red as well.

6. Pfaff Smarter 260c:

List of Top 10 Best Sewing Machines in the WorldThe Pfaff Smarter 260c is the model which is the true symbol of perfection and is the most advanced sewing machine ever introduced in the world. The stitching of this machine is perfect and very fine which is loved by all its users. It is very light weight and the best one to be used by the beginners as it has a start button which starts sewing. It is basic machine with all enhanced features as well which can be used after learning its basics. It has a digital meter on it for displaying of different numbers and details.

5. Baby Lock Audrey BL67:

Top Five Best Sewing Machines in the WorldThe baby lock is very light weight machine that is made from plastic and has different stitching patters in it. It has a supportive arm space for the users while sewing. It has very easy options for the beginners and compatible. It has many stitching designing options from which the appropriate one can be selected by pressing a button. It works at very high speed and excellent one available on the market. It has different buttons on it and lights as well which completely tells about the processes of machines.

4. Janome 2206:

Top 5 Best Sewing Machines in the WorldJanome 2206 is the best option not only for beginners but also for the perfect sewing people in the world. It is a very old option available in the market but not very easy to use. It is very affordable to be purchased by the people with limited budget and made with many advance features. Janome 2206 is very stylish and matches with the decor of the house. It is a small machine that is very handy and does not take much space.

3. Janome 2212:

Top Three Best Sewing Machines in the WorldJanome 2212 is the best machine for the young people, but it produces much noise. It is considered as the best for the learning people and best sewing workers as well. It is highly recommended by the users and a great option to be used at home and by professionals as well. It is best one for small sewing work like mending etc. and is not much expensive one to be kept at home.

2. Baby Lock Destiny:

Top 3 Best Sewing Machines in the WorldBaby Lock Destiny is the machine that is the most advanced and latest in the world. It is very popular one that has the embroidery option in it as well. It is made with many bells that work on the completion of different tasks. It got many big reviews from all the users in the world. It is made with many new features and also shows different colors and processes on the screen that is placed on its side that is a very new thing in machines.

1. Pfaff Creative 4.5:

Best Sewing Machine in the WorldPfaff is the most advanced brand in the field of sewing machines. It comes with more than 400 different stitching designs and 250 different embroidery designs that are most advanced one. It was also named as the best embroidery and sewing machine in the world of 2014. It has also received the award of Best Buy in 2014. Pfaff creative 4.5 has a screen on its side with buttons for conducting different operations on it.

List of Best Sewing Machines in the World

Sr.No. Names
1 Pfaff Creative 4.5
2 Baby Lock Destiny
3 Janome 2212
4 Janome 2206
5 Baby Lock Audrey BL67
6 Pfaff Smarter 260c
7 Pfaff Smarter 140s
8 Janome 222
9 Janome DC5100
10 Janome DC 2014


The above ranking of top 10 best sewing machines in the world is given according to the price and advanced technology and features introduced in different machines. Sewing machines are the most important and basic need in every house. All these brands are working to design some new models in the world with some new features and advancements. These machines are available in different prices from which people can select the best according to their budget.

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