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Lighters are a complimentary good to smokers. Those who smoke must also own a lighter with the cigarettes. A conventional way of lighting a cigarette was to use a match stick, but now anyone hardly uses it. A substitute is a lighter which is pocket-friendly and an elegant choice. Lighters are manufactured by small companies to large brands ranging from the lowest price imaginable to the highest possible for a lighter. In this column, we will discuss the best lighter brands for windproof lighters and regular butane lighters. The ranking is based on the market share of each brand and the customer perception of that brand.
Hereabouts is a shortlist of the top 10 lighter brands that are top rated by the customers.

10. Coleman

Best Lighter Brands In The WorldColeman produces some distinct lighters. They are refillable windproof lighters that have a cap which makes it water resistant. These lights are suitable for outdoor adventures something Coleman has a grip on. Their multi-tool lighter is bigger than a standard light and has a can opener, torch, knife, and a filing tool. The average price is $20-$25 and consumers rate it as one of the best lighter brand out there in the market.

9. Colibri

Top Best Lighter Brands In The WorldColibri is an old favorite among customers. Its unique features make it stand out. This lighter comes with a cigar cutter making it a two in one lighter. It has three editions only flame lighters, triple flame lighters and pipe fire. Color choice in these lighters is very vast, and they come in great color combinations. Price range is not very high thus making it a convenient buy.

8. Visual

Best Lighter Brands EverVisual lighters are more famous for their cigar lighters. Its lights come in various models and are refillable and also are wind resistant lighters. One unusual feature is the degree and height of the flame can be adjusted by the customer according to their liking. They also produce a separate line for women that come in feminine colors. Visual lighters rightfully hold the 8th position in the world according to lighter users.

7. XL

Best Lighter Brands Ever In The WorldXL is another company that consumers place their bets on. This company manufactures durable butane gas lighters for smokers around the world. Its models include electronic maxi, electric mini, electronic-special, and Flint and premium collection. They came in elegant rectangular sizes with beautiful colors like gold black and silver. According to consumers, XL is the 7th best lighter brand in the world.

6. Ronson

Top Best Lighter BrandsRonson lighter company dates back to 1954. Its slogan is ‘world’s greatest fighters.’ It certainly is not the biggest light according to consumers but one of the top rated lighter brands available in the world. Based in England Ronson produces lights and internal electronics with its specialty still being classy lighters. Ronson is partially owned by Zippo after Zippo acquired it in 2010.

5. Dunhill

Top Best Lighter Brands EverDunhill lighters are one of the most stylish smoking accessories available on the market. Some of the models serve more like an antique collectible than daily use light. They also produce some of the most expensive fighters in the world but then also produce medium priced lighters in the world that are affordable to a reasonable customer. Most lights also come with a fountain pen making it a fantastic duo. Customer polls rank it 5th best lighter brand.

4. St. DuPont

Best Lighter Brands Ever Highly RatedSt. DuPont is a luxury brand operating from France. It provides a vast variety of products ranging from leather bags to lighters. DuPont offers beautiful lights that are more of an accessory to a man than a daily use thing. They make handcrafted lights which are then stamped with initials of the maker at the bottom. The price range is a bit high still customers prefer it for the quality is delivers. St. DuPont lighters take a 4th position on our list according to customer feedback.

3. Clipper

Top Best Lighter Brands EverClipper is another well-known name in the industry. The battle between Big and clipper has been going on since long and customers at various forums have taken polls and discussed their preferred options. The competition comes head to head with some siding on Ben’s side while others on Clipper. According to our survey, Clipper lacked a tad bit behind Big, therefore, being positioned on the 3rd number. Clipper is a sub-brand of Flanagan S.A. Clipper produces an excellent range of lighters and their butane gas refills.

2. Bic

Top Best Lighter Brands Highly RatedBic is a versatile company that produces all sorts of lighters. It has on its portfolio cigarette lighters, windproof lighters, and home use lighters for a stove or lighting up some other thing. As the slogan reads “more for your money,” Bic produces views that are a good value for the money. They provide regular priced lighters and also some professional fighters that go a bit above the average range. Safe and durable design and excellent value for money make Bic lighters the second option for customers according to a client survey.

1. Zippo

Best Lighter Brands In The WorldZippo is an American favorite lighter brand. There is no doubt about it being in the first place as it is a name that comes whenever the topic of lighters is raised. Zippo is a well-reputed brand that dates back to 1932 and covers all price ranges. On average lights cost $20- $30. It also manufactured some of the most expensive fighters in the world. Its most famous edition was the vintage 1933 which went on to be the most expensive lighter by Zippo. Customers prefer Zippo the most when it comes to lighter brands according to consumer polls.

Best Lighter Brands In The World – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name
1 Zippo
2 Bic
3 Clipper
4 St. DuPont
5 Dunhill
6 Ronson
7 XL
8 Visual
9 Colibri
10 Coleman
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