Worst Generals World War I

There are different countries which have faced different wars in different time periods. Wars are the reason for the solution of various problems and then results in various situations encountered them. World War I is considered as the terrifying war which is named as the solution for the convoluted system of European alliances and was the solution to different problems. It is called as the modern one because of different tactics.

This war has introduced different new tactics which include the trench warfare and also the use of poison gasses. At that time, the latest flame throwers, machine guns, and artillery were introduced to fight against the enemies. It was much latest one but has taken the life of millions of people. At that time, various conflicts occurred between the countries and were under different personalities who were leading their whole force. There were many personalitiesĀ involved there among which some of them are successful while in this list we will include the worst ones.
Here are the following top 10 worst world war I Generals in the history of the world:

10. Helmuth Von Moltke the younger

Worst World War I GeneralsHelmuth Von Moltke was named as the younger German Military commander who was entirely responsible for the predecessor plan of First World War. The techniques used in it were completely modern ones for the war. He was much unsuccessful in all his decisions, and his central part in the war was a complete failure. Helmuth Von Moltke was then further replaced by the new general called Erich Von Falkenhayn in 1914. He then died at the age of 68.

9. Ferdinand I of Bulgaria

Worst World War I Generals Highly RatedFerdinand I of Bulgaria was the neutral general during the World War I. He was elected as the general of Germany for the successful gaining of territory. The resources of Bulgaria was then exploited which then led to revolution. He has survived the whole revolution which has then forced to abandon by the allies. He was not a successful one who died at the age of 87 but became famous in the World War I.

8. King Ferdinand I

Top Worst World War I GeneralsKing Ferdinand, I was the general of Romania who was supporting the allies in 1916. But the problem was that when Romania has joined the war, the allies have stretched them much thin. Then Germany has invaded and conquered the Romania. It is said that his decision was quite dumb which has failed them in war and as a result, Romania was named as the new territory for Versailles.

7. Paul Von Hindenburg

Top Worst World War I Generals Highly RatedPaul Von Hindenburg was the general of 8th Army of Germany. He was much famous because of the early success with the Russian offensives but was involved in the unrestricted submarine warfare. Paul Von Hindenburg has also moved the agricultural workers towards the industrial sector who helped the war machine because of the food shortage. He is included in the list of the most prominent military leaders in the world history in the ranking of 21.

6. Erich Von Falkenhayn

Worst World War I Generals EverErich Von was the German Chief of General during the World War I. He was pushed to different offensive situations during the whole battle. His offense has resulted in the historic German Casualties. In the result of this action, almost 500,000 German Troops were killed which was a massive number. Approximately 250,000 were killed at Verdun and were given the nickname of Blood Miller of Verdun. He has died at the age of 61.

5. John J. Pershing

Worst World War I Generals Ever Highly RatedJohn J. Pershing meant an American Police who has joined the war in 1917. He has made many mistakes during the war and has learned different lessons from his work and tactics. He has taken different decisions which were proved wrong and made him the worst general of the world. During his leadership almost 25,000 Americans have lost their life, and nearly 100,000 were injured in this war. He is the one who is included in the list of the most influential military leaders in US history at the ranking of 8.

4. Djemal Pasha

Worst Generals World War IDjemal Pasha was a Turkish commander who has taken his position in World War I. He was failed with the British and also lost Jerusalem to the British. Then only after a year, Turkish government was collapsed. He wanted to create a liaison between the Turkey and the Soviet Union. He was assassinated by an Armenian and died at the age of 50 only.

3. Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich of Russia

Top Worst World War I Generals EverGrand Duke Nicholas of Russia was appointed as the commander of Russian Army. He has commanded different famous fields and was much successful but was sometimes forced to direct the orders. As a result, his following decisions were much wrong which made him one of the worst generals of the world during the World War I. He and his family were then executed by the Bolshevik Revolutionaries at the end of the war.

2. Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig

Top Worst World War I Generals Ever Highly RatedDouglas Haig was a British General who was completely equipped with the modern weapons. He was deprived of the information of some latest arms and machine guns and tanks which made him unsuccessful. His decisions have caused many causalities which made him disrespectful and ineffective. He died at the age of 67. He was serving at the cavalry background.

1. Luigi Cadorna

Worst Generals World War ILuigi Cadorna was the chief of Italy who was much skilled and equipped with all the knowledge. His decisions have resulted in significant causalities and losses overall. He was then defeated in the battle of Caporetto in 1917. It is estimated that almost 40,000 people were killed and 280,000 were captured from there and also deserted ratio was almost 350,000 which is quite a large ratio to be faced. He belongs to Italy and died at the age of 78 but is included among the worst generals due to his decision.

Worst Generals World War I – Names List

Sr. No. Name Death age
1 Luigi Cadorna 78
2 Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig 67
3 Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich of Russia 72
4 Djemal Pasha 50
5 John J. Pershing 88
6 Erich Von Falkenhayn 61
7 Paul Von Hindenburg 86
8 King Ferdinand I 64
9 Ferdinand I of Bulgaria 87
10 Helmuth Von Moltke the younger 68
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