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List of Top 10 Best Cartoons of all Times

List of Top 10 Best Cartoons of all Times
Tom & Jerry

No doubt that nowadays everyone loves cartoons, especially kids. Not only kids but some young people also wanted to see animated cartoons to relax themselves and recall their memories of childhood. There are many caricatures in the whole world, and some latest are also coming but still some caricatures are considered as best and famous among the people. These days kids cartoons movies are very common and loved by the children, and they wanted to watch the different best sequels of these movies of cartoons in cinemas to get more lovely experiences. Most of the parents prefer that their kids should watch caricatures to spend their time by sitting on the bed or chair so that they will enjoy and learn something from them as well. Nowadays the bad thing about some caricatures is that they are dubbed in different languages that are spoiling the speaking skills of kids like in English, French, Spanish and many other languages. There are many games also available for the kids in which are made with respect to different cartoon picture so that they can purchase their favorite one. In this article, we will specifically talk about top 10 best cartoon movies ever made for the entertainment.
The following are top 10 best cartoons of all times:

10. South Park:

List of Top Ten Best Cartoons of all TimesIt is American animated caricatures that are also for the adults not only for kids. It is very suitable for the mature people. But now it is not that famous as it was in past only because of its language. But in these caricatures they cover many different topics and stories. There were almost 257 episodes of this cartoon in about 18 seasons. These caricatures won many awards like Prime time Emmy Awards and many others as well. Later it was also transformed into a film that was released in 1999 which was very successful as well. In 2013, it was also ranked as the best cartoons of all time. It is also longest running animated series as well.

9. Dexter`s Laboratory:

Top Ten Best Cartoons of all TimesThese are very famous caricatures that are American and are comic science animated series. It was the story of a boy that was very genius and has his secret laboratory. It has total three series of these caricatures. At that time, it was considered as the most rated caricatures and was very successful as well. It also won many awards like Annie Awards, golden reel awards Butch Hartman and many others as well. Later its DVD`s, comic books, music albums and even toys and video games of these caricatures were released.

8. Futurama:

Top 10 Best Cartoons of all TimesIt is American animated caricatures that were loved by the audience. In these caricatures, the main theme was the story of pizza delivery in New York for many years. It has total seven seasons, and all of them were very successful. It received very positive reviews from critics and won many awards as well. Not only kids but adults also love these caricatures. It also won awards like Nebula, Environmental Media and some others as well. People got crazy about these caricatures then its games, shirts, DVD`s and books were also available in the market. It is also ranked in the list of top 60 caricatures of all times.

7. Popeye the Sailor:

List of Top 10 Best Cartoons of all TimesIt is a very famous cartoon, and no one needs an introduction to them. It is a fictional character, and the theme of them is comic. Popeye was not only on TV as cartoons but in comic books and video games as well which were loved by the audience and kids as well. It was also advertised a lot on television. It was also ranked in the number 20 position on the list of top 50 best cartoons of all times.

6. SpongeBob Square Pants:

Top Ten Cartoons of all TimesIt is an American television series. It was a media franchise that had the highest rating of television. The franchise of this cartoon earned almost $8 billion only from the Nickelodeon. This series also won many awards like Golden Reel Award, Emmy award, kids’ choice awards and many others. But these cartoons faced some criticism by the audience as the sexual topic in this cartoon.

5. Scooby-Doo, Where are you:

Top Five Best Cartoons of all TimesIt is very longest running cartoon and very famous as well. It is about the dog and was loved by the people. It was first introduced in 1969. It has total 2 seasons in each season there were 25 episodes. But later on, on the high demand of the audience they decided to introduce the third season that was also very successful and is considered as the best cartoons of all times as well.

4. The Flintstones:

Top 5 Best Cartoons of all TimesIt is pure animated series that was on air in the prime time. It was produced by Hanna-Barbera. It is the story of a man living in Stone Age with his family and everything. This series became very popular and famous among the people, and the modern people can understand their problems. It was considered as the most successful cartoons financially. In 2013, it was also ranked as the 2nd best cartoons of all times which shows the popularity of these cartoons.

3. Tom & Jerry:

Top Three Best Cartoons of all TimesTom and Jerry is also an animated series of America. The whole story or theme of these cartoons is the story of a mouse and a cat. It is pure comedy cartoons that are the most favorite of everyone not only of kids. Tom and Jerry has different series in which there is always some different story of both characters. This cartoon also faced some criticism from the people due to some racial concepts. Tom & Jerry are the most favorite cartoon of everyone and people enjoy them even if their old episodes are on TV.

2. The Simpsons:

Top 3 Best Cartoons of all TimesIt is animated cartoons of America. The theme of these cartoons is about a middle-class family that is the Simpson family. In these cartoons, the main culture of America is shown in these cartoons. It also received critical reviews from all over the world. It is also rated as the best television series by Times Magazine. It also won many awards as well because of this exceptional story and performance. It is also dubbed in some countries in different languages which is funnier.

1. Looney Tunes:

Best Cartoon of all TimesIt is animated cartoon of America which is made on the theme of comedy. It is produced by the Warner Bros. It was very successful cartoon series which has not only a TV show but also games, DVD`s, Albums, and toys as well. The most famous character of these cartoons is Bugs Bunny, who is also named as the cultural icon. It is rated on number 3rd position by TV Guide among the best cartoons of all times.

Top 10 Best Cartoons of all Times:

Sr.No. Names
1 Looney Tunes
2 The Simpsons
3 Tom & Jerry
4 The Flintstones
5 Scooby-Doo, Where are you
6 SpongeBob Square Pants
7 Popeye the Sailor
8 Futurama
9 Dexter`s Laboratory
10 South Park


We conclude that cartoons are loved by everyone not only by kids. There are many cartoons in the world which are shown on the television among those some of them are more famous among the people rather than all. All these cartoons mentioned are not very latest but still can be seen in the market as their craze is still in the people, and toys of these cartoons are also available for the kids.