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Top 10 Strongest Fire Trucks ever Built

Strongest Fire Trucks

Trucks are available in the world for different purposes according to their use like for carrying heavy things and as fire brigade trucks. In the world, most of the people have seen only fire trucks which are in same shape and formula, but there are some trucks which are unique and do not resemble them at all. The main purpose of these trucks is to cope with the emergencies regarding fire and to overcome them. Fire trucks can be seen in different sizes in big countries which can be used for all types of places because some places are very congested which have small space for emergency situations. These strongest fire trucks are made with the latest technology to have more features in them to overcome fire in a small and limited period. These latest fire trucks are very expensive which are not affordable for every country only rich countries are owning them which are fully established and providing a high standard of living for their citizens.
The following are top 10 strongest and best fire trucks ever made in the world:

10. The Littlest Working Fire Truck:

List of Top Ten Strongest Fire Trucks ever BuiltThe Littlest Working Fire Truck is a six-wheeler truck with ATV technology which was specially designed for the mountain areas and hilly places where it is difficult to take fire trucks which are normal ones. It can carry 75 gallons of water in its tank which has foam nozzle with it. The price of this special fire truck is $37,500 which is totally worth it to grab the littlest dumper to overcome fire.

9. Atlanta Fire Rescue Colet K-15 Jaguar Crash Truck:

Top Ten Strongest Fire Trucks ever BuiltThe Atlanta Fire Rescue of the truck which is owned by the famous Atlanta Airport, which was started by this airport for their needs in 1990. It is the fire truck of Jaguar which is very luxurious and stylish as well. It is made with technology to provide high-speed response towards a fire. The highest speed of this dumper can go up to 83 miles in an hour. It is very awesome and beautiful fire dumper which is a perfect addition to the whole emergency squad of a country.

8. Rolls-Royce Fire truck:

 Top Ten Strongest Fire TrucksRolls Royce is considered as the most expensive and luxurious brand of cars in the world and here come the fire truck made by this company which also maintains its class. They have maintained their style even in this dumper which is designed only to overcome fire. It was introduced and started working from 1930 and still famous because of its features and luxurious style.

7. Chinese Jet Truck:

Top 10 Strongest Fire Trucks ever BuiltChinese are best in designing and making different things so is their fire truck. It comes with a jet nozzle to shoot the water directly to the specific target which is very intense. A recent report on this dumper has shown that it can shoot 4 tons of water only in 4 meters at the length of 120 meters which are its super qualities. It is a special version of a fighter jet designed for the fire.

6. Vintage Ahrens Fox Truck:

List of Top 10 Strongest Fire Trucks ever BuiltVintage Ahrens Fox Truck as its name depicts that it is very traditional which has a driving seat on the front to deal with different things. It has all its machinery with it to cope with more intense situations regarding a fire. It is owned by only 12 countries of the world, but the system in it does not work perfectly as a whole. It is a very large dumper and looks like some vintage car rather than a fire truck.

5. Soviet AA-60 Tank Truck:

Top Five Strongest Fire Trucks ever BuiltHere comes the Soviet AA-60 fire truck which is an artillery tank which is enhanced with a gigantic nozzle on the top of it. It is made with the V12 engine which comes with 525 horsepower to reach the location with much ease and quickly. It properly looks like a fire dumper which is specially designed for this purpose and is equipped with all the facilities requires in it. It is quite an expensive one but totally worth it to overcome the fire issues within a country.

4. Metro-North Mini-Emergency Vehicles:

Top 5 Strongest Fire Trucks ever BuiltIt is the fire truck which is owned by the Grand Central which has started working 20 years ago with their fire brigade but with a very small fleet. Their fleet is equipped with electric carts which have they’re specialized medical and firefighting emergencies. Its truck can have 200-gallon water and is completely a rescue dumper. It has many facilities in it which includes aid supplies, medical gear, 3 oxygen tanks, etc.

3. Antarctic Fire truck:

Top Three Strongest Fire Trucks ever BuiltAntarctic Fire Truck is owned by the biggest fire station located in Antarctica which is known for their modern and best fire department in the world. It was first established in 1974, and they own these monster trucks which are very stylish and of best capacities. These are not very large trucks but are very effective in their work and can overcome major fires only in few minutes due to their latest features and facilities.

2. Big Wind:

Top 3 Strongest Fire Trucks ever BuiltBig Wind is the fire truck which is made from almost 21 powerful jet fighter engines and can carry almost 34 tanks of water in it. It throws the water on the fire with 6 big nozzles which is its biggest advantage. It was introduced in 1991 and is still famous in the world. It has been introducing latest features in it with the passage of time. It is very expensive fire truck which is not possible to own by all countries of the world.

1. Russian Rocket Tank Trucks:

Strongest Fire Truck ever BuiltRussian Rocket tank trucks are the soviet tank which has a water nozzle in it which is equipped with 2 big jet engines which have rocked in it and can overcome the fire of a kingdom. It has a round rocked launcher on the top which has vast shooting flame. It is very powerful and different kind of fire truck which can stop the fire only in few minutes. It does not look like a fire truck because its design is different and much modern.

Strongest Fire Trucks ever Built – List of Top Ten

Sr.No. Names
1 Russian Rocket Tank Trucks
2 Big Wind
3 Antarctic Firetruck
4 Metro-North Mini-Emergency Vehicles
5 Soviet AA-60 Tank Trucks
6 Vintage Ahrens Fox Trucks
7 Chinese Jet Trucks
8 Rolls-Royce Fire trucks
9 Atlanta Fire Rescue Colet K-15 Jaguar Crash Trucks
10 The Littlest Working Fire Trucks


Fire trucks are the most important thing in every country to meet the difficult fire problems occurring in the different countries. Fire trucks are now made with latest technology and features to overcome fire only in few minutes to reduce the damages. All these fire trucks are very expensive because of their features and are not common in the whole world as every country cannot afford them. Some of them are unique shape and design that does not look like a fire truck.