Best Encyclopedia Sites for Students

Encyclopedia is the reference work that is done on specific topics, and a lot of information and knowledge is provided on them. All the encyclopedia work is very useful for the students and can be easily accessed by writing the name of the article. Encyclopedia is the work that is very detailed and information from different sources is gathered there to provide much more knowledge to the students. Encyclopedia has been working in the world for more than 2000 years which is a very reliable source. In the world of technology, with the invention of new things the use of the internet is much increased, and the work of students mainly depends upon the different websites for the reliable knowledge. All the websites are available free for the people so that everyone in the world can use them easily. There are many encyclopedia online websites that are flooded with large information that a student needs for their research work or any other work and can be searched easily at home.
The following are top-rated information sites for students in the world:

9. Wikipedia:

List of Top Rated Encyclopedia Sites for Students in the is one of the most famous websites in the world. It is not without any problems. On this website, any writer of the world can write and edit the articles written on it. The only problem on this website is that it is not reliable for the factual information and figures. It cannot be considered as the reliable source and cannot be cited while writing a research paper. It is also named as the most visited website and worth because it is free and valuable one because it has vast knowledge on almost all topics of life needed by the students. Some of the information given on it is reliable but not obtained from authentic sources.

8. Scholarpedia:

Top Ten Best Rated Encyclopedia Sites for Students in the is the website that is similar to the Wikipedia and works in the same format. It is considered as the free and reliable source for the research paper. It is much reliable one on which all the written material has to be approved by the actual scholar of thee website that can be cited while writing a research paper and authenticity of the paper is not questioned anywhere in the world. It has a large number of knowledge on the topics like a dynamical system, astrophysics, neuroscience, etc. which are considered as the difficult topics of the world.

7. Encyclopedia of Life:

Top Ten Best Rated Encyclopedia Sites for StudentsEncyclopedia of Life is a new website that has been a new internet venture for the student and was introduced to the world in 2007. It has a whole knowledge and documentation of the species of life available on the earth. It is developed by the collaboration and is permanently updated by cyclopedia which is free for everyone and perfect website for the students to obtained best information and knowledge for the students writing research paper on science topics.

6. dk online. Encyclopedia:

Top 10 Best Rated Encyclopedia Sites for Students in the WorldDk online. Encyclopedia is the website which has been working on top 9 subject areas of students which are studied by most of the students like technology, science, history etc. On this website you have to type the word than all websites providing knowledge similar to the word typed comes under that and is very helpful one for the students. It also provides videos, timelines and virtual tours for all the available topics. Students can easily download the information and also print the images on the topics needed by them.

5. Questia:

Top Five Best Rated Encyclopedia Sites for Students in the is the free encyclopedia that is almost more than 52,000 entries of information from the whole Columbia cyclopedia that is very useful and extensive one. It has many reference books for the supplemental material in the library and full-text books which are studied in schools and colleges by the students. Questia also features the famous and published newspapers, journals and magazines as well to provide extensive knowledge to the students and vast one which covers the whole knowledge.

4. Infoplease:

Top 5 Best Rated Encyclopedia Sites for Students in the is the encyclopedia which has been launched by Pearson Education that has been updated with almost 57,000 articles on different topics that are taken from the Columbia Encyclopedia. It also provides a reference from dictionaries and thesaurus to make their information more reliable and which can be used while writing a research paper by the students. It is very helpful one and very easy to use to get all the information related to topics.

3. Bartleby:

Top Three Best Rated Encyclopedia Sites for Students in the is a website that has a large number of information with all the books, reference materials, etc. It is made with all the information gathered from the Columbia Encyclopedia, North America which are very reliable and best in their terms that are the reason this website provide their information. The history knowledge and the fact book of a world are also full of vast knowledge that is available on their website and is very useful for the students to obtain them free.


Best Encyclopedia Sites for is a free online encyclopedia that allows the user to search for more than 57,000 articles that are taken from the Columbia Encyclopedia. Every article available on this website has relevant images, information from newspapers and magazines to make them extensive and vast. It also provides the reference work to the people from the famous Oxford dictionaries that are very helpful and reliable ones.

1. Encyclopedia Britannica Online:

Best Encyclopedia Sites for StudentsEncyclopedia Britannica online is the best website that has information and knowledge for more than 4,775 universities of the world which includes Harvard, Yale and Oxford as well. It comes with the 32 volumes of different magazines and newspapers which are free and vast one. It can use by the students only for 7 days after that for the full access they have to pay $69.95 for the whole year.

List of Top Rated Best Encyclopedia Sites for Students

Sr.No. Names
1 Encyclopedia Britannica Online
3 Bartleby
4 Infoplease
5 Qestia
6 dkonline.encycolpedia
7 Encyclopedia of Life
8 Scholarpedia
9 Wikipedia


The above ranking of the top rated encyclopedia sites used by students in the world is given according to the number of information and their usage by the students in the world. All these websites are free to the students and are a reliable source that can be used by them easily to get their desired knowledge in almost all fields of life. These sites also provide the additional material related to topics like magazines, newspapers, etc.

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