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Top Ten Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on Etsy

Top Ten Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on Etsy

It is because here we are going to showcase you the most Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on Etsy. This article will be useful for you as it will make you aware of those articles being presented item for sale on ETSY. Although it’s nice if you like these crochet articles or buy them, you should be aware that you are not too much extra for the article you are purchasing. As the use of online shopping, forums is in trend. And especially when you talk about a handmade vintage antique item, online shopping is best for you. But, we have an evident number of examples in which buyer were trapped by the sellers for a high price and low cost. So have a look at this list and get yourself escape from extravagant shoppers of ETSY.

10. Guitar made from a single cut of wood

List of Top Ten Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on EtsyA conglomerate of music and art is a great thing. An artist has tried to do the same by manufacturing a guitar with a single cut of wood. It has used only one log of wood. It doesn’t have any screw used to it. And can play melody very well. But, you will not believe it that costs $100000. Is it not very strange? Because, a very good guitar with a can is purchased for a much lesser price. So the catch for this price is its characteristic of being made up of one log of wood, and then with the very excuse it is not justified price.

9. Ceramic vase

Top Ten Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on EtsyIt’s good to collect antique vase in a home that may be any material including brass, bronze, or even may clay. Ceramic vase is also very eye catching and is not very costly. But the Ceramic vase we are mentioning here has something different, i.e. price of this article. Although, the pattern on this vase is adorable, Eighty seven thousand dollars, Oh my God. Yes, believe it or not, it costs $87,000. But, it is also a truth that this article got many favorites by viewers.

8. Fairy Tree house

Top Ten Ridiculously Weird Items on EtsyHere it comes another extravagant product placed on ETSY for Sale. It is a piece of Art titled as “Treehouse”. That is a small depiction of a house that is made up of wood and other greenery. You may also see rooms and dome in this home.  Art lovers would love it because of skill being used in preparing this knack. But when you look at its price, oh it’s too high i.e. $75000. So, even then if you are interested in this article, go to ETSY.

7. Model of an airport

Top 10 Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on EtsyWe agree that the cost incurred in the construction of an airport is very high. The planes standing on and flying from runways are of a huge price. But a model of Airport, made up of canvas paper and some pathetic material should not cost $60,808. But it is so of the same article placed on ETSY portal for selling. It is one of top ten most expensive bizarre on ETSY because of two questions. I.e. where this model will look perfect when placed. Either in a home or workplace. If workplace, then which type of office is best for this model. Another point is related to the price i.e. what is so precious used in this model that its shopper is asking so high for it. Well, what so ever the answer is, we say a very good luck to its owner for selling of this unique model.

6. Painting titled “Liplock of Chaos.”

List of Top 10 Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on EtsyAnother very expensive handmade item on ETSY is a painting i.e. Liplock of Chaos. Someone who likes art may like this painting, for a unique idea depicted in this painting. But believe me, or not, when you will hear about the cost of this article, you may start to hate this one. Because it is $50,000. The pink lips stuck in a devil’s chaos looks like a try to make something big by a student of two or three grade.

5. Quilt with motorcycle patches

Top Five Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on EtsyHere it comes the number one most absurd item on ETSY. It is a bedding of good length and width. It has patches of motorbikes on it. There are nine motorcycles placed on just a fiber sheet. But it costs $30,000 which amaze all of us. You too will be amazed by having a look on the stickers of bikes that are on this cloth.

4. Bob Marley painting on canvas sheet

Top 5 Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on EtsyWe know Bob Marley is one of the number one best singer in this world. And there are many sculpture and statue of Bob Marley in many museums of the world. Many have tried to make his paintings on canvas paper. Same has been done by someone and posted on ETSY. It is a big painting a canvas paper with simple color. But he amazing about it is its cost i.e. $29,000. And the viewers have been astonished by the price tag quoted in search of finding for what the shopper has marked it so high.

3. Working BBQ grill shaped like pirate’s treasure chest

Top Three Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on EtsyAlthough it is a unique thing, unfortunately very costly. $11500 is the price quoted for this article. It is a handmade tool, which can be used for preparing Bar B Q. a simple metal is used for manufacturing of this article. We agree that the design of this article is very flexible and make can your BBQ party a different and can amaze your guests. But eleven thousand dollars is a big price for it.

2. Knitted scarf

Top 3 Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on EtsyThat is another item on a hit list of the viewer of ETSY. It is a scarf famous for nothing else than its weird price. This scarf is of the white color of good length. Your pretty can look much beautiful in this scarf, and if you are Muslim, you should be more interested in that. It price is $10,000. Yes, you understood right. It is ten thousand dollars. One other thing important about this item is that its manufacturer has not even use wool as material, rather it is made up of acrylic. And if you are still interested, go and get it from ETSY.

1. Painting of two tigers

Top Ridiculous Expensive Weird Item on EtsyNature Lovers! This paragraph is for you. Because this article is about nature. It is a painting done on 60 “x 40 “canvas paper. There are two tigers being depicted in this painting. Two Tigers are joining their heads, showing a romantic touch between both creatures. The tigress is widening her legs to reach his tiger. We can also see some rusted leaves in the showcase of this painting. That all is ok. But $5800 price for this average painting, which is made up of simple colors, it is just discussing.

List of Ridiculously Expensive Weird Items on Etsy

Sr.No. Names Cost
1 Painting of two tigers $ 5800
2 Knitted scarf $ 10000
3 Working BBQ grill shaped like pirate’s treasure chest $ 11500
4 Bob Marley painting on canvas sheet $ 29000
5 Quilt with motorcycle patches $ 30000
6 Painting titled “Liplock of Chaos” $ 50000
7 Model of an airport $ 60808
8 Fairy treehouse $ 75000
9 Ceramic vase $ 87000
10 Guitar made from a single cut of wood $ 100000


When Artistic uses their mind and bring his ideas into physical existence, he has to work hard. And for that he should be paid. But one thing they should also keep in mind while placing his product for sale is considering the price tag he is going to tag. He should consider his buyer of a product that is why he should pay a so large amount for his product if he likes that. It’s good to get a handsome amount you’re your work, but it should not be too much. Simple is, the price of an item should be justified with the satisfaction the buyer is going to get from that item.