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Today we will talk about top ten luxury jewelry brands of the world. We as a whole realize that each lady needs to look delightful and appealing on unique events like weddings, and so forth. It is the essential right of each woman to influence herself to look pleasant by wearing changed beautiful things like garments, gems, and shoes. Gems are the important thing utilized by each lady on exceptional events like weddings, gatherings, and formal capacities. There are numerous well-known brands on the planet which are renowned for their remarkable and appealing outlines of jewelry. People like gems plan that is not the same as every common shape and of good quality. Marked gems are constantly exceptionally costly. Appealing gems can improve the entire look of the dress and the individual too. Jewelry made up of precious stones; gold, platinum are costly. These are best gems brands. The decision of gems mark relies on the constrained spending you have because built up fashioner adornments brands are not moderate for everybody. By perusing this article, you will have the capacity to think about best ten most luxurious jewelry brands of the world.
The following are top 10 luxury and most expensive jewelry brands in the world, which are as follow:


Top ten luxury jewelry brandsIt is a Swiss brand of watches and jewelry as well. This company believes in using only finest and good quality material for its collection. Every product made by this company has real stones on it and also has 18k gold for finishing it and make it more attractive. Its products totally match the expectations of their customers as products are of fine quality and every item has a complete detail work on it. Mostly its products are classic and traditional as well. They have a specific diamond collection with a name happy diamonds.


Top ten luxurious jewelry brandsThis company belonged to Japan and started its business in 1893. He has the first mover advantage of introducing traditional pearls that are mostly used in their collection. Most of their ornaments have rare and precious stones like Titian pearls, white pearls, sea pearls, etc. This brand only uses 18k gold and diamonds with different stones in their products to make it more attractive and beautiful. This brand is famous for its classic and elegant designs. They claim that their jewelry can be used in day and evening also as it is comfortable to wear it.


10 most luxurious jewelry brands

Bvlgari started to work in the field of jewelry and called as the leader in the field of jewelry. This brand belongs to Rome. Their jewelry products are the perfect blend of traditional designs and unique latest styles as well. This company is more famous for its different shapes, large pieces of items. It mostly focuses to create colorful and floral pattern for jewelry to match with all kinds of clothes. They claim that they use rare and precious stones on jewels with 18k gold on them to make them more attractive look.


Top ten most luxurious jewelry brands in the worldThis company started its business in Jura only with watches that were very famous in less time throughout the world. Later on, they worked to introduce different jewelry items by their brand and focus more on traditional designs. Most of their products are inspired by old and fantasy designs and styles. Ornaments made up like a rose is their most famous and successful item. Their products are very latest a modern in terms of designs. Their watches are very famous all over the world. Their watches are made with latest styles whose dials can be adjusted according to the size of wrist.


Top 10 luxury jewelry brandsThis is very famous brand among the rich people because of its quality and services provided by them. This brand belonged to London and started to work in this field in 1960. They got more fame and successful because of the stones they use in their products.  The owner of this company is working to get more big diamonds as they are demands of customers all over the world. This company is expanding their business in different countries independently without any involvement of the middleman. This brand is going to launch their book in which all information about the brand and their products is included.


10 most luxurious brands of jewelryTiffany is a very famous brand, and no one needs an introduction to it. It provides jewelry for all occasions and men, women and children as well. Tiffany is very famous because of its quality in products. The jewelry in gold and silver color is very shinny and stylish as well. It uses the best material in its products that are very precious and rare as well. Their products are not only simple but modern as well. This brand is very famous because of its luxurious products that are expensive as well. They are selling their ornaments in their stores and online as well.


List of luxury jewelry brands

Buccellati is very famous brand especially for its Italian gold used in it. This brand belonged to Italy and started to work in this field in 1919. Their designs are very traditional styles of Roman-like Cuff, etc. This brand gives the jewels a fabric effect by brushing it. Mostly jewelry made by them is the perfect combination of silver and gold. This brand is run by a family only. The techniques used in the making of jewelry make it more expensive and precious as well.


10 most luxurious jewelry brandsThis brand belongs to France. It is mostly famous because of the appearance of the jewels that is very rich and fine. It is a French brand and was launched in 1869.  They are also introducing products with motifs of birds, flowers and animals as well. Their watches are very famous all over the world and successful as well. Its different styles of dials in watches and also different designs in their watches attract more customers.


List of top ten luxury jewelry brandsThis brand is very old which started to work in this field in 1860. At that time, it introduced its first piece of jewels which was very successful. It belongs to Paris. It is now very famous brand because of its successful history and beautiful designs as well. It is considered as the most respected and successful brand in the world. It has almost 200 outlets in more than 125 countries to meet the demands of their customers at different places.


Top ten most luxurious jewelry brands in the world

Harry Winston is on the top of the list of most luxurious jewelry brands in the world because of its fine jewels. It started to work in this field in 1932. It is not famous only for ornaments, but their watches are also very famous and different than all other competitors. It gained much fame and success because of their innovative styles and use of precious stones like diamonds, etc. It is very expensive brand an opened their branches in countries that are rich and can afford this brand.

Sr No. Names Founded
1 Harry Winston 1932
2 Cartier 1847
3 Van Cleef & Arpels 1896
4 Buccellati 1919
5 Tiffany 1837
6 Graff 1960
7 Piaget 1874
8 Bvlgaria 1884
9 Mikimoto 1893
10 Chopard 1860
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