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List of Top 10 Most Expensive Men Shoes in the World

Most Expensive Men Shoes

Shoes are the basic need of every person and want stylish shoes to complete the whole look. Shoes are available at different prices in the whole market from which people have the choice to choose their desired one in their limited budget. There are also some luxurious brands which are making shoes for men according to the latest styles in fashion. Most of the branded shoes are very expensive and not affordable for everyone. It is said that every fashionable person wanted to wear good shoes to maintain their status and impress others as well. The famous celebrities are seen wearing the shoes of big brands on a different function like awards etc. by which people become aware of their designs and wanted to have them. Some cheap priced brands are also copying their designs to provide them with fewer prices with the same design but the only difference in them is their quality. As the expensive shoes are made of high quality and can be used as style statement for the long period of time.
The following are top 10 most expensive men shoes available in the market by different brands:

10. Tanino Crisci`s Lilian Shoes:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Men Shoes in the WorldTanino Crisci is considered as one of the biggest names in the whole luxurious shoe industry. The price of these product is $1,250 which is expensive and only rich people can afford to grab them. These footgear are made to provide best and comfortable walking experience to the person by providing a luxurious and elegant look. It comes with a simple design which only has some little design on the front part of the loafer but looks very decent and stylish and true fashion statement.

9. John Lobb 2005 shoes:

Top Ten Most Expensive Men Shoes in the WorldJohn Lobb is the loafer which come in ebony color and are quite classy and smooth. It was the special edition of 2005 for the people which were sold at the high price of $1,280. This pair of footgear is considered as the art achievement and elegant to complete the whole look for some formal function. These footgears have brought major success to this brand only because of these loafer. It is specially introduced to target the executives of upper middle class.

8. Testoni Norvegese:

Top Ten Expensive Men Shoes in the WorldTestoni is considered as the best luxurious brand in shoes which is also named as the most expensive brand and the best in providing high standard footgear. This pair of loafer is sold at the price of $1,500 which is cheapest one can expect from this brand. Each of its pairs is made handmade and with proper attention to creating something extraordinary. It is the best option to dress up properly and quality standard thing available on the market. It is the best brand one should go for in the market.

7. New & Lingwood the Russian Calf shoes:

Top 10 Most Expensive Men Shoes in the WorldNew and Lingwood is the brand which has created these shoes with a much latest tradition of Russia which is very durable and elegant. It is considered as the best brand when it comes to premium footgear all around the globe. The price of these product is estimated to be $1,550. It is named as the most favorite brand of all Russian businessmen and has a deeper connection with it. It is said that this company will never compromise on inferior products and will always follow their tradition of making luxurious shoes.

6. Berluti Rapieces Reprises:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Men Shoes in the WorldBerluti Rapieces Reprises make its shoes in small amounts and is known for the making luxurious pairs for men. This brand is considered to be similar to Ferrari in business as they create customized footgear for their valuable customers. The price of these loafer is estimated to be $1,900 as they create something different for their every customer. They work on the motto “I m different and I have class” which is clear message for their customers.

5. Stefano Bemer shoes:

Top FIve Most Expensive Men Shoes in the WorldStefani Bemer is very famous and expensive shoes brand which is also responsible for making quality products for brands like Gucci and then ended its collaboration and started to grow as an individual brand in the market. It is the master brand in creating handmade footgear and comes with different art. It takes 3 months in completing a single pair of shoes and the price of these product is $2,000.

4. Aubercy Diamond Studded Shoes:

Top 5 Most Expensive Men Shoes in the WorldAdding diamonds to the daily use products is the pure tradition of luxurious and expensive brands which can even cost more than a car. It is a very high-quality product which is simple and elegant and pure luxurious footwear. It was launched in very limited number and was also sold to few pairs. The price of these product is $4,700 and is also used by the dancers in salsa dance to make it more perfect and luxurious.

3. Louis Vuitton Shoes:

Top Three Most Expensive Men Shoes in the WorldLouis Vuitton is a world famous brand which is known for creating luxurious and expensive products for people. This pair of footwear is made from beautiful alligator skin which is further made incredible with its design. The price of these product is $10,000. Every single inch of this footgear is handmade and with perfection to make it totally worth it for the high price. It is the best option for individuals to grab most stylish and beautiful loafer for them with a unique style statement.

2. House of Testoni Shoes:

Top 3 Most Expensive Men Shoes in the WorldHere comes Testoni again with the pair of shoes at the highest price of $35,000. This pair of footgear is made completely according to the requirements of their customers and is totally customized. But it is made from pure alligator skin and seems like some jewelry item is worn as the footwear. It is associated with the high standard Mercedes because of its high class and look as a whole. It looks lovely when dressed up formally and provide a complete luxurious statement to the person.

1. Tom Ford with Diamonds:

Most Expensive Men Shoes in the WorldHere comes the most expensive men pair of shoes in the worlds which is fully covered with 14,000 diamonds and is inserted into a pure white gold layer on it. The price of these product is estimated to be $2 million. It takes a complete year in its making, and the whole design of these products speaks itself. It was also seen on the show called America`s got talent by Nick Cannon who was also named as the man ever worn most expensive loafer in the world.

Most Expensive Men Shoes – Top Rated List

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Tom Ford loafer with diamonds $ 2 Million
2 House of Testoni loafer $ 35000
3 Louis Vuitton loafer $ 10000
4 Aubercy Diamonds Studded footgear $ 4700
5 Stefano Bemer footgear $ 2000
6 Berluti Rapieces Reprises $ 1900
7 New & Lingwood the Russian Calf loafer $ 1550
8 Testoni Norvegese $ 1500
9 John Lobb 2005 Loafer $ 1280
10 Tanino Crisci`s Lilian Footgear $ 1250


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive men shoes is given according to the price of these shoes in the market. All these shoes are made with perfect style and luxuries to create something different for the stylish men in the world. All these shoes are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone, but only rich people can afford them to look stylish and fashionable.