Most Luxurious Interiors of Aircraft

Aircrafts are quite common in the world and are used for different purposes. TheseĀ are quite expensive to own, and most of the rich people own them as they can afford. Most of the rich people had their class and wanted to have their jets to make their lives more comfortable much luxurious and also make their journey more entertaining. Some of the aircrafts are designed in a customized manner and a much luxurious way which has market the history. The decors of these aircrafts are done by the famous designers to make them stylish and themed with all the latest facilities. All these luxurious aircrafts are equipped with the latest high-tech products and all other facilities that have made these aircrafts common among the people. In past, private aircrafts were not much common but with the awareness and advancement of technology now every rich person has its luxurious private jets to traveling to different destinations. These jets are also used for conducting different private meetings and discussions.
The following are top 10 most luxurious and beautiful interiors of aircrafts in the world:

10. Strato Cruiser Airship:

List of Top Ten Most Luxurious Interiors of AircraftsStrato Cruiser Airship is the plane that is very luxurious and was made on the concept of Michael J Brown and Tino Schaedler. It also has a high-class restaurant, swimming pool, spa, and library and mini offices as well. It has a large space to travel comfortably in it. It also provides massages, yoga classes and spa treatments to their passengers traveling in it. It also has private suites that are separate from the public places and also provide them the facility of a bar on the top. From the internal view, it does not seem like an aircraft but a luxurious apartment due to space and facilities.

9. Aeroscraft ML 866 aircraft:

Top Ten Most Luxurious Interiors of AircraftsAeroscraft ML866 is the aircraft which is considered as a super yacht and is given a shape similar to a whale. It has its airport that has many luxurious features in it to provide comfortable journey to the passengers. It takes off in a vertical position to take less space on a runway and to waste less time. It is called as the moving business center as it is equipped with all the office facilities like video conferencing, automated office and all types of communication, conference area and many others.

8. Etihad Airline`s Diamond Seat:

Top Ten Luxurious Interiors of AircraftsEtihad is considered as the world leading airline in the world which offers many luxurious facilities to their passengers with new features. The seats in this aircraft can rotate to 180 degrees, and every seat has a separate 23 inches personal LCD to provide the best travel experience. They also provide massage facility on the seats and serve all types of meals to them. In this jet, it also has a mini bar to make the whole journey more entertaining. The whole experience in this plane is unimaginable because of the comforts and luxuries.

7. 2005 Gulfstream G550:

Top Ten Luxurious Interiors of AircraftsGulfstream G550 is the aircrafts that are made for 14 passengers with the beautiful leather seats. It has many luxurious facilities in it that include conference table, microwave, dishwasher, coffee makers, stainless steel sink, water heater and many other facilities. It also provides access to the internet which is amazing feature and fax machine as well. It also has DVD players, LCD monitors and many other latest technological products for the entertainment of passengers. It is very beautifully decorated internally and with all the facilities.

6. Airbus A350 with BMW interiors:

List of Top 10 Most Luxurious Interiors of AircraftsBMW is the most luxurious and expensive car, and its luxuries can also be enjoyed in this aircraft. Airbus A350 is the one that is made with for exhibiting it on the famous Interior Expo of 2006 in Hamburg. It has a special cabin with the high-class luxuries and all facilities as well. It has two doors, perfect seats, bar facility and spacious cabins. Space in this aircraft is much enhanced and the facilities there are remarkable which provides the best traveling experience to all the passengers.

5. Luxo-Jets:

Top Five Most Luxurious Interiors of AircraftsLuxo Jets is the aircraft that was made by the collaboration of a Brazilian Company called Embraer with the BMW. The interior of this aircraft is done by the famous Designworks Company of USA. The Cost of this aircraft was estimated to be $6.65 million and is much fast. The lounge is decorated perfectly with the full galley and comfortable flat seats with tables and some lights arrangements that also go dim. It does not look like an aircraft but a luxurious lounge because of the arrangement and its interior.

4. Versace & Tag Aircraft Interiors:

Top 5 Most Luxurious Interiors of AircraftVersace is a famous and high-class brand, and the whole styling of this aircraft is done luxuriously to keep the name of the brand. The cabins of this aircraft are designed in a different style. It also provides the facility of customizing features in it according to the taste of the passengers and owners. The whole interior of this aircraft is done according to the style of Versace and its famous designs.

3. Airbus A380 VIP Flying Palace:

Top Three Most Luxurious Interiors of AircraftsAirbus A380 is the aircraft which is designed with the new style and much luxurious way. It is the VIP version of the normal aircraft with latest facilities to make it more famous and best. It has many fully equipped offices and board rooms, TV screens, private dining facility, relaxing zone, etc. Its interior is amazing and best for the people who wanted to travel comfortably and relaxed.

2. Singapore Airlines Private Bedroom:

Top 3 Most Luxurious Interiors of AircraftsSingapore Airlines has recently announced the latest aircraft which is a super luxurious plane. It also provides private suites that are designed perfectly by different designers. Every suite is designed with the leather seats and full sized beds. Every cabin is equipped with a personal TV screen and many different programs in it. It is said that the bedroom in aircraft feels like an action movie to the passengers.

1. BMW 787 Cabin Concept for Russian Tycoon:

Most Luxurious Interiors of AircraftBMW 787 is the jet that has been designed by the Designworks USA, and its whole interior is done exceptionally well. It is considered as a luxurious home rather than an aircraft. The furniture in it is also very stylish and according to the interior theme of the plane. It has many facilities in it like meeting rooms, couches, stairs, bar and many others.

Most Luxurious Interiors of Aircraft – Top Rated List

Sr.No. Names
1 BMW 787 Cabin concept by Russian Tycoon
2 Singapore Airlines Private Bedroom
3 Airbus A380 VIP Flying Palace
4 Versace & Tag aircraft interiors
5 Luxo-Jets
6 Airbus A350 with BMW Interiors
7 2005 Gulfstream G550
8 Etihad Airlines`s Diamond Seat
9 Aeroscraft ML866 aircraft
10 Strato Cruiser Airship


The above ranking of top 10 most luxurious interiors of aircrafts is given according to the facilities in them and the whole internal theme. All these aircrafts are much enhanced and are luxurious to make the journeys more comfortable and relaxed. The facilities provided for them does not feel like they are planes but look like houses that are full of luxuries.

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