Best and Expensive Cymbals

Cymbals are common percussion instrument. A cymbal consists of thin normally round plates of different alloys. These are used in many ensembles ranging from the orchestra, percussion ensembles, Jazz bands, heavy metals bands and marching groups. The word cymbal is derived from the Latin word Cymbalum. The anatomy of cymbal plays a large part in the sound it creates. A hole is drilled in the center of the cymbal it is used to either mount the cymbal or a stand or straps. They are usually measured in diameter often in inches or centimeter. The size of it often affects its sound. It offers an endless amount of colors and effects. The sound can be obtained by rubbing the edges of the cymbal. Crashed cymbals are usually damped by pressing them against the player’s body. The instrument takes its name from the traditional method of suspending cymbal using a leather strap or rope.
List of top ten cymbals of the world:

10. Sabian Xs20 Cymbal:

List of Top Ten Best Cymbals in the WorldThe Xs20 introduced B20 cast bronze cymbal to the mid level market, and they have been improved with the new hand lathing approach. The prices of the Sabian Xs20 are reasonable even the people with the limited amount of budget can also buy the chime. It’s not an overpriced product and within the range of any of the people.

9. Meinl M-series Cymbal:

Top Ten Most Expensive Cymbals in the WorldRegarded by Meinl as a benchmark for all round professional cymbals, the M- series are especially sufficient as it is the first range of B20 cymbals manufactured. It is being manufactured in a German factory. Some purists might point to a lack of human input in manufacturing. When it lacks human input then a lot of cymbals of this company are made through machines. This is also considered to be one of the most expensive kind cymbals. People with a limited budget cannot buy the chime because of expensive price.

8. Sabian Cymbal Vote 2013 winners series:

Top Ten Expensive Cymbals in the WorldThe sabian vote 2013 is all about showcasing sabian’s imaginative designs. Sabian Vote is a very innovative manufacturing company and these winning entries certainly reflect these qualities. The four models of the company Sabian Vote winner series posse’s different characteristics. The carillon of Sabian Company is also very expensive.

7. Meinl Byzance Cymbal:

Top 10 Best Cymbals in the WorldByzance includes some of the extraordinary looking cymbals with fantastic and beautiful colors. But the most important thing is that they have colorful surroundings. Every Chime of Meinl Byzance company is attractive and charming. Each of the Carillons is entertaining any of them will add exotic shade to your set up. It is also considered to be very expensive and people will the limited amount of budget cannot afford these cymbals.

6. Meinl Classic Custom series cymbal:

Top 10 Most Expensive Cymbals in the WorldMeinl classic is good, honest, clean sounding, intermediate-priced Euro-style cymbals aimed at the very aggressive youth market. Classic series cymbals have plenty of characteristics. It is considered to be the most expensive and beyond the budget of many of the people. Only high-class people or posh people can afford this carillon. It is considered to be the best Chime of this company.

5. Sabian B8 Pro Cymbal:

Top Five Best Cymbals in the WorldB8 Pros are aimed at drummers ready to move up to their first series set of a carillon. Their brilliant finish and intensive finish make them look like proper Cymbals. It is considered to be the most expensive chime. People who can afford high-priced cymbals they contact with Sabian B8 pro Company. People use this Chime as the sign of their lavish status.

4. Paiste PST8 Cymbals:

Top Five Most Expensive Cymbals in the WorldIt is a Swiss business and considered to be very expensive Carillon. People with the limited amount of budget can buy Paiste PST8 Cymbals. There are few signs of the PST8’S budget status. It is the most famous kind of carillon of this company. People show much of the interest in buying this chime.

3. Stagg Vintage Bronze Thin Crashes Cymbal:

Top Three Best Cymbals in the WorldStagg Vintage Bronze Thin Crashes Chime is considered to be one best and reasonable brand of the Cymbals. Whether you are on a budget or not, if you are looking for the darker, less aggressive crash, there are well worth checking out. Some of the people who cannot afford the high price or expensive cymbals they can buy this cheapest cymbal. It is a very reasonable chime in the world.

2. Stagg SH Series Cymbal:

Best and Expensive Cymbals in the WorldStagg SH Series is considered to be the cheapest of all the cymbals of the Stagg Company. For such budget cymbals, they are usually refined in tone. B20 Bronze, Hand Hammered Carillon at knock-down prices. People who cannot afford the high prices of the cymbals then they can contact Stagg SH Series Carillon for the cheapest chime.

1. Stagg Double Hammered Cymbal:

Best and Expensive Cymbals in the WorldStagg Hammered is a favored budget cymbal brand. It is considered to be the best and one of the very expensive cymbal of the world. It has an interesting development from a couple of the years. It has very important value in the market. The company has been making quite a name for itself. If your budget is limited, and you can’t afford expensive cymbal, then Stagg Double Hammered Cymbal will offer a very favorable cymbal for you.

List of Best and Expensive Cymbals in the World

Sr.No. Names
1 Stagg Double hammered
2 Stagg SH Series
3 Stagg vintage Bronze thin crashes
4 Paiste PST8
5 Sabian B8
6 Meinl Classic series
7 Meinl Byzance
8 Sabian Cymbal Vote 2013 winners series
9 Meinl M- series
10 Sabian Xs2o


We have discussed above the top ten most expensive cymbals of the world. All the above mentioned cymbals are considered to be the best. We have discussed the different companies. Some of the companies offer a reasonable price or cymbals of the company are available at cheaper rates, but some companies like Sabian and Meinl offer a very high priced Cymbal. In short above mentioned all the cymbals are best.

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