Most Expensive Sleek Espresso Machines

Espresso is considered as one of the best and most demanded hot drink in the world for many years. It was first invented in Italy but is now famous in the whole world. The exact meanings of Espresso are Quick coffee and are normally served in small cups that have almost 4 to 5 gulps. The most amazing cafes for espresso are only located in Italy as it is its country of origin. The most famous cafe Starbucks made it more famous in the world through their chains in almost all countries in their traditional style. The bean used in it is not the normal one but is a special roasted bean that makes the taste of espresso different and more delicious. Roasted beans are also available in the market by different brands that can be added to the hot water to make coffee at home. Espresso machines are available in different sizes in the market and with different capacities. Machines are used at home and different cafes for making espresso in which some of them are automatic with latest technology. Machines are very easy to use and special foam on the top is made by the machine that enhances the look and taste of the coffee.
The following are top 10 best sleek espresso machines on the market:

10. The Oracle:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Sleek Espresso MachinesOracle is considered as the first automatic espresso machine ever introduced with advanced technology. It comes with an affordable price as its price was $2,000 and made with all the quality parts. Using this best machine at home means having a professional one. It has a capability for the grinding and measures of all quantities used in the making of espresso. The parts of this machine must be clean regularly and properly so that it can use for the long period and enjoy the espresso at home.

9. Jura`s Impressa J9.3 One Touch TFT:

Top Ten Most Expensive Sleek Espresso MachinesJura Impressa is an automatic machine that is very sleek and stylish. It has one system to be selected for the espresso and foam. It is made with the feature that can make two espresso shots at a time, and both are made perfectly. It is very compact one that takes a small place in the kitchen and is affordable as well as its price is $3,300. For keeping at home, it is the best option available on the market that is less in price as compared to the price paid to get coffee from cafe in the whole year.

8. Kees Van Der Westen Mirage:

Top Ten Expensive Sleek Espresso MachinesKees Van Der Westen is a luxurious machine that has a perfect design and very stylish one to be kept at home. The system installed in it is very old fashion that provides a rich coffee and looks delicious. It has a best and thick appearance that is loved by all the coffee lovers. It has a very different design, and its price is $6,700 which is not much expensive to get the professional machine to be used at home.

7. La Marzocco International`s GS/3:

Top 10 Most Expensive Sleek Espresso MachinesLa Marzocco is the best machine for making of the 3 espresso shots at a single time. It has many features as coffees with different combinations can be made in it and has three espresso baskets in it. The look of the machine is very beautiful which is best to be kept in the kitchen or home. The price of La Marzocca International is $7,000 and is totally a professional machine to get the best espresso at home.

6. Astra 2000 Fully Automated:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Sleek Espresso MachinesAstra 2000 is a fully automatic machine that has a perfect grinder in it. It not only makes espresso coffee but also produces cappuccino, creamy and latte. It is very easy to control which provides a foamy texture to the coffee. It has a beautiful feature in it which is similar to the traditional espresso maker that is the perfect one for the taste buds of the mouth. The price of this espresso coffee machine is $12,500 which is little expensive than some other options in the market.

5. Synesso Cyncra:

Top Five Most Expensive Sleek Espresso MachinesSynesso Cyncra is a handmade machine of America which is famous among the people since 20004. It comes with beautiful design, hot water button, and shower heads as well. It was designed almost 10 years ago but still can be seen in big cafes of the world because of its best performance. It is not very big which can be kept easily at home. It saves the time of the users and provides them the best coffee. The price of this machine is $12,500 and provides the best espresso coffee.

4. Rancilio Espresso:

Top 5 Most Expensive Sleek Espresso MachinesRancilio is the company that was started in 1927 from Italy. The machines by this company are very impressive and made from the pure stainless steel. It is one of the most popular espresso machines among the users. It has a stand with it to be used on beaches as most of the Italian people use these machines on beaches. It has different heads from which coffee can be obtained at a time. The cost of Rancilio Espresso is $18,500.

3. Slayer Espresso:

Top Three Most Expensive Sleek Espresso MachinesSlayer Group has designed this coffee machine that is the Washington-based company. It is estimated that most of the perfect coffee machines making companies belongs to America. The coffee art is also very famous there in which different flavors are added, and those functions are provided in the machines. The whole look of the machine is very professional and stylish. The price of this machine is $18,500.

2. Elektra Belle Epoque:

Top 3 Most Expensive Sleek Espresso MachinesBelle Epoque is a very beautiful machine that looks like a traditional one, and its design is very appealing. It is considered as the perfect one to be served to the guests with espresso coffee. The functions of this machine are different and latest. It is not large which takes a small place on the counter and is a compact one. As it is an Italian brand, so the design depicts their cultural look. It is easy to operate and makes 6 shots at a single time. The price of this Elektra Belle Epoque is $20,000.

1. Van Der Westen Speedster:

Most Expensive Sleek Espresso MachineVan Der Westen Speedster is an amazing machine that is very famous among the users. It is very high class and luxurious machine and is made in limited number that almost 400 machines are made in a single year. It is little large and takes more space than some other coffee machines. It is the most expensive machine available in the world as its price is $20,000.

List of Most Expensive Sleek Espresso Machines

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Van Der Westen Speedster $ 20000
2 Elektra Belle Epoque $ 20000
3 Slayer Espresso $ 18500
4 Rancilio Espresso $ 18500
5 Synesso Cyncra $ 12500
6 Astra 2000 fully automated $ 12500
7 La Marzocco International`s GS/3 $ 7000
8 Kees Van Der Westen Mirage $ 6700
9 Jura`s Impressa J9.3 One Touch TFT $ 3300
10 The Oracle $ 2000


The ranking above of top sleek espresso machines is given according to the price of these machines. Espresso is a very famous coffee type that is loved in the whole world. All these machines are easy to use and make the best coffee at home and in different cafes. Some of these machines are not affordable for everyone while some cheap options are also available in the market.

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