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List of Top 10 Most Expensive Knives in the World

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Knives in the World

Knives are quite an important item of every house without which no kitchen is complete. Knives are available in different sizes according to their use and their specific needs as well. Different knives are used for different purposes as fruit knife is different from the normal one, and same is like that. It is said that knives exist in the world of the whole history of human beings and at that time they were made from animal bones. Knives are very handy which are used for making delicious salads etc. The expensive knives are not ordinary ones but are studded with expensive diamonds which make them luxurious. Knives are being used for many decades but their design and shape was different which is continuously improving according to the needs of the people. Some people have large collection of luxurious knives to enhance their kitchen and to provide much pleasant look of the kitchen and dishes as well. No one can ignore the importance of knives in the kitchen which was widely available all over the world.
The following are 10 top rated knives available on the market:

10. Yoshihiro Miyazaki Honyaki:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Knives in the WorldYoshihiro Miyazaki is the knife which is only one in its design and is considered as the beautiful piece of art. It comes with very thin blade which is best for cutting boneless fish and chicken and is the dream of any chef because it is perfect. It was made in Japan and is further decorated with the images of Phoenix by using some traditional technique. It also has a pattern on the blades which was designed with a full moon. The price of this product is estimated to be $5,000. It is very beautiful one especially its design.

9. Lancet Ouroboros:

Top Ten Most Expensive Knives in the WorldLancet Ouroboros is another beautiful knife which was designed by William Henry, which comes with attractive designs and also the covering of 24 carat gold and copper layers as well. The price of this beautiful product is $5,500. Its blade comes with a button which can be pressed to get the blade out. It is very comfortable to use and has an image of three headed dragon on it to make it different. It can be easily kept in pocket as it is folded and its blade is also decorated. It also has a leather case to keep it and is presented in a beautiful wooden box to present it as a luxury.

8. Nenohi  Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki with Corian Handle:

Top Ten Expensive Knives in the WorldAs the name of this knife shows that it is Japanese knife which is considered their traditional knife. The price of this product is almost $6,980. Its blade is made from pure white steel and singles edged, and its handle is Corian. It is hand-painted with some ancient lacquer method to make it unique. The cover of this Cutter is enhanced with pictures of cherry blossoms. It is very sharp knife which can be seen in every kitchen all around the globe. It comes with perfect strength and quality material.

7. Black Panther Knife:

Top 10 Most Expensive Knives in the WorldBlack Panther knife is well-decorated knife which is available at the price of $7,700 at different shops. Its blade is made from Damascus steel and further decorated with the picture of panther`s head. Its handle is made from walnut and further enhance with precious gemstones. Its sheath is handmade from the sterling silver and walnut which is also gold plated. It is a perfect cutter to the given as a gift, especially for some best male friends.

6. Gentak Makara Knife:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Knives in the WorldAgain here comes a beautiful knife by William Henry, which is made with perfect handle and further enhanced with 24 karat gold. It has a button lock system for the blade. The price of this product is estimated to be $12,500. It is the cutter which can be kept in your whole collection because of its beauty. It is perfectly designed knife which is the best symbol of beauty and elegance. It also has been leather case and further another wooden box to present it to its owners beautifully.

5. Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife:

Top Five Most Expensive Knives in the WorldMonarch Steampunk is a pocket knife which was made after the collaboration of Mike Norris ad William Henry. It is designed perfectly which is also 24 carat gold plated and silver layers as well. It is the result of different precious materials which makes it look elegant. It also has its leather case and a wooden box for presentation. It is considered as the knife which is very rich and perfect one to own at home to maintain the luxurious standards of living.

4. Searpoint Lace Knife:

Top 5 Most Expensive Knives in the WorldSearpoint lace knife is also special knife for kept it in a pocket and came at the high price of $25,000. Its handle is perfectly engraved and is further enhanced with 24 karat gold. Its blade is also very beautiful which can be easily released by pressing the button. It has a remarkable design which provides full grip of it’s for the users. The engraving on this knife is done with the help of microscope as it is very delicate and beautiful which has never seen before.

3. Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife:

Top Three Most Expensive Knives in the WorldNesmuk diamond knife which is the best creation of famous jewelry designer called Hoffman Pieper and Quintin Nel and its price is $39,600. It is made with the design which is almost 3500 years ago and also has the efficiency of old traditional knives. It also has the coating of titanium. It is very sharp and can use by a chef for any purpose. Its blade is made from the pure carbon steel and is studded with 8 precious diamonds. It comes in a box which also has a ring with it.

2. Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer:

Top 3 Most Expensive Knives in the WorldNesmuk Jahrhundert Messer is the knife which is made by a famous cutlery brand of Germany. Its blade is made from pure Damascus steel which has 640 layers in it and fine carbon steel as well. It is made of the oak wood which is 5000 years old which made it precious and further decorated with platinum and 25 precious diamonds. It also provides elegant piano lacquer box along with this knife. The price of this knife is $98,934.

1. The Gem of the Orient:

Most Expensive Knives in the WorldThe Gem of the Orient is something which belongs to a king or someone richest person because its price is $2.1 million which is unimaginable. It was made by Buster Warenski who is famous knife maker of America. It is made from 153 emeralds and further 9 diamonds on it which enhanced its look. It was completed in few months and was sold at the highest price which made it the most expensive knife in the world.

Most Expensive Knives – List of Top Ten

Sr.No. Names Price
1 The Gem of the Orient $ 2.1 Million
2 Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer $ 98934
3 Nesmuk Diamond Studded Cutter $ 39600
4 Searpoint Lace Cutter $ 25000
5 Monarch Steampunk Dragon Cutter  $ 18500
6 Gentak Makara Cutter $ 12500
7 Black Panther Cutter $ 7700
8 Nenohi  Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki with Corian Handle $ 6980
9 Lancet Ouroboros $ 5500
10 Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki $ 5000


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive knives in the world is given according to their prices in the market. Knife is quite an important item of every kitchen without which any kitchen is not completed. All these knives are very beautiful and attractive which are considered as the masterpieces of art. These are very expensive which are not affordable by everyone easily.