Home Foods List of Top 10 Best Barbecue Restaurants in the World

List of Top 10 Best Barbecue Restaurants in the World

List of Top 10 Best Barbecue Restaurants in the World

Everyone in this world loves food and there are many types of food. Every country has its own specialty in food items and has their special ingredients as well. People visiting from other countries visit those countries try those foods as well. Barbecue is very famous food item which is spicy and eaten almost all over the world. Barbecue is made from chicken which is the marinated in spices and is grilled on the heated charcoal which makes it delicious and has the smoke in it which adds further taste in the dish. Barbecue is not always available on restaurants but is the specialty of some restaurants and those restaurants are famous in the world. The taste of this dish is mouth watering and appealing for the people. It is also made in less oil which is very good for the patients of blood pressure and cholesterol. We all know that grilling is the oldest and the best cooking method in the world. The method of its making changes according to the cultures.
The following are top BBQ restaurants in the world:

10. Allen & Son, Chapel Hill, NC:

List of Top Ten Best Barbecue Restaurants in the WorldThis restaurant is made and run by the master person Kieth Allen and the restaurant open in 3 o clock which is their tradition. This restaurant is famous for the BBQ pork meat and roasting of different food items and the additional sauce added with their products are made according to the season of different ingredients like of pepper, salt, vinegar etc. Their BBQ is well grilled and is served with vinegar sauce which gives it a best taste. Then the dish is served with the bottle of cherry soda to complete the meal of the people visiting this restaurant. It is small and ordinary kind of restaurant.

9. Mercado Del Puerto, Montevideo, Uruguay:

Top Ten Best Barbecue Restaurants in the WorldUruguay is a place in which people eat all parts of the animals and are cooked on the heat like the BBQ. In all other parts of the world steaks or chops are grilled but in this place everything is grilled. The food of this area is very tasty and has some unique texture as well. It is considered as the best restaurant for BBQ according to their culture. It also has bar and cafe for different choices of the people. Their whole cooking is done in the open kitchens and on the wood burning best BBQ grills and people can choose at their own which they want to eat.

8. Samwon Garden, Seoul:

Top Ten Barbecue Restaurants in the WorldIt is very well decorated and beautiful restaurant. They use the Korean ribs in small packing for the grilling and making different dishes from them which are then served with the lettuce leaves. The meat is cut in thin strips and then grilled on the heated charcoal. They ribs are marinated in their special ingredients which are soya sauce, sesame oil, pear, etc. They also serve pickle cabbage with their food in small dishes. It also has a garden in which people like to dine-in at evenings and their breakfast is also very famous.

7. Hamdi, Istanbul:

Top 10 Best Barbecue Restaurants in the WorldIstanbul is basically a Muslim country which offers their special food items and tourists from all over the world visit to eat their food. This restaurant provides the beautiful view at the harbor and is the main attraction for the tourists. It has many special menu`s for the people and tourists as well. Their food items are cooked on the grills. Their most famous is shish kebab which are them made with black pepper. Their all products are grilled with sprinkling of black and red pepper as well.

6. Die Strandloper Seafood Restaurant, Langebaan, South Africa:

List of Top 10 Best Barbecue Restaurants in the WorldIt is very small and ordinary kind of restaurant but has large variety in meat products which are made in the charcoal grills. The name of their most famous dish is Braai that means beef and fish camp which is captured from the seaside from the Cape Town. It is not other main menu but the menu for the BBQ is very large and excellent as well. Their dishes are served with the garlic and apricot sauce and are well cooked on the wood fire. It is not luxurious restaurant but a very ordinary one.

5. La Cabrera, Buenos Aires:

Top Five Best Barbecue Restaurants in the WorldThis restaurant is famous for its food products and has a large variety in BBQ. It has amazing atmosphere and serves the grilled food with different kind of sauces. Their special dishes are the stuffed beef that is stuffed with the garlic butter and are then grilled on the charcoal and served with orange sauce. They also offer some side dishes as well which are served in bowls but the main menu is BBQ.

4. Buca Lapi, Florence, Italy:

Top 5 Best Barbecue Restaurant in the WorldItaly is famous for its different kinds of food. The visit to this country is considered incomplete with eating the Bistecca Alla. Their whole cooking is done on the charcoal grillers and is cooked in the traditional manner. These BBQ are also served on the wood sizzler plates. Their chops are made in different style that was made with sweet and sour sauce and is served with the garlic black kale. It is very luxurious and well decorated restaurant which makes it the expensive one as well.

3. Fogo De Chao, Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Top Three Best Barbecue Restaurants in the WorldBrazil has the best BBQ in the whole world because of their vast menu and the taste as well. It is worth tasting once in the lifetime of a person. This restaurant was made by the two brothers from the Brazil and the buffet comes with a large variety of salads as well. it offers dozens of meats dishes which are served with the curries and seasonal salads in the plate. This restaurant has opened the new restaurant with some different flavors in USA.

2. Oklahoma Joe`s BBQ, Kansas City, KS:

Top 3 Best Barbecue Restaurants in the WorldThis restaurant is owned by the two mutual owners that are now very famous in the world. Their smoked meat is very famous in the world which is served in their traditional style and in the plates as well. Their most famous dishes are the ribs which are served with ring onions and are made with the smoke. It offers has a special combo sandwich which is made up of pork and beef. It is very famous and best BBQ restaurant in the world.

1. Ibu Oka, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia:

Best Barbecue Restaurant in the WorldIndonesia is famous in the world for its food. It has very new range made with some different ingredients and taste as well. It is run by the single owner that is Oka has introduced the BBQ theme in their restaurant. Their BBQ is made with the lemon, ginger, turmeric and chilli etc. Their food items are roasted on the wooden fire and are served in the open air restaurant. It is served with rice and salad as well.

List of Best Barbecue Restaurants in the World:

Sr.No. Names Address/Contact
1 Ibu Oka. Bali, Indonesia Jalan Suweta No. 2, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Tel:+62 361 2077490
2 Oklahoma Joe`s BBQ, Kansas City, KS 3002 W 47th St, Kansas City, KS 66103, United States
Tel:+1 913-722-3366
3 Fogo de Chao, Sao Paulo, Brazil Av. dos Bandeirantes, 538 – Vila Olimpia, São Paulo – SP, 04553-000, Brazil
Tel:+55 11 5505-0791
4 Buca Lapi, Florence, Italy Via del Trebbio, 1/r, 50123 Firenze, Italy
Tel:+39 055 213768
5 La Cabrera, Buenos Aires José Antonio Cabrera 5099, C1414BGQ Capital Federal, Argentina
Tel:+54 11 4831-7002
6 Die Strandloper Seafood Restaurant, Langebaan, South Africa #2 of 24 Restaurants in Langebaan … Langebaan Beach, Langebaan 7357, South Africa.
Tel:+27 (0)22 77 22 490
7 Hamdi, Istanbul Rüstem Paşa Mh., Kalçin Sk. No:17, Turkey
Tel:+90 212 528 0390
8 Samwon Garden, Seoul South Korea, 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 623-5
Tel:+82 2-548-3030
9 Mercado Del Puerto, Montevideo, Uruguay Rambla 25 de Agosto, between Av. Maciel and Av. Pérez Castellano, across from port, Piedras 237, Montevideo, 11000, Uruguay
10 Allen & Son, Chapel Hill, NC 6203 Millhouse Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, United States
Tel:+1 919-942-7576


We conclude that BBQ is the most famous food item in the world. It is available in almost all restaurants of the world but only few do not offer them. It is made with perfect spices and consider as the best one for the spicy lover people. All these restaurants are famous for their BBQ  dishes made with different ingredients and have marked their name in the world by their taste.