Best Ergonomic Keyboards

Keyboards are used everywhere with the computers as computers are now the basic need of every person. Computers are used for many purposes like emails, study, office work etc. The traditional computers put strains on the body that is very restless condition for the people but still people bear them as they have to work. The latest ergonomic keyboards are very comfortable for the people and prevent strains from the body while using them. Some of the issues while using computers can be reduced by taking proper measures that are using right and suitable keyboard, rest and exercise. Everyone knows that by the continuous use of computers, it is not comfortable for them to use them regularly and also puts strain on the wrists and arms. It is the result of different researches conducted in the world to make something comfortable for all the users to reduce the strains and injuries. There are many brands that are making keyboards for the users with latest technology in different styles that have the minimal movements of the wrists and arms.
The following are top best ergonomic keyboards:

10. SafeType:

List of Top Ten Best Ergonomic Keyboards with ReviewSafeType is a 3D keyboard that perfectly looks like a Star Trek next generation. This board is very helpful for reducing the pronation and extension of the arms and wrists. After the long research, it was introduced which was made with the perfect typing position and to avoid all types of side effects to the body. It is very helpful for the reduction of stress and other parts of the body like shoulders elbows etc. The price of this SafeType product is $295 to avoid all kinds of strains and stresses. It also provides video to given whole instructions to the users how to use it.

9. Orbitouch Keyless Ergonomic Keyboard:

Top Ten Best Ergonomic Keyboards with ReviewOrbitouch is very latest kind of board which has a very helpful interface. It has removed all the barriers for the typing problems that are physical and is very useful. The price of this key control is $399 which is little expensive than some other options in the market. It is very easy to move your hands to different positions on this board and somewhere difficult to use by most of the people as it is little complicated. It has domes that can slide to get to the desired numbers and alphabets.

8. Fentek Keyboard Control Foot Pedals:

Top Ten Best Ergonomic KeyboardsThe Fentek was designed and made for the emulation of a mouse and was enhanced to avoid any problems occurring in the arms, shoulders, etc. It is used for all types of working operations conducted on computers. This board can be enjoyed with the windows 2000 and XP for which all features of the keyboard. This is the best key manual for the problems of shoulder and carpal. This can be a lifesaver for most of the people facing problems due to traditional keyboards.

7. Fentek Comfort Keyboard System:

Top 10 Best Ergonomic Keyboards with ReviewFentek Comfort is the keyboard that has the three pieces of a left hand, numeric keyboard, right hand.  Each of the pieces of a keyboard is separate and can be adjusted to almost 90 degrees. It can also be moved to different possible positions and lock can be placed on that point. The cost of this keyboard is estimated to be $369 which is very flexible one, and the price of this keyboard is totally worth it. It is a very stylish keyboard that everyone wants to purchase it for their computer.

6. Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave:

List of Top 10 Best Ergonomic Keyboards with ReviewLogitech Cordless is the lowest learning keyboard for all the users. It has a large range of position that can be used with the multimedia and special buttons for the mouse and to get back again because most of the people have a problem with using a mouse. This keyboard is the perfect replacement of the mouse which can be used easily. It is not very expensive one but is easily affordable that will remain in your budget.

5. Goldtouch Go:

Top Five Best Ergonomic Keyboards with ReviewGoldtouch is a keyboard that has a gold standard. It is a very stylish keyboard that cannot be ignored easily. It is considered as the ideal keyboard for the users out from their house. It is very small one that is similar to the 14-inch notebook. It has the capacity that it can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees easily. This key manual can accommodate all types of hand positions needed while using it.

4. Adesso Tru-Form:

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Keyboards with ReviewAdesso Tru-Form is the best option for the people having a low budget. It is kind of natural Microsoft keyboard that was introduced with many improvements and latest features. It is made with the natural typing positions that are used by the hands. The best feature of this board is its space bars and the trackpad on it. It is very helpful that then there is no need for a mouse and reduces the strain from the arm and wrist. It has the feature of USB port in it.

3. Kinesis Maxim:

Top Three Best Ergonomic Keyboards with ReviewKinesis Maxim is very natural keyboard that has the ability of pivot on the axis. This keyboard with made with the natural wave. It can also be used as the standard keyboard that can be fitted into the natural position. It has the resemblance with the Freestyle VIP keyboard regarding style and kit. It is small in size that is handy and needs little space for its placement.

2. Kinesis Advantage and Advantage Pro:

Top 3 Best Ergonomic Keyboards with ReviewKinesis Advantage is a little expensive board that comes at the price of $359 which is very comfortable for the arms and wrists. It is made with special features and positioning of the buttons to reduce strains from the shoulders and neck as well. It is the perfect physical keyboard available on the market. This can be switched with the Dvorak and QWERTY board easily to enhance the comfort and its use.

1. Kinesis Freestyle VIP:

Best Ergonomic Keyboard with ReviewKinesis Freestyle VIP keyboard is the best ergonomic keyboard available on the market. It has the adjustable splay that can also be separated, and it is the best feature of this keyboard. It also has a VIP kit with it which can be adjusted. It can be adjusted up to 15 degrees and has different angles. It has different standard locations that reduce the pain of all the users.

List of Best Ergonomic Keyboards with Review

Sr.No. Names
1 Kinesis Freestyle VIP
2 Kinesis Advantage and Advantage Pro
3 Kinesis Maxim
4 Adesso Tru-Form
5 Goldtouch Go
6 Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave
7 Fentek Comfort board System
8 Fentek Key Control Foot Pedals
9 OrbiTouch Keyless Ergonomic
10 SafeType


The above ranking of top 10 best ergonomic keyboards in the world is given according to the reviews and features of these keyboards. All these keyboards are best in features and are made with latest designs to make them comfortable for the users and to avoid the pain of their arms, wrists, shoulders and neck as well. These ergonomic keyboards are very useful and also reduce the use of a mouse.

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