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We all know that all men in the world use belts with the jeans and dress pants as well. There are many types of belts available in the world from which one can be chosen according to your budget. In past, there was no trend in the world for using belts but now everyone in this world uses belts because these are part of lifestyle. There are many brands in the world which are making the belts and are very expensive as well. These days’ fancy and decorated belts are also in fashion, but some people prefer to use simple and elegant belts. The big brands in the world place their logo on the belts that are now the latest fashion statement. It is considered that belts are the passion for the men that raised their trend and prices as well. The most expensive belts are made of pure leather that makes them more expensive. Some new belts are decorated with the ornaments to make them more formal and perfect for the formal functions. The expensive belts are durable and are worth spending a large amount on them.
The following are top 10 most expensive buckles in the world:

10. Versace Crystal 3D Medusa Belt:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Belts in the WorldVersace is very famous and high-class brand in the world. It has some best designs and perfect work as well. The loop of the waistband is made from the precious crystals and the leather used in it is also pure. The price of it is, $1,095. It is very durable and best-looking waistband. It is also affordable than all other belts discussed here.

9. Ralph Lauren Alligator Engine-buckle Belt:

Top Ten Most Expensive Belts in the WorldRalph Lauren is a very high class, and luxurious brand in the world, and everyone in this world is aware of its name. It has very different style of a buckle to make it different, and it is made from the pure leather. It is a very high-class product that is going to amaze all the viewers. The price of this product is $1,750, but the style and design of this waistband completely justify the price paid for this product.

8. Stefano Ricci Crocodile and Palladium Belt:

Top Ten Expensive Belts in the WorldIt is considered as the best quality product that is made from the perfect leather of crocodile and has the fancy buckle as well. It has the buckle made up of palladium that is equipped with the ornaments to make it more special for the formal functions. It has completely justified the price paid to get this beautiful waistband. The price of this product is almost $1,760 which is still expensive for many people.

7. Cartier Crocodile Leather and Palladium belt:

Top 10 Most Expensive Belts in the WorldCartier is known for its high class and stylish products in the world. It is made from the pure crocodile leather and has the finish of palladium that attracts the waistband lovers from the whole world. The buckle is made from palladium and makes it more stylish. The design of this product is very beautiful and worth spending $2,310 on this waistband.

6. Billionaire Italian Couture Alligator belt:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Belts in the WorldIt is very different kind of waistband that is made up of alligator skin. It has the traditional Italian design and is a very beautiful shape and design. It is made with the best quality products, and its finish is also best in the world. The price of this product is $2,850. It is handmade which increased its price. It has the silver buckle that has its logo. The brand claims that it is made for the rich people and can also be custom made according to the requirements of the person.

5. Louis Vuitton 40MM Crocodile Belt:

Top Five Most Expensive Belts in the WorldLouis Vuitton is very famous brand and is considered as the most luxurious and expensive brand in the world. It is very grand looking waistband that is made from the skin of the crocodile. It had beautiful buckle of their logo and made from the pure leather. The price of this product is $3,500. The style of the buckle and whole design makes it luxurious waistband of the world. It is considered as the timeless option in belts. It has the best design and shine to complete the formal look of the person.

4. Hermes Entriviere:

Top 5 Most Expensive Belts in the WorldHermes is a very famous brand in the world and is considered among the top brands of the world. It is made from the pure leather and has the beautiful and best buckle attached to this waistband. It is made with rich class and is considered as the luxurious one specially designed for the upper class. It has a classic style, and the price of this waistband is $5,100. It is made from the crocodile leather that is very precious and expensive. The style and color of the waistband are worth of the high price paid for it.

3. Selfridges & Co Gold Belt:

Top Three Most Expensive Belts in the WorldIt is a very beautiful belt that has a grand and luxurious look. It is considered as the complete luxurious piece of work done on the belt. It is also available at the best rate that is affordable for the rich people. The buckle of the belt is made up of pure gold, and the whole belt is made with the pure leather that enhanced its look and completed it as the luxurious product. The price of this belt is almost $32,000.

2. Roland Iten Calibre R822:

Top 3 Most Expensive Belts in the WorldRoland Iten is a very beautiful belt that is made from the precious 14 carat diamonds that raised its cost and is sold in the world for the high price tag of $84,000. This watch was made in collaboration between the Roland and Bugatti as well. It is a very luxurious product, and the finish of this belt is best in the world of belts and will win the hearts of the people. The design of this belt is like a predator and is also considered and called as the predator machine belt. It is made with pure steel and rose gold that make it precious one.

1. Republica Fashion`s Gucci 30 carat Diamond:

Most Expensive Belt in the WorldGucci is a very famous fashion brand in the world not only because of the women products but men products as well. It has achieved another milestone in the world by introducing the belt that is made from the 30 carat diamond. It is a very beautiful belt that will amaze the viewers and its users as well. The price of this belt is $249000 which makes it the most expensive belt in the whole world. It is made in the limited number and considered as the masterpiece in the world of belts. It is also considered as the best men product in the world because of its elegance and beauty.

List of Most Expensive Belts in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Republica Fashion`s Gucci 30 Carat diamond $ 249000
2 Roland Iten Calibre R822 $ 84000
3 Selfridges & CO gold Belt $ 32000
4 Hermes Etriviere $ 5100
5 Louis Vuitton 40MM Crocodile belt $ 3500
6 Billionaire Italian couture alligator belt $ 2850
7 Cartier Crocodile leather and Palladium belt $ 2310
8 Stefano Ricci crocodile and palladium belt $ 1760
9 Ralph Lauren alligator engine-buckle belt $ 1750
10 Versace crystal 3D Medusa Belt $ 1095


We conclude that belts are used all over the world by men as lifestyle and are available in different price ranges. All these belts discussed above are from the famous brands and are made in perfect designs as well. Their designs are according to the latest style in the fashion world which makes the person fashionable. But some of them are very expensive and are not affordable for the people as they belong to big brands.

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