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Top 10 Most Expensive Transactions by Credit Cards in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Transactions by Credit Cards in the World

Credit cards are very latest thing introduced in the banking sector and very useful as well for the people. Mostly people don’t like to carry more cash with them because of many dangerous situations like robbers so, this is the best option for those people. Credit cards are issued by different banks for their respective customers who are very reliable and old customers. Now credit cards are very common thing in their world to purchase different things. There are many people in the world which have many credit cards at a time. These credit cards can be use for all types of shopping like groceries, purchasing technologies, online purchase etc. Credit cards can be used 24 hours of the day and at any place of the world. Some people use their exclusive credit cards for various big purchases which are very famous in the world. These big purchases are given or published in the newspapers and online as well to tell the whole world about these big spending by credit cards. Most of the people are not aware of the payment while shopping through it but later on they receive complete list of their shopping in the whole day.
The following are top 10 most expensive credit card transactions in the world:

10. A Night Out:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Transactions by Credit Card in the WorldMostly people spend a large amount of money on single nights which are not aware of their spending. Boston Bruins is the person who spent almost $157,000 in a single night. He throws a party after winning the famous Stanley cup and celebrated his success with his team. The most of the money was spent on the expensive champagne brought to the party that costs almost $100,000. Some other expenses of the party include the top, goose bottles etc. The whole charges were paid through credit card and received the copy of the bill online which told the owner about expenses.

9. Another Night Out:

Top Ten Most Expensive Transactions by Credit Card in the WorldIt is another night out which is very famous as many of the music celebrities and sports personalities attended that party. The famous actor and rapper Drake threw this luxurious and high class party for the music mogul in 2010. This bill was only of a single night which amazed the news and was in headlines for long time. The total bill of that night was $189,375 and was mainly spent on luxurious and expensive champagnes of the world. The press asked the question about bill of that night to Drake but he could not say anything as it was true.

8. Nicolas Cage for the dinosaur skull:

Top Ten Expensive Transactions by Credit Card in the WorldNicolas cage is very different kind of thing and people will be surprised to this kind of thing for this high price. This cage was purchased by the famous celebrity of the world Leonardo DiCaprio for the dinosaur skull. The price of this cage was estimated to be $276,000 and was purchased by a credit card. While the actor did not gave an explanation about this purchase of a cage as it was not a thing that should be purchased at this high price.

7. The Diamond from the Mobile Application:

Top 10 Most Expensive Transactions by Credit Card in the WorldEveryone in the world knows that diamonds are very expensive and are considered as the most expensive stone in the world. Diamonds are not affordable for everyone in the world. This is the story of a person who purchased diamonds of almost $300,000 from the application of a mobile. The buyer of these diamonds was not mentioned because of some issues of the company but the credit card used for its purchase provided the information to the media and newspaper which published it in the whole world.

6. Bar Tab:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Transactions by Credit Card in the WorldThis expensive bar tab which was purchased through credit card was purchased by Boston Bruins and Drakes as well. This bar tab was purchased in 2012 with the price tag of $320,000 for all types of expensive champagnes of the world to give treat to their friends and some strangers there as well. The bottles were very expensive that each bottle costs $750 and some more than this. The tips of that party went up to $30,000 which is shocking for all the readers in the world.

5. Flowers:

Most Expensive Transactions by Credit CardsFlowers are very beautiful and provide the best ad attractive look to whole room or place. Some imported flowers are very expensive but when purchased in bulk they got very expensive. Sir Elton John spent almost $450,000 to purchase different kinds of flowers. He used his credit card for consecutive 20 months and purchased flowers in that duration. When the press asked him, why he spent a large amount on the purchase of flower he replied very simple that “I like flowers”.

4. One Bottle of Beer:

Top 5 Most Expensive Transactions by Credit Card in the WorldThere are many varieties in the world of Beer in which some of them are very expensive. The rare and most expensive bottle of beer was purchased by Sir Edward in 1852. The beer was of best quality and has a note with it to tell about the history of the beer. The price of this bottle of beer was estimated to be $500,000. It is still considered as the rarest and the oldest beer available in the whole world. The bottle of beer was little fancy and presentable.

3. A Humidifier:

Top Three Most Expensive Transactions by Credit Card in the WorldThe famous singer of the world Celine Dion who purchased the best and most expensive humidifier for her hotel room that costs almost $2 million. She wanted to keep her room moist and protect her voice cords while she is sleeping in that room. As she has many concerts and cannot afford her sickness as it will cause many problems for her. That is the reason she purchased this most expensive humidifier to keep her protect.

2. A Gift:

Most Expensive Transactions by Credit CardsThis is the most expensive gift ever purchased by a famous American businessman Eli Broad. He is famous for purchasing many expensive things from his personal credit card. In 1995, he purchased a special painting in an auction at the high price of $2.5 million. It was not very impressive painting but he liked it so purchased it in auction and the payment was done through his personal credit card.

1. A Town:

Most Expensive Transaction by Credit Card in the WorldIt is surprising for the people that how someone can purchase a town from credit card. The famous celebrity of America Kim Basinger in 1989 purchased a town in Georgia at the high price of $20 million. The purpose of town was to make it attractive for the tourists of the world and shooting of movies.

Most Expensive Transactions by Credit Cards

Sr.No. Names Expenses
1 A Town $ 20 Million
2 A gift $ 2.5 Million
3 A Humidifier $ 2 Million
4 One Bottle of Beer $ 500000
5 Flowers $ 450000
6 Bar Tab $ 320000
7 The Diamond from the Mobile Application $ 300000
8 Nicolas Cage for a Dinosaur Skull $ 276000
9 Another Night Out $ 189375
10 A Night Out $ 157000


The above ranking of the top 10 most expensive transactions ever made through best credit cards is given according to the prices or payment paid through cards. All these things are very expensive and precious which are very expensive and have market the history because of their high payments. Credit cards made it easy for these people to purchase these things easily.