Most Expensive Airlines in the World

In this article, we will talk about top 10 most expensive airlines of the world. We as a whole realize that everybody goes in the aeroplane either in occasions or to do some work. While moving starting with one nation then onto the next carrier is utilized. People while having a long flight need to book a ticket on an agreeable aircraft with the goal that they can rest additionally while voyaging. All the expensive airlines are moreover giving lavish excursion offices to the explorers and also many seats to them. The most beautiful airlines give various cabins like sustenance, agreeable and more space in seats, individual screens to sit in front of the TV, pads and covers also. Carriers are positioned as costly one because of charges are taken by them, and extravagance offices gave. There are numerous lavish airlines like Etihad, Emirates, Turkish carrier and so on. A few people regularly jump at the chance to go through their most adored airline which gives them more agreeable administrations. By perusing this article, you will have the capacity to think about best most expensive airlines in the world.

Here are the following top 10 most expensive airlines of the world, which are as follow:


Etihad airlinesThis is a famous airline especially for its services. People mostly love the seating arrangement and clean atmosphere provided by them. It has the best first class due to food and many other features like massage, bed seats and many more. It has also won an award for world leading airline of 2013. It provides very comfortable environment to the travelers as it provides flat bed seats which is good for long journey and massage facilities to people for relaxing. It is the first choice of many people for traveling.


Virgin Atlantic airlinesVirgin Atlantic was started in about 1984 and now a very famous airline. It is famous for providing the best facilities to all the travelers. It also has a first mover advantage of introducing personal entertainment facility in the history of airlines. Most innovative feature of this airline is it has a free bar in the plane. Food given in plane is very healthy and pure. Its seats can be converted into beds and has a massage club in it. At night lights in plane are dimmed so that people can enjoy their sleep. It is an expensive airline as it is providing many facilities to people and its cost is almost $5000 while traveling to London from New York.


Swiss International Airlines 1It was started in about 2002. It offers 7 course meals to its passengers at any time they want. The most different feature in this airline is they have a screen on which passengers can see all the information related to speed, remaining distance etc. It is offering many entertainment ways to keep them busy like games, films and magazines etc. It also has duty free inside the plan which is the main attraction and appealing for passengers. The seats of this plan can be converted into beds. It has a strong name for luxury services and expensive as well. People traveling through this airline enjoy their journey a lot. The charges of this are $5000 for traveling from New York to Zurich.


Singapore Airlines It is the most famous first class airline and was started in 1947. This airline claims that in future they have a biggest plan in the world. Its new planes are equipped with new walls and doors. It offers the passengers book the cook means to order the meal according to the demand. It also provides telephone facility which no other airline is providing. Seats in this airline are very comfortable and can be made a long bed. It also provides many entertainment facilities to the passengers. It charges to almost $5100 for traveling from Los Angeles to Singapore which shows it is an expensive airline.


British AirwaysIt is considered as the world best airline and was established in 1972. It was also used in famous films like James Bond films in 2002. It also provides skin care products to their passengers. It has a private cabin for the passengers with a bed and many other facilities as well. It also provides a LCD for watching movies and songs. It is an expensive airline and charges almost $6600 while traveling from New York to London. It is very famous airline providing facilities to almost all over the world.


Japan airlinesJapan airlines are considered as the world most expensive airline of the world. It was started in 1951. It is full of comfortable features for all the passengers traveling through this like slide cushion, bed, pillows etc. Food provided by this airline is very tasty and good in quality as cooked by a professional chef. It provides many types of food like traditional, Japanese and many others. It also provides pain killers, sprays and medical kits for emergency. It also installed a camera to view the outside scenes. It also provides a duty free facility to the passengers of first class. It charges almost $7000 while traveling Tokyo to New York.


All Nippon airwaysIt is an expensive airline but people love to travel through this because of its services. It was established in 1952. People traveling through this airline get highest standards of comfort. It also provides many entertainment facilities to its passengers like LCD, films, magazines etc. This airline believes to pamper their passengers by providing them skin care products, slippers and mattress etc. It offers many kinds of food like Japanese, Thai and many others. Its charges are expensive and costs about $7500 while traveling through Shanghai to Los Angeles.


Air FranceIt was established in 1933. The facilities provided by this airline are very different and attractive for many passengers. The food in this airline is by world’s best chef named Guy Mart. It also provides many entertainment facilities like films in different languages, magazines and songs. Wi-Fi facility is also there for all the passengers. It also distributes skin care products and travel kits to the passengers. The charges of this airline are $8100 while traveling from Paris to New York which is very expensive.


Emirates airlineEmirates are considered as one of the most expensive airlines of the world and people love to travel through this. It was established in 1985. It is also the most profitable airline with 762 million in a single year. The cabins in these planes are made to keep the privacy of passengers. It also has a mini bar in it for the people. They are providing a five-star hotels menu to their passengers. People traveling through this airline are very relaxed when they reach their destination. Their charges are very high that are almost $21000 while traveling through New York to Dubai. It is the most luxury airline and most loved by people as well.


Cathay Pacific airways limited It is the most expensive airline and luxurious as well in the world. It was started in 1946. It was also declared as the airline of the year. They are famous for providing best and attractive services to all their passengers. It also provides many entertainment facilities to their passengers like games, films, magazines etc. They have made cabins by keeping in view the privacy of passengers. They distribute skin care products and travel kits to passengers. As it is the most expensive airline of the world and charges almost $31,300 while traveling through Los Angeles to Hong Kong.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Airlines of the World

Rank Airline
1. Cathay Pacific airways limited
2. Emirates airline
3. Air France
4. All Nippon airways
5. Japan airlines
6. British Airways
7. Singapore Airlines
8. Swiss International Airlines
9. Virgin Atlantic
10. Etihad
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