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List of Top Ten Best European Countries to Visit

List of Top Ten Best European Countries to Visit

Europe is a beautiful continent which is beautifully managed by its people. Its people have made this continent more attractive with their hard work. European countries are the first choice of all visitors around the world. European countries give many benefits to its visitors like good food, luxurious restaurants, beautiful natural scenes, etc. Along with this, these European countries also give security to its visitors that you will not feel a fear of being robbed. This article has the list of Top ten European countries that are best to visit. These countries provide all types of facilities to its visitors and visitors wish to come again in these countries. The government of these countries are also supporting tourism, and these countries have adopted tourism as an industry. All these countries are rich in heritage, and you can also enjoy different historical buildings here. These countries have world famous buildings and places. These countries are blessed with amazing natural scenes that fascinating the visitors of the world. Millions of visitors come in European countries to enjoy their vacations. These European countries offer special packages for families and newly married couples. That is done to promote their tourism industry. These European countries also invite investors from the world to build hotels and resorts here. Hotels and resorts are built to attract visitors and these hotels especially facilitate foreign visitors. Here is the list of best visiting countries of Europe.

10. Switzerland

List of Top Ten Best European Countries to VisitIts historical name is Swiss Confederation, and now it is known as Switzerland. It is located in Central Europe and boarded with other beautiful countries like Italy, Austria, France and Germany. Bern is its main city and its most beautiful city indeed. Its weather is temperate that suits many visitors. It had a strong economy and known as the wealthiest country in the world. Tourism also has a great contribution to its economy. Its cosine is also classical and famous for its sophisticated dairy products. Its Engadin Valley is most famous visiting spot and plays an important role in its tourism. Tourism revenues are increasing every year and making its economy more strong.

9. Iceland

Top Ten Best European Countries to VisitIceland is situated between North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. It is 2nd biggest island in Europe and consists of thirty small islands. Its coastal areas are very attractive and present beautiful scenes. Popular visiting areas are Norofjorour, The Eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, Ring Road, Suoureyri, etc. Its three national parks Vatnajokull, Snaefellsjokull and Pingvellir, are also worth visiting. It is rich in North Germanic culture. It is also ranked as the top three best countries for women because it protects their rights. By visiting Iceland, you will also experience many other things like their culture, etc. The Living Art Museum is also a famous place to visit.

8. France

 Top Ten Best European CountriesFrance is famous as fragrances city. France has many places that will amaze you. Its capital Paris is one of the beautiful cities in the world. Paris is also most cultural and commercial city of France. France is in Western Europe and a leading industrialized country. After visiting France for the first time, you will always miss this country. In 2012 83 million people visited France. You will enjoy green tourism here that means France is rich in greenery. Its ski resorts and rural regions are favorite destinations for visitors. French Riviera hosts more than 10 million visitors every year. The most visiting spot is Eiffel Tower.

7. Ireland

Top 10 Best European Countries to VisitIts complete name is the Republic of Ireland; it is in East Western Europe. Irish culture is rich in art, music and science. You can enjoy the impressive local music of Ireland. Irish dance is impressive and Irish Stepdance is something of real enjoyment. There are a wealth of structures in Ireland. You will enjoy beautifully constructed buildings etc. Dublin Docklands, Obel Tower and art deco are famous places. Horse Racing is their famous sport. Irish cosine is also very tasty, and their full Irish Breakfast can be enjoyed at different restaurants.

6. Spain

List of Top 10 Best European Countries to VisitSpain is an important country in Southern Europe. According to its area, it comes with the fourth number in Europe. Its two most important cities are Madrid and Barcelona. There are the Balearic Islands in Spain that are most attractive places in Spain. Spain is a mostly mountainous country so; you will enjoy high mountains and hiking here. Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park is historical place and world heritage site. 40 billion Euros are earned through tourism. It has popular coastlines, and historical legacy has made it famous among visitors. Its infrastructure is also supportive for visitors, and they feel easy to travel here.

5. United Kingdom

Top Five Best European Countries to VisitThe Great Britain is World famous visiting spot and most powerful country of European Union. London is its capital city and perhaps the world most famous visiting city. U.K has world famous food chains and hotels that visitors can enjoy at low rates. You can also enjoy luxurious lifestyle here. U.K is the world most culturally rich country. People from many countries like Pakistan, Australia, Canada and Turkey, etc. also live here so you will experience the culture of many nations. You can also watch famous royalty system in U.K. Its government is also paying attention to the tourism industry to attract more and more visitors.

4. Germany

Top 5 Best European Countries to VisitGermany is a technologically advanced European country. It is also boarded with Turkey. So, presents the beauty of the world. Its people are very hard working and raised their country gracefully after World War II. The government is well aware of Tourism so, investing in this industry. Germany has 14 beautiful National Parks like the Black Forest, Harz, Wadden Sea and Saxon Switzerland National Park show the complete beauty of Germany. 30.4 million International visitors were reported in 2012. It accounts for 4.5 % GDP of the country. Romantic Road, Wine Route and Avenue Road are its famous routes.

3. Austria

Top Three Best European Countries to VisitAustria is a small Central Europe country. Its people have high standard of living that inspires visitors a lot. Its rural area Schoppernau is most beautiful and attractive valley. Its temperature is cold temperate so you will be able to enjoy heavy snowfalls that looks so much beautiful in Austria. 9% GDP of the economy is collected from tourism industry. Country collected 18.9 billion US Dollars in 2012.

2. Italy

Top 3 Best European Countries to VisitItalian people are the most amazing thing that you will experience in Italy. They are lively and good hosts. Italian cosine is also world most famous cosine. So, visitors enjoy quality of life and food here. Its capital city is Rome that has world heritage in it. Its National parks are 5% of total country’s area. Visitors can also enjoy shopping here because in fashion Italian people are very famous. Leaning Tower and Doumo of Pisa are historical places of Italy.

1. Portugal

Best European Country to VisitPortugal is best European country to visit. Portugal is a developed country and has an advance economy. Every year 13 million visitors from all over the world visit Portugal that shows its importance among visitors. 5% of GDP is earned from tourism. Its most famous visiting place is Fatima, it is a religious spot and every year millions of pilgrims come here. Mostly visitors come in Portugal to experience Nautical Tourism.

Best European Countries to Visit Top Rated

Sr.No. Names Capital Dialing Code Population
1 Portugal Lisbon +351 10.46 million (2013) World Bank
2 Italy Rome +39 59.83 million (2013) World Bank
3 Austria Vienna +43 8.474 million (2013) World Bank
4 Germany Berlin +49 80.62 million (2013) World Bank
5 United Kingdom London +44 64.1 million (2013) World Bank
6 Spain Madrid +34 46.77 million (2014)
7 Ireland Dublin +353 4.595 million (2013)
8 France Paris +33 66.03 million (2013) World Bank
9 Iceland Reykjavik +354 323002 (2013)
10 Switzerland Bern +41 8.081 million (2013) World Bank


These European countries are best to travel with kids. You and your family will spend quality time here, and you will not feel strangers in these countries because here tourism is a developed industry and they welcome visitors warmly. This article has a list of best visiting countries of Europe that you may plan to visit. In this article, famous places are also written that you can visit. Travelling gives experience, and when it’s about European countries, then it is full of experience. These countries are earning much from tourism, and it is an important part of their GDP.