Best Engagement Ring Designers

There are some special events of life which are celebrated with much efforts and preparation. Engagement is the most important event in the life of every couple which joins the couple together for the rest of life. With the name of engagement, instantly rings comes into the mind of the readers because a ring is always associated with engagement. Without rings, no engagement is done in the world as it is said it is also placed in specific fingers which is directly connected with the heart. Engagement rings are very beautiful and available in large variety in the whole world from which people can choose the best one according to their budget. But some of the status-conscious people wanted to wear rings of different designers that are very luxurious and expensive as well. But these designer rings are the best way of representing high standard of living. There are many jewelry designers in the world which are also making rings for engagements and are very expensive. Their rings are made with best quality diamonds and gold and especially their designs are exceptional which are loved by the people.
The following are top best engagement ring stores in the world:

10. David Yurman:

List of Top Ten Best Engagement Ring Designers in the WorldDavid Yurman is American designer who is famous all over the world for designing jewelry. It started its business in this field in 1980 by two people Sybil Yurman and David Yurman. The designers are working from USA headquarters. The rings of this designer are perfect, and their cut of diamonds is exceptional which is famous all over the world. The cable used in rings and crossover designs are most famous and their symbol of the brand. The diamonds used in their rings are unique and are designed according to their customers that make them very expensive and different for every customer.

9. Verragio:

Top Ten Best Engagement Ring Designers in the WorldBarry Verragio is very experiencing jewelry designer working in this field for more than 20 years. The jewelry designs of this designer are unique and beautiful as well. The designer has studied from the famous Fashion Institute of technology located in the USA. His university allowed him to get a special education in designing of rings in which he did masters which is completely depicted in the rings designed by him. His most of the designed are made with a combination of gold and diamonds which has a gold ring attached to the diamond one that is very different.

8. Jeff Cooper:

Top Ten Engagement Ring Designers in the WorldJeff Cooper is the designer that started to work in the field of jewelry in 1976 and has the total experience of 40 years in designing jewelry. The rings of this designer are very precise and refined which is the reason he is very famous in the whole world. The rings of Jeff Cooper are designed in a pure silver band that is then further enhanced by placing expensive diamonds on the top, but their signature style is the pure silver band that has the name of the designer inside the band.

7. Tiffany & Co:

Top 10 Best Engagement Ring Designers in the WorldAlmost every person in the world is well aware of the famous name Tiffany & Co. It is commonly called as Tiffany in the world. The main headquarters of this designer are working from the USA. It started to work in the field of jewelry in 1837 by the famous designer called Charles Lewis Tiffany. The main products of these designers are diamond products, luxury goods, and silver jewelry. Their rings are perfectly designed and very attractive ones who are loved by all couples for their engagement.

6. Tacori:

List of Top 10 Best Engagement Ring Designers in the WorldTacori is the jewelry brand that was started by Haig Tacorian and is working from California. The special rings range for engagement are designed by this designer with the perfect combination of modern and classic look which looks amazing when combined. They also add different colorful emeralds and rubies to make them more beautiful and match the dress of brides that are normally loved by girls.

5. Harry Winston:

Top Five Best Engagement Ring Designers in the WorldHarry Winston is very high class and luxurious jewelry designer of the world which is very expensive as well. He started his career in jewelry by purchasing the whole jewelry collection of Arabella Huntington right after her death. Then after acquiring her whole collection, he started to redesign it as it was old fashion jewelry to make it according to the modernism that was loved by the people of the world. His designs and cuts of diamonds are the main attraction for the engagement rings.

4. Michael B:

Top 5 Best Engagement Ring Designers in the WorldMichael B started to learn the designing of jewelry only at the age of 10 in the best fashion house located in Istanbul. At the age of 16, he started to design the jewelry of metal and diamonds as well which are very beautiful and perfect at that time. In 1990, he started using platinum for making engagement rings with the combination of diamonds. The detailing on the rings is exceptional and beautiful which makes this designer first choice for most of the couples for their engagement.

3. Charles & Colvard:

Top Three Best Engagement Ring Designers in the WorldCharles & Colvard is the best of Moissanite in the whole world. It was started in 1995. Moissanite is considered as the most precious and brilliant stone of the world which looks amazing when used on the engagement ring and it makes the ring little cheaper than the diamonds studded rings. Their most of the rings are made of 14k white gold; palladium and 14k yellow gold which make them look different and beautiful. Their designs are classic and beautiful which are made in a pure silver band.

2. Bvlgari:

Top 3 Best Engagement Ring Designers in the WorldBvlgari is basically an Italian brand which is famous for its jewelry products and some other luxurious products. It started its business in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris. It is still working from the headquarters located in Italy. All the products of this brand are available in the world with the name BVLGARI. It mainly uses platinum for making rings that are further combined with colorful emeralds, rubies and sapphires to enhance their look. Their rings are the specialty that is very beautiful.

1. Cartier:

Best Engagement Ring Designer in the WorldCartier is the most famous and oldest jewelry designer of the world which is also making beautiful wrist watches for their customers. It was started in 1847 by the famous Louis-Francois Cartier, and their main headquarters are in France. The jewelry pieces and engagement rings of Cartier are very fine and perfect which are purchased by almost all famous celebrities and rich people of the world to show their luxurious standard.

List of Best Engagement Ring Designers in the World

Sr.No. Names
1 Cartier
2 Bvlgari
3 Charles & Colvard
4 Michael B
5 Harry Winston
6 Tacori
7 Tiffany & Co
8 Jeff Cooper
9 Verragio
10 David Yurman


The above ranking of the top 10 best engagement rings designers of the world is given according to the popularity and specialty of their special engagement rings. All these brands are very famous and best in the world that is truly seen in their designs and cuts. These brands also know that engagement is the most important event that is the reason they are working to make them special and their rings in a unique way.

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