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List of Top Ten Most Expensive Guns in the World

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Guns in the World

These expensive guns don’t promise best shooting instead these guns are costly because of their material etc. Expensive guns are mostly handed over by fathers to their sons. These guns are used as legacy and handed over to next generation. To have a beautiful and expensive gun is the wish of every shooter. Shooting is a hobby of rich and they spend much money to fulfill their hobby. Through their expensive guns, they inspire others and show their status. This article will show you the list of world most expensive guns. These guns look classy and splendid. These cost millions of dollars and these owners are indeed richest people of the world. These guns are made by world best gun makers, and they have used a rare material in the making of these guns. These guns had beautiful designs and made by extensive hard work of gun makers. Some of these guns are auctioned to get the highest bid. Most of these guns are named as their owners names. This article will tell you all the specialty of these expensive guns, for example, price, Owner name, history and year when these were made. These expensive guns are mostly made years ago and still intact in the same condition. These expensive guns can hit their mark excellently. These guns also have a best sounds effect and gun safety. These guns are also used in different movies. Here is the list of top ten most expensive guns in the world

10. Westley Richards 4-Bore Droplock Side by Side Double

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Guns in the WorldIn 1897, Westley Richards introduced this gun. He added a unique feature to this gun that is drop lock feature. This feature means that you can remove the gun from the action through its hinged bottom plate. There are seven compliments in each lock. There are many jewels attached to this gun, and its presentation is outstanding. Westley Richard’s this gun is available in the version of .410 to 4 bore. Like other Westley Richard’s guns, this gun also has a top liver and a model C doll’s head extension. Its single trigger is made of 26 individually made parts. 9. Its price starts from 714000 pounds.

9. Holland & Holland Royal Side by Side Self-Opener

Top Ten Most Expensive Guns in the WorldThis royal gun has first come to the scene in 1883 and after then in 1895, it was described in a magazine. It’s an old and classy weapon with a mutton leg lock. It looks more beautiful than modern weapons. In 1890’s Holland Robertson issued its second series with minor changes. The second series also have a Southgate system. Turkish wood is used in its preparation. According to its makers, it took 800 hours to make one Holland royal side by side gun. It has different price ranges that depend on its features. Like VAT 12 to 20 bore costs 85800 pounds and 28 to .410 with Vat system bore costs 90000 pounds.

8. William & Sons Sidelock

Top Ten Expensive Guns in the WorldWilliam & Sons is a famous gun making team; its team members are Paul West and ex Holland & Holland man. These guns are famous for their attractive and unique designs. This weapon has a deep scroll horse and its ejection system consists of old calms and V-springs. This weapon was made in only two versions 12 bores and 20 bores. William & Sons also made weapons according to the specific customer orders. A company made only dozen guns in a year. This gun is valued around about 75000 pounds that include a VAT system, over and under and a single trigger.

7. Purdey Side by Side

Top 10 Most Expensive Guns in the WorldIt is made of wood and steel that looks amazing. It is available in 12, 16-20, 28 and .40 bore versions. A performance of its 12 bore shot is also outstanding. It has a purdey nose. It’s 12 to 20 bore gun’s cost is 94080 pounds. Its .410 bore gun with a VAT system costs for 99120 pounds. You can also add It is beautifully designed, and engraving on it looks classical.

6. Greener Sidelock

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Guns in the WorldAccording to its owner Graham Greener and famous gun maker Richard Tandy here, each gun is made in a customized order. It also has a central locking system along with a side lock including a side liver. This gun also uses a Boss ejector system that is highly efficient. It has many unique systems like greener arcade fences, a horn fore-end tip and a heel plate. It also includes a VAT system and total cost is more than 120000 pound. You can get the delivery of this beautiful gun within 30 months. Greener takes more than two year to fulfil one order.

5. Holland & Holland Royal Over and Under

Top Five Most Expensive Guns in the WorldIn 1935, Holland & Holland was established. In year 1914 company made first over and under. In 1950 they introduced a better version. This Royal version of gun was introduced in 1992. It is 20 bore gun and a back action sidelock. This gun has a very beautiful slim body. This gun has double triggers, and its shot is perfect. According to its gun makers 900 and more hours are spent in its preparation. Its single trigger gun costs 98400 pound and its .410 version costs for 104400 pounds.  You have to wait more than 30 months for the delivery of this weapon.

4. Purdey Over and Under

Top 5 Most Expensive Guns in the WorldIn 1814, Purdey established a company to make the world expensive and unique guns. After 2nd world war, Purdey got the rights of making Woodward over and under. He got these rights from James Woodward. But Purdey made a more improved version of Woodward. This weapon has a hinging system that has studs near its knuckle system. There are many copies of this feature of Purdey over and under. Its ejection system is very powerful, and many changing’s are made in it by Ernest Lawrence.  It is also available in Damas steel that is its modern version.  Cost of its Damas version is 130,320 pounds.

3. Boss Over and Under

Top Three Most Expensive Guns in the WorldBoss over and under is a patented gun that is world best over and under gun. First breech loading over and under was introduced by Germany weapon makers. They made it in 1870. Boss made a better version of over and under that has a cross pin under its barrels with two locking systems. It also has a turret system and single trigger. Price of one Boss over and under is 114540 pounds that also includes a VAT system.

2. Peter Hofer Sidelock

Top 3 Most Expensive Guns in the WorldHofer is a famous Australian gun maker. He is known for making most innovative and modern guns of the world. They are determined to make new and different guns every year and every year there, at least, six guns reached in the category of top favourite guns. It is 12 bore sidelock gun and between two smooth bore barrels there are 17 tubes in the gun. It is sold for $500000.

1. Fabbri  Over and Under

Most Expensive Gun in the WorldFabbri is world most expensive and good looking gun. Fabbri is an Italian gun making factory so; Italian designs and carvings can be seen on its guns. Stainless steel is used for making its demi-lump barrels. DLC is also used in its making and its prices start at 150000 pounds. Only 20 Fabbri are made in a year on customize orders.

Most Expensive Guns in the World – Top Rated List

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Fabbri  Over and Under £ 150000
2 Peter Hofer Sidelock $ 500000
3 Boss Over and Under £ 114540
4 Purdey Over and Under £ 130320
5 Holland & Holland Royal Over and Under £ 104400
6 Greener Sidelock £ 120000
7 Purdey Side by Side £ 99120
8 William & Sons Sidelock £ 75000
9 Holland & Holland Royal Side by Side Self Opener £ 90000
10 Westley Richards 4-Bore Droplock Side by Side Double £ 714000


This article is made for all gun lovers. To have expensive guns is the hobby of many men in the world. Men love to do hunting and sophisticated guns improve their hunting skills. These all expensive guns have latest technology and their focus is also perfect. These guns are also made on customer orders as per individual customer specifications. Like women love to have expensive jewellery men also love to purchase these expensive guns. This article also tells us the unique features of these guns.