Best Special Force Units

There are different types of forces which are formed country and are mainly connected with the action-based activities. Most of the people are aware of the regular army of the country which are serving almost all the nations at much higher standards and needs proper training. Some of them are very famous all over the world and are covered by the media as well. The primary purpose of the forces is to fight against the enemies of the country at different places which include water, land and also in the sky.

Forces are developed for various jobs and are involved in various operations conducted by the country. There are several big names in this field because those forces have marked their names in the whole world and are also covered in different movies and action series which made them more famous. These forces belong to various countries and are known for their practical skills and capabilities.
Here are the following 10 top rated individual power units located in the whole world, which are as follow:

10. GIGN-France

Best Special Force Units in the WorldGIGN means National Gendarmerie Intervention Group is the power which belongs to France and is similar to the high European forces as it was established in 1972. France was facing significant issues related to the hostages and then murders so this force took the action against them. It has almost 400 members in its strength and is fighting against hostage rescues and terrorists. It has done operations to release the prisoner of school students and also the passengers of flight which was hijacked in 1994.

9. SSG- Pakistan

Best Particular Forces In The World Highly RatedSSG force of Pakistan is the one which was created by Pakistan Army in 1956 and has the full name of Special Services Group. It includes the nine-month training of the officers joining it and other training related to environment and the weapons. It has been serving Afghanistan as well in the 1980s. It is also now controlling the terrorist operating in Pakistan and has rescued major terrorist attacks done in Pakistan which were mainly done in 2009.

8. Sayeret Matkal-Israel

Best Special Force Units in the WorldSayeret Matkal is the special force established by Israel and is developed for the anti-terrorism and hostage rescues. It was built in 1957 and consists of the candidates who are highly intellectual and best in physical conditions as well. It has done many major operations since the 1960s and performed amazingly for the country. It mainly consists of 100 commandos in this force which is killing the terrorists and getting people free from the hostages as it was formed for these two primary purposes.

7. EKO-Cobra-Austria

Best Particular Forces Ever In The WorldEKO-Cobra is the force of Austria which was mainly developed for the anti-terrorist operations and is made of 450 men in it. It is very particular kind of energy which needs training for several months and courses to make themselves capable of it. It is known for doing any operation required for the country and also involves the rescue of plane hijacking. The members of this force are commonly called as the Cobra members and have done amazing work for the country.

6. Delta Force- USA

Best Particular Forces In The World Highly RatedDelta Force is the unique strength of the USA which is fighting for the terrorist operations and is also involved in the raids, hostage rescues, and action operations. It is the force which was formed in 1977 because of the increasing cases of the terrorist’s activities. It needs proper training and the potential for the person to be hired for this force. It also includes the six-month training for it and is named as the highly guarded force of the whole USA which is used for major operations.

5. JTF2- Canada

Top Best Particular Forces In The World Highly RatedJTF2 is the force of Canada which was established in 1993. It was mainly developed for the special operations and the terrorist attacks. It is known for the escort of different famous VIP personalities and is operating at different big areas of Canada. It is also providing support to the US Navy in different matters and is considered as involved with the Afghanistan, and their president was also not aware of the activity of their force in Afghanistan.

4. Alpha Group- Russia

Best Particular Forces Ever In The World Highly RatedAlpha Group is the special force established in Russia and was created in 1974. It consists of a large number of people in it who is involved in the rescue operations and terrorist attack operations. It is named as the one of the most anti-terrorists and hostage operation force of Russia. It is equipped with the latest weapons and machinery which made it an effective one in the success of Russia.

3. Shayetet 13- Israel

Top Best Particular Forces Ever In The WorldShayetet 13 is the special force of Israel which is always associated with the Navy force of Israel and was created in 1948. It is known to be involved in major Israeli operations and the commands included in this force need to the training of 20 months. It only consists of total 13 members who are very high profile and are considered as best in their work. They have done the most important operation of the world in 1972 which depicts their success to the rest of the world.

2. Navy SEALS- USA

Top Best Particular Forces Ever In The World Highly RatedNavy Seals is the American special group which was created in 1962 and is known for different major operations done by them. It is named as very elite kind of force because of its mental and physical strength as their training involves different exercises needed for the soldiers. There are some specialized training for the Navy Seals as well which are given to conduct the most sensitive operations in the world.

1. SAS- Britain

Best Particular Forces In The WorldSAS is the special force of the British Air service which was established in 1941. It is entirely operated by the British military forces and needs many intense physical requirements of the people in it. The final test of the candidate included in it has to give the interrogation test of 36 hours which must be clear to get into it. It is the force which is considered as the best one for its intelligence and the security services used in different operations.

Best Special Force Units in the World – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name Establish Year
1 SAS- Britain 1941
2 Navy SEALS- USA 1962
3 Shayetet 13- Israel 1948
4 Alpha Group- Russia 1974
5 JTF2- Canada 1993
6 Delta Force- the USA 1977
7 EKO-Cobra-Austria 1978
8 Sayeret Matkal-Israel 1957
9 SSG- Pakistan 1956
10 GIGN-France 1972
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