trange Demands from Famous Celebrities

Celebrities are famous all over the world, and their work is watched in almost all countries of the world. Celebrities provide entertainment to their fans. They have millions of fans who are always interested in them and wanted to watch their work and know more about their personal life as well. All famous celebrities are very rich and have luxurious life style for which they are known in the world. These celebrities love to purchase things from the big and famous brands that are very famous and expensive, but they can afford them. Celebrities in their life have to work with different people in different countries where they want to live comfortably and relax for which they demand their favorite things. All their demands must be fulfilled by the people with whom they are working. Their dressing rooms are also very luxurious and are designed, decorated according to their demands. On tours to different countries, celebrities want to have their desired things with them while traveling.
The following are top 10 strange celebrities demand on their tours for their dressing rooms:

10. Kanye West:

Top Ten Strange Demands on Famous CelebritiesKanye West is a famous song writer, products, fashion designer and rapper of America. He is more famous for his rapping skills than all other work and has millions of fans in the world because of his work. He has many bestselling albums of the year which made him won many awards. It is difficult for his fans to read his strange demands while on tours to different countries. His demands include towels from Versace which are of 100% cotton with no manmade material. It is considered as very strange demand and the requests this rapper is shocking for many people as well.

9. Nicki Minaj:

Top Ten Strange Demands on Femous Celebrities on TourThe real name of Nicki Miraj is Onika Tanya Maraj while she is famous all over the world with the name Nicki Miraj. She is very well known songwriter, singer and actress. She has sung many famous and hit songs and some powerful roles in acting as well. She is a great performer and loves to perform in different countries which please the whole audience. The main demands by this singer are fried chicken, bubble gums, scented candles, heaters etc. These demands are very reasonable but strange that these big celebs only have, these small demands that are combined to be called luxurious as a whole.

8. Beyonce:

Top Ten Strange Demands on Celebrities on Tour for their Dressing RoomBeyonce is basically a singer, actress and songwriter. She belongs to America and has participated in many dance competitions when she was a kid. She is famous all over the world and some of her albums are rated as the best selling albums of the year for which she won many awards. She is called grand entertainer and has some strange demands as well which are like grape fruit candles, keep the room at 72 degrees, food served on table cloth, Irish Spring soap and the white furniture. She is called the queen of singing and is presented with which she wants.

7. Katy Perry:

Top 10 Strange Demands from Famous Celebrities on TourKaty Perry is known in the whole world. She is very famous actress, singer and song writer. She has set many records and also made 3 worlds Guinness records which made her famous in the whole world. She is also named as the top-earning women in music by Forbes. She has some demands like a small garden with her dressing room, many fruits like strawberries, broccoli, kiwi etc. She is very conscious of her health and her only demands are related to her eating habits and needs.

6. Mariah Carey:

List of Top 10 Strange Demands from Famous CelebritiesMariah Carey is a famous producer, actress and singer as well. She belongs to America. She is famous all over the world as listed as the Billboard Hot 100 of the world. She has some super hit singing albums which have sold more than almost 200 million records all over the world. She is also called as the song bird by Guinness World Records. She has some demands for her dressing room like bendy straws, colorful sofas, dark lights etc. She is called perfect girl and all her demands are like the normal girls.

5. J. Lo:

Top Five Strange Demands on Famous Celebrities on Tour for their Dressing RoomJennifer Lopez is an author, producer, dancer, fashion designer and actress as well. She is famous all over the world because of his powerful work and roles in many big and hit films. She has many awards for his performances and has won many awards. Jennifer Lopez is famous for his big and luxurious demands. She has a high attitude and the tour rider of this actress goes crazy. She wants her dressing room to be decorated with beautiful candles, flowers and furniture of her own choice and colors.

4. Prince:

Top 5 Strange Demands on Famous Celebrities on Tour for their Dressing RoomPrince is a song writer, singer and actor of America. He is an innovator in the world of music and his vocal range as well. He has also introduced many new tunes of singing to the whole world. He was also named as the best selling artist of all times as he has sold more than 100 million records in the whole world. He has some demands in his dressing room like furniture and food which should be wrapped in plastic paper. He also needs some basic things in his dressing room to live comfortably there.

3. Madonna:

Top Three Strange Demands on Famous Celebrities on Tour for their Dressing RoomMadonna is world famous actress, singer and businesswoman as well. She has received much popularity and fame by her music videos and movies. She is also listed in World Guinness Records for selling 300 million records in the whole world. She was also the member of Hall of Fame. She is known for her hygienic demands like the toilet seat of the bathroom must be cleaned. She wants brand new toilet seats in her bathroom. She only wanted to use her bathroom of her dressing room alone without sharing it with anyone.

2. Cher:

Top 3 Strange Demands on Famous Celebrities on Tour for their Dressing RoomCher is an actress, singer, and fashion personality of America. She has a very different voice and famous for her variety of styles. She has a long career of almost 5 decades which is amazing. She has won many big and famous awards for her work and songs. This famous singer is famous in the world for her different kinds of wigs. She has been never seen in the world without her wigs. She wants a separate dressing room with the controlled temperature and makeup facilities before any performance.

1. Trent Reznor:

Strange Demands from Famous CelebritiesTrent Reznor is a very professional producer, compose and singer of America. He has recorded many famous and big albums which are a big hit in the whole world. He has won many awards for his songs. His main demands include that his backstage must-have big boxes of the corn. No one in the world knows that why he needs the corn as it is not a big thing to be demanded by the celebrity.

List of Strange Demands from Famous Celebrities

Sr.No. Names Date of Birth Height
1 Trent Reznor May 17, 1965 (age 50) USA 1.7 (M)
2 Cher May 20, 1946 (age 69) USA 1.74 (M)
3 Madonna August 16, 1958 (age 57) USA 1.64 (M)
4 Prince June 7, 1958 (age 57) USA 1.58 (M)
5 J. Lo July 24, 1969 (age 46) USA 1.64 (M)
6 Mariah Carey March 27, 1970 (age 45) USA 1.75 (M)
7 Katy Perry October 25, 1984 (age 30) USA 1.73 (M)
8 Beyonce September 4, 1981 (age 34) USA 1.69 (M)
9 Nicki Minaj December 8, 1982 (age 32)Trinidad and Tobago 1.60 (M)
10 Kanye West June 8, 1977 (age 38) USA 1.73 (M)


The above ranking of the top 10 strange demands by the famous celebrities in their dressing rooms on tours is given according to the strangest demands by the famous celebrities. All these celebrities are famous all over the world and have millions of fans in the world. Mostly people will be shocked to read about the demands of these big celebrities.

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