Most Luxurious Casinos

There are some places that are specially made for the entertainment and relaxation of the people. Mostly people wanted to do gambling to win more money in a single night which provides entertainment for the people and also help them to earn money. The concept of casinos is very old in the world, and their owners are providing a wide opportunity of best experience there to the people. People are willing to spend money in casinos that are the reason every casino is made more appealing to attract more people towards them. In this world, not only the business of shopping malls, luxurious hotels, spas are common but nowadays casinos are also the big business in the market. The competition among casinos is very high, and there are many rich people who are willing to spend their money on them so the experience they are providing to their people must be different. The nightlife in big countries is very entertaining and casinos are the main element of nightlife. The people traveling from all over the world wanted to experience the life of casinos after visiting them once in the life.
The following is the list of most expensive casinos in the world which are luxurious as well:

10. The Bellagio:

List of Top Ten Most Luxurious Casinos in the WorldThe Bellagio is not only the casino but also a luxurious hotel that allows two dogs which each guest is coming there. In this casino, they have many slots but the hosts are only available for the people who are very rich and are willing to spend large money there. This casino also has different restaurants that serve different kinds of food and award winning chefs are cooking there for the people. It also offers a special suite for the Ponzi Schemer for a vacation which is a big thing. It is very beautiful and luxurious place that is worth visiting.

9. The Ritz Club:

Top Ten Most Luxurious Casinos in the WorldThe Ritz Club is very different kind of casino which came with a unique idea of being an artisan. It is located in London and only accommodates the private guests there those are very rich. It also has a palace, games for guests, dinner facility and club for socializing which is opened 24 hours a day. The services there are very attractive, and club members love to visit it regularly. The environment there is very quiet and according to their culture. The interior and whole look of the casino is quite impressive and beautiful for the people coming from all over the world.

8. Casino de Ibiza:

Top Ten Luxurious Casinos in the WorldMost of the casinos in the world have rules that people cannot bring their kids with them there. But the management of this casino thinks very differently, and they encourage people to bring their families and kids with them because they have babysitting facility for the kids and chairs for them. It is a quite relaxing place that offers different relaxing features for the people like a steam room, massages, body wraps, etc. It is very luxurious from inside and has an island near which has many five star restaurants in it and people can explore them while wandering to all places.

7. Park Hyatt Mendoza:

Top 10 Most Luxurious Casinos in the WorldPark Hyatt Mendoza is the place that is worth visiting for spending a large amount for the entertainment. It is the most luxurious place that provides many small things that create a lifetime experience to the people. The architecture there is totally according to Spain and very clean. It is decorated in very modern style and grabs the attention of the people at a first glance. The best part of this casino is its cooperative staff that is continuously working to the satisfaction of their customers.

6. The Cosmopolitan:

List of Top 10 Most Luxurious Casinos in the WorldThe Cosmopolitan is the place that is located in Las Vegas and is considered as the best place there. It also provides a big nightclub that is earning largest profits in the whole USA and is very famous among the people. It provides cabana service and VIP table’s service for their special guests and attractive menu for them. The whole casino is located at the total area of 10,000 square feet, and people can play poker from the mobiles by sitting on any floor of a casino with the latest gaming technology.

5. Casino du Liban:

Top Five Most Luxurious Casinos in the WorldCasino du Liban is the casino that is located in the USA, and most of the politicians of the world are their regular guests. As the owner of this casino wanted to attract most of the rich people of the world by giving them bribes like jewelry, cars, and other luxurious items. The government of the country has provided complete leverage to the casino to provide all types of games. It does not allow any guest that earns less than $33,000 in a year. It is very luxurious and beautiful casino for the guests to get the perfect experience there.

4. St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino:

Top 5 Most Luxurious Casinos in the WorldSt. Eugene Golf Resort is the luxurious place that is located in Canada as people in the world think that Canada is only famous for Hockey. The rooms there provide a beautiful view of the river St. Mary, which is extremely beautiful and suites are also super luxurious to make it comfortable for the people. It also provides a best golf course for the guests coming there, and people love to visit this casino because of their attractive packages there for the guests.

3. Monte Carlo Casino:

Top Three Most Luxurious Casinos in the WorldMonte Carlo is a French casino that also has a luxurious hotel with it. It is considered as the oldest casino in this whole list as it was built in 1863. It is a very luxurious place and is very fancy which can be seen in many Bond films. It also has a beach club with it which provides tents facility, pools, and many other services there. It also provides a dress code for all the guests visiting there and also focuses on some dress themes on different occasions to make it more attractive for the guests coming there.

2. Wynn Macao:

Top 3 Most Luxurious Casinos in the WorldWynn Macao is the casino that was introduced in early 2000 and is commonly called cash Millionaires. It is the best place for the rich people and to spend their money on their entertainment. It also has large stores of famous and expensive brands that include Chanel, Hugo Boss, Cartier, Gucci and many others. It also has an art gallery that has many rare art pieces and old statues that are 400 years old. It is a very attractive place for the people all over the world.

1. Venetian Macao:

Most Luxurious Casino in the WorldVenetian Macao is very luxurious and large casino that provides the perfect experience for their guests. It is a quite expensive place for the people because of all the perks there. It has a large gaming area for the people, and some exhibitions games are also there for the entertainment of people. It also provides a special service to the guest by booking a specific area for their privacy with limousine and butler facility.

List of Most Luxurious Casinos in the World

Sr.No. Names Address/Contact
1 Venetian Macao Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Macau
Tel:+853 2882 8888
2 Wynn Macau R. Cidade de Sintra, Macau
Tel:+853 2888 9966
3 Monte Carlo Casino Place du Casino, 98000 Monaco
Tel:+377 98 06 21 21
4 St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino 7777 Mission Road, Cranbrook, BC V1C 7E5, Canada
Tel:+1 866-292-2020
5 Casino Du Liban Kesrouane, Lebanon
Tel:+961 9 859859
6 The Cosmopolitan 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
Tel:+1 702-698-7000
7 Park Hyatt Mendoza Chile 1124, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina
Tel:+54 261 441-1234
8 Casino de Ibiza Paseo Joan Carles I, 17, 07800 Ibiza, Illes Balears, Spain
Tel:+34 971 80 68 06
9 The Ritz Club 150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9BS, United Kingdom
Tel:+44 20 7499 1818
10 The Bellagio 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
Tel:+1 888-987-6667


The above ranking of top 10 most luxurious casinos in the world are given according to size and luxuries of different casinos. Casinos are very famous among the people, and people love to go there. All these casinos are located in attractive locations and are further enhanced with all the luxuries to provide ultimate experience to the guests there and are the perfect place for the rich people to spend their money.

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