Best Selling Crochet Items

If you are wondering for the best handmade goods in the world, ETSY is the place u should explore. Which is one the best online trading center of crochets. It is such a platform where you can buy as well as sell the handmade goods. This option makes this online shop rich in handmade products. And in this article we shall mention the bestselling crochets on world’s most credible website for online trade i.e. ETSY. This website has built credibility and trust due to the insured shipments it makes throughout the World. These shipments are sent at a specified time and low cost. The number of errors in the shipments is also recorded low. That’s why the most of people nowadays, buy crochets from ETSY. It makes ETSY a brand, beloved by classic people of the world. If you are one of them, then you should have a look at the following given list of best selling crochet items on ETSY.

10. DIY 40 Kit Pendant Tray

List of Top Ten Best Selling Crochet Items on ETSYSun and moon craft kit is one of the biggest shops on ETSY. It is known for its vintage Earrings. The Earrings offered by this shop are not only vintage but also unique in their design. There is more than 15 sort of handmade earrings available at this shop. The most renowned item of this shop is DIY 40 Kit Pendant Tray. This product is made with the use of Chiyogami paper. DIY 40 costs $40. It is available is more than four colors including Antique Bronze, Shiny Silver, Gunmetal and Antique Copper. You can make a variation in these pendants by changing the pattern packed inside the glass.

9. Father Christmas charms antique silver tone

Top Ten Best Selling Crochet Items on ETSYNicole De Bruin present many good luck charms to lovers of her art. She made a variety of charms. These charms are of different metals, including gold and silver, some of them are of brass. There is a wide range of charms which shapes like Santa. Father Christmas charms antique silver tone is one of them. It is made up of silver purchase by the buyers throughout the world. This charm cost only $6.5 only, but it is 9th most sold product on ESTY.

8. Oval Handmade Photo Ceramic Necklace

Top Ten Best Selling Crochet ItemsBuying jewelry is intrinsic happiness by females. Males also feel good when they buy jewelry as a gift for their girls. That’s we have another jewelry product on our list. Oval Handmade Photo Ceramic Necklace are offered by Happy Supplies. This supplier is famous for its unique designs of a necklace. But the necklace being specified here is one of the most sold product of this supplier. This handmade necklace uses material like ceramic, brass and Porcelain, It costs only $4. But you can get a handsome discount while visiting the website. So don’t be late to get a beautiful gift for her.

7. Hook ear wires

Top 10 Best Selling Crochet Items on ETSYAnother highly renowned product of ETSY is Ear Wire. These ear wire are supplied by Gold Swan, Formally known as Ever Lux. Hook Ear Wires are used as a replacement of these are used as a replacement of earrings. These hooks look like fish and are in fashion nowadays. These hooks are made up of Brass and cost only $5.99. Moreover, the clear cubic zirconia makes the product more adorable. There is a beautifully textured frame or these ear wires which increase its glory.

6. Verdigris Patina Sweet Filigree Connector Drops

List of Top 10 Best Selling Crochet Items on ETSYDime store emporium is the shop where you can get one of the world’s best handmade product. Call this product a charm, finding or stamping, but one thing I can assure you is that use of this crochet will make you look unique. It is made up of Bras. Verdigris is the material used in the manufacturing of this product due to which it gives a superb look. Same is the reason for this it is 6th in the list of ETSY most sold a product.

5. Strand of red flat oval beads

Top Five Best Selling Crochet Items on ETSYStrand is a necklace is distinctively made by the joining many objects in a string. However, the product being mentioned here is special for the material used in its manufacturing. It uses ceramic in its manufacturing. It costs only $8, But you are unfortunate if you liked this product and didn’t live in the USA. Because the supplier of this unique product does not, ships opt out to the other parts of the country than the USA. But, even after this restriction, this is 5th most sold ETSY product.

4. Photo Wooden Cabochons

Top 5 Best Selling Crochet Items on ETSYThese wooden cabochons or Charm Pendant are available in the shop of Sharing Living. There are different sizes of these cabochons available on the website. These sizes include 12, 15 and 20mm. That is an especially handmade crochet made by wood. It cost only $3 and can be ordered from any point of the world. So don’t miss the chance to buy a world class handmade piece of Art. Moreover, the supplier provides an option to order a larger size of this product.

3. Large Acrylic Top Hole Teardrop Bead Drops Gray

Top Three Best Selling Crochet Items on ETSYBeth and Greg are the owners of Yummy Treasures, which offers this unique product. That is a vintage product being sold since 1980. A hole at the top of Teardrop helps you to use them in earrings and necklace. The teardrops are 40 mm long, and their width is 10 mm. Acrylic is the material used in the manufacturing of this product. However, you can order any color of this product. It is produced in Italy and sent worldwide. And when you read cost the of this product, it will just make you surprise, i.e., $2.99 only.

2. Antique Brass-Plated Base Metal Pendant

Top 3 Best Selling Crochet Items on ETSYOne of the most renowned suppliers of ETSY is ClBeans. It offers many vintage handmade products. But one product that gained a lot of fame is its triangular metal pendant. It is available in both one piece and two pieces. Brass is quoted on these Pendants. However, the use of zinc alloy on the surface of this article increases its glory. One of the best uses this article in your necklace. It costs only $2.85, but can be very prolific for you.

1. Tibetan Silver Tone

Best Selling Crochet Item on ETSYHere come the most sold handmade article at ETSY. It is a charm named as Tibetan Silver Tone. Bohemian Findings is the shop that offers this low-cost product i.e. $2.50. This one of the most reviewed article at ETSY. It has been marked as a favorite by many people on the website. It is purchased not only by the Himalayans of Tibet but by people from the whole world. It is made up of nickel and lead. However, a coating of Zinc alloy gives it a new look. You can call this article anywhere in the world from the ETSY forum. If you believe in the spiritual impact of charms on your life, this product is for you. So go and find this product as early as possible so that you don’t miss it. Wait, wait, wait, don’t forget to get a discount if you purchase a package of charms from the same shop.

List of Best Selling Crochet Items on ETSY

Sr.No. Names Cost
1 Tibetan Silver Tone $ 2.50
2 Antique Brass Plated Base Metal Pendant $ 2.85
3 Large Acrylic Top Hole Teardrop Bead Drops Gray $ 2.99
4 Photo Wooden Cabochons $ 3
5 Strand of red flat oval beads $ 8
6 Verdigris Patina Sweet Filigree Connector Drops $ 2.5
7 Hook ear wires $ 5.99
8 Oval Handmade Photo Ceramic Necklace $ 4
9 Father Christmas charms antique silver tone $ 6.5
10 DIY 40 Kit Pendant Tray $ 40


Online shopping is a trend nowadays. It is because you can buy anything you want from anywhere in the world. You can have a wide range of product manufactured throughout the world. You can pick anything from anywhere in the world where so ever you find it. And most remarkably in case of handmade products online shopping has made it easy to fulfill your fond of antique and vintage. ETSY is the website where you can have a long diversified list of vintage. Ranging from jewelry to food crafts and fiber crafts. So if you are crazy about classic things, ETSY is the best place for you to get your trinkets.

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