Strongest Knives

There are many things which are very important in every house and without them home is considered incomplete. Kitchen is the most important part of every house in which all types of cooking is done to eat. People are fond of eating and wanted to have their favorite types of food every time. Knife is one of the major parts of kitchen which is needed in almost preparing all types of food. Knives are available for different types and their shape is also made according to their use which includes fruit knife, jam knife, meat knife etc. There are many varieties of knives available in the market from which people can select the amazing one according to your need and budget as well. Knife must be purchased by checking it because it is very important for cooking in a kitchen. To make them attractive, knives are available in different forms to attract people towards them and get a small one which is easy to carry as well. A market is full of knives for all types of people.
The following are top 10 best knives available in the whole world:

10. Lipstick Knife:

List of Top Ten Strongest Knives in the WorldLipstick Knife is the unique kind of cutter which most of the people have never seen. It can be easily carried with the makeup to different places. It is very convenient and portable as its total size is 11/4 inches which have pure stainless steel blade. It is small and elegant carver which has the finish in blue color. It is very practical and stylish cutter to be carried with you especially while traveling and is the best item for every handbag and compulsory item as well.

9. Giant Swiss Army Knife:

Top Ten Strongest Knives in the WorldGiant Swiss Army Knife is an Army cutter which is very practical and strong. It is used for many different functions as it is small and very simple one. The total width of this carver is 9 inches and performs almost 85 different functions from it which is an amazing thing about it. It also has a tire pressure gauge in it which no one has ever imagined with a carver. It can be used for multiple purposes because of its various functions.

8. Scorpion Wrist Knife:

 Top Ten Strongest KnivesThis wrist knife is very stylish which can be seen wearing by a boy or girl as a style statement. It is very safe think to be carried with you that is very strong and fast as well. It is also very scary, and its exact price is $40 which can be affordable for all types of people for their safety. It is said that this carver resembles the wristband of a Batman. It is also available in some other designs which include skull and dragon form.

7. Shark Knife:

Top 10 Strongest Knives in the WorldAgain here comes a unique and attractive kind of knife which comes with a shark design and does not look like a cutter. It is said that it is most dangerous and strongest carver which is edged perfectly to make it the look of a shark. It is easy to use and control by the user. It can be fixed on the wrist and hand to use it properly and perfectly because it needs to be fixed for using it.

6. World`s Most Expensive Knife:

List of Top 10 Strongest Knives in the WorldHere comes the most expensive knife of the world which was made from the best steel in the world which was taken from the land of the Orient. It is named as the most expensive one because it is studded with precious diamonds and emeralds and the estimated value of this carver was almost $2.1 million which has amazed the world by its price. It was designed and made by the most famous and best cutter makers of the world called Buster Warenski. It is studded with 9 diamonds and 153 precious emeralds. The exact weight of gold used in this knife is 28 ounces. It took almost 10 years to produce this kind of carver for the world record.

5. Shotgun Cartridge Knife:

Top Five Strongest Knives in the WorldShotgun Cartridge knife is very small and portable one which is commonly called as the pocket cutter and is also named as one of the best gifts to be given to anyone. It has given the shape of a small shotgun which features a strong blade of 1.5 inches made from pure stainless steel and as a whole its length is 2.5 inches of this carver. It comes in many different attractive colors for the people.

4. Pointless Knife:

Top 5 Strongest Knives in the WorldPointless Knife is a kitchen carver which cannot be used as a weapon but only for the kitchen. It is not pointed but has a rounded edge but still it is very sharp and can be used for all types of cooking. It is the cutter which was invented by the known industrial designer called John Cornock who has created this carver after taking its idea from the documentary based on the cutter crime.

3. Bloody Evidence Chef`s Knife:

Top Three Strongest Knives in the WorldThis special knife is a criminal cutter which is always associated with crimes. It also features the blood design on it to make it suitable for the chefs. The price of this unique cutter is almost $14.95 and is not recommended to use it for different types of crime. It is very sharp and strong carver which must be avoided by the people to purchase it as it is suitable for crimes in the world.

2. The Knife Pistol:

Top 3 Strongest Knives in the WorldAgain here comes a unique designed knife to attract more people towards it and own something different. It is the knife which looks like a pistol but in real it is basically a powerful cutter which can be used for different purposes as it is very practical. It is made from the pure stainless steel and looks decent but still similar to the pistol rather than a carver which can bring the person in some serious issues for the owners.

1. Key Shaped Pocket Knife:

Strongest Knife in the WorldPeople will be shocked to see this special kind of knife which is given the shape of key and can be carried in hand easily. It is little large than the ordinary key of a house. It was made by the Germans to make it suitable for the pockets which can be kept with your key chain for different uses and for safety of a person as well.

Strongest Knives in the World – Top Ten List

Sr.No. Names
1 Key Shaped Pocket Cutter
2 The Cutter Pistol
3 Bloody Evidence Chef`s Cutter
4 Pointless Cutter
5 Shortgun Cartridge Cutter
6 World`s Most expensive Cutter
7 Shark Cutter
8 Scorpion Wrist Cutter
9 Giant Swiss Army Cutter
10 Lipstick Cutter


Knives a are used all around the world for different purposes including safety issues as well. There are many types of knives available in the market and also include some unique design knives which can attract millions of people towards them because of their look. These knives are easy to use and portable as well which can be carried at any place.

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