Best Science Fiction Movies

Movies are the best way of entertainment for the people and are made with different themes. Most of the science fiction movies are hotly debated in the world either in literature or movies. For making these kinds of movies, one needs quite progressive, and creative mind for shaping the whole story and the story completely revolves around the imagination. Science Fiction movies are the one in which stories related to space, future technologies and artificial intelligence are shown. The points discussed in these movies are debatable and interpretation. Nowadays, many movies are made on the pattern of science fiction which includes Avatar, Terminator 2 and some others. These days, movies are made in large number because people have a huge trend of watching movies in their spare time. The movies based on science fiction are very interesting, and the whole concept is loved by everyone because those movies are interesting to watch and sometimes are made with similar features and stories.
The following are top ten best movies based on science fiction in the world:

10. Terminator 2: Judgement Day:

List of Top Ten Best Science Fiction MoviesTerminator 2 is the movie which has shown most memorable villains in the movie and also the intimidating beast of a man in the film. It was released in 1991. Sarah Connor also played her best role and the most powerful female heroine in the movie. It is a very important movie in many ways and reasons and the best science fiction movie made in the world. The Terminator movies are best and are a quite new entry in the world of entertainment. It is the right time to bury this franchise of movie and only remember the good times of it.

9. The Matrix Reloaded:

Top Ten Best Science Fiction MoviesThe Matrix Reloaded is the movie which was released in 2003 and has two more sequels. The Matrix Reloaded took the action series to a next level which is only dreamed by most of the kids. It is known that action is a wonder to behold for the interesting stories and actions. The dialogues of this movie also provide the best experience with many intellectual and progressive points that represent the society in a much better way according to the future.

8. Alien:

Top Ten Science Fiction MoviesAlien is the movie which was released in 1979 and is a classic movie. It was not a bad addition to the whole series, but the latter films were considered as low in quality of the last two parts. Alien is the movie which was a chilling tale that revolves around the strong female heroine and survives against the deadly, slimy mini alien. This movie has lost art these days and also faced criticism against the whole story and theme. But in conclusion, we can say that Alien is a quite good movie of some recent years.

7. Alien:

Top 10 Best Science Fiction MoviesAlien is truly a perfect movie which has very high standards. There are many science fiction movies of James Cameron and are considered as classic. Alien series is quite famous and hit among the people who have created many memorable scenes. Aliens have made character development, and two main traits were seen in the movies which are not common among all modern movies. It is quite an interesting movie to watch and was released in 1986.

6. Blade Runner:

List of Top 10 Best Science Fiction MoviesBlade Runner is the movie which most of the viewers cannot understand at first, but then everyone appreciated the unconventional neo-noir which shows that world of full of complexities and unique environment. The whole theme of the movie is very engaging for the people and also explains the challenging questions about the future and latest technology launching in future. This whole story raised many important questions about the modern era with a day passing. Blade Runner is the movie which was released in 1982.

5. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior:

Top Five Best Science Fiction MoviesMad Max 2 is the movie which was released in 1981 and was a pure science fiction movie. The Road Warrior is a very great movie which features many rare moments which are also seen in its future sequels which also considered it a terrific film. This movie has raised a bar of movies based on these kinds of themes and a wonder created in this movie. Mad Max is also considered as the most iconic character ever created in Media and movies and is quite famous among the people.

4. District 9:

Top 5 Best Science Fiction MoviesDistrict 9 is named as the class science fiction movie ever made in the world. It was released in 2009 and has a very strong storyline. The direction is very interesting and different and also comes with an underlying message in it for the viewers. The whole ingredients of this film made it a great film as a whole, and it completely meets its expectations as well. It was directed by Neill Blomkamp, and his direction was much encouraged by this film.

3. Mad Max: Fury Road:

Best Science Fiction Movies ListThe Latest part of Mad Max series called Fury Road was released in 2015 and was considered as one of the greatest science fiction movies ever made in the world. Fury Road was made with perfection which has risen bar for all movies. All its characters were full of details and action on the screen and seemed like breathing the fresh air. For explaining the small details of this movie, one need to view it as many times and is a perfect modern classic released for the entertainment of the people.

2. Star Wars Episode IV: A new Hope:

Top 3 Best Science Fiction MoviesAgain here comes a part of Star Wars which was released in 1977 with the title called a new Hope. This movie has amazed the audience with its modern and latest special effects and famous characters which have made it a legendary movie in the whole history of cinema. Star Wars have left a strong mark on the legacy which will be unmatched for most of the directors as they cannot match its perfection. It includes toys, television shows, comics, and movies as well that is the reason it is called a complete package.

1. The Matrix:

Best Science Fiction Movies ListThe Matrix is the movie which was released in 1999 and is considered as the best science fiction movie ever made in the world. The revolutionary fight scenes shown in this movie are very complex and attractive for the viewers, and its story also features the latest technology. It is said missing a single minute of this movie will be a bog loss of viewers and is the biggest achievement for the makers of this movie. It has also made two successful sequels of it.

Best Science Fiction Movies List – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names Released Date IMDB
1 The Matrix 31 March, 1999 8.7/10
2 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 25 May, 1977 8.7/10
3 Mad max: Fury Road 15 May, 2015 8.2/10
4 District 9 13 August, 2009 8.0/10
5 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior 24 December, 1981 7.6/10
6  Blade Runner 25 June, 1982 8.2/10
7 Aliens 18 July, 1986 8.4/10
8 Alien 25 May, 1979 8.5/10
9 The Matrix Reloaded 15 May, 2003 7.2/10
10 Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1 July, 1991 8.5/10


Movies are watched and loved by everyone in the world. All types of movies are made because every person has different taste in movies. Science fiction movies are quite common these days because of the latest technology used in them. All these movies are a big hit and quite interesting for the viewers which made them successful. Some of these movies have also made their sequels with some extended storyline and new effects.

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