Most Expensive Iphone Cases

iPhone series mobile phones are the most expensive phones of the world which are made by the world famous brand Apple. Apple is considered as the luxurious and best technological brand of the world which is very expensive. All products of Apple are very expensive as compared to the competitors. iPhone is considered as the best mobile phone available in the market. Apple launches almost new model every year for which people in the world are curious as every new product comes with some new and advanced features. Iphones are made with the best and latest features that other competitors are also introducing in their phones. Apple is considered as the trendsetter in the market for phones. Apple Iphones are normally very expensive and must from protected from falling and scratches for which protectors and back cases are used to make it safe. Some of the cases are only for the back, but some of them are dual for the front and back as well which protects the whole mobile phone. The cases of iPhone are very expensive as people spend a large amount on a phone so they will spend some on their cases as well. These cases make the phones beautiful and attractive.
The following are top 10 best iPhone cases in the universe:

10. Swarovski Crystal-covered case:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Iphone Cases in the UniverseSwarovski crystal covered casing is very stylish and attractive iPhone case that is available for the price of $239. It has a complete plastic shell for the back of the phone which is fully covered with beautiful stones. It has not only has the Swarovski stones, but roses, bear, and bows, etc. to make it different. It is handcrafted cover for the iPhone that can be purchased from Etsy and loved by the people. It is very fancy kind of cover which provides a completely different look to the phone.

9. Louis Vuitton Case:

Top Ten Most Expensive Iphone Cases in the UniverseLouis Vuitton is very famous and luxurious brand all over the world because of the shoes, handbags, sunglasses and jewelry items as well. So it is not difficult for them to launch iPhone covers for the users. Louis Vuitton started its business in 1854, and their covers are very decent and beautiful. The price of their iPhone case is $330 which has the logo of the brand on it and is made from pure leather. It is very sleek and slim cover for the phone and protects the whole phone rather than a single side. It has microfiber in it for the protection of screen from scratches.

8. Gucci Crocodile Case:

Top Ten Expensive Iphone Cases in the UniverseGucci is a very famous brand like Louis Brand and is perfect competitors in the field of fashion. The cover made by Gucci is from the Alligator skin. It is very expensive and weather resistant cover for the phone. The price of this cover is $495 because of the material used in its making. It provides complete protection to the phone. It is said that it is expensive than the price of iPhone, but it will protect it, and a user will not have to replace it with the new one and provide luxurious and beautiful to the phone.

7. Dolce & Gabbana Case:

Top 10 Most Expensive Iphone Cases in the UniverseD & G launched their iPhone cover similar to the one of Gucci, but they designed it in the shape of walled and provided a golden strap with it to carry it beautifully. The price of this stylish cover is $595 and is the black leather cover that has embossed with silver color alligator skin that makes it more expensive. It has soft fabric lining in it for the protection of the phone and different compartments for different things like cards etc. It is suitable for the people who can afford it not for everyone.

6. Titanium Bumper case from Gresso:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Iphone Cases in the UniverseGresso is the name famous for creating masterpieces in the world and are classy as well. Their iPhone cases range from $1000 to $10,000 which are very expensive and are handmade. All their iPhone cases are made from titanium. The back is fully made from the leather of Italy and then the logo of the brand is embossed on it with solid gold that increases its price. Their logo is also hand polished to make it shiny and ready for the people.

5. The Tower Flower Case:

Top Five Most Expensive Iphone Cases in the UniverseIt is very beautiful and attracted cover for the iPhone users. It is handmade and decorated with the plastic things like flowers, stones, and Eiffel tower as well. It is also available on the online selling website called Etsy. The price of this beautiful iPhone cover is almost $1495 for a single one and suitable for the rich people who don’t care about money but wanted to make their phone look stylish and beautiful. The price paid for the cover is almost equal to the ticket to visit Eiffel Tower in Paris.

4. The Case-Mate Case:

Top 5 Most Expensive Iphone Cases in the UniverseIt is a plain white color cover for iPhone that is made from the pure and hard plastic and has silicone lining in it for the safety of phone. It is made soundproof which redirects the sounds from the phone even outside very well. It has the feature of customization according to your phone and desire. It can be further decorated with pictures or things to make it more attractive ad beautiful. Its price is $4,271 which is unimaginable to spend on the phone cover.

3. Titanium Case from Brikk:

Top Three Most Expensive Iphone Cases in the UniverseTitanium case that is made from the pure Titanium comes in different colors that are black, carbon, gold and platinum as well. It is a very simple case that has nothing fancy on it, but the name of the brand is embossed on the top of the case. The price of this iPhone case is estimated to be $4,430 which is very practical and best for the protection of the phone. It completely saves the phone from scratches or any other damage.

2. Miansai 14 Carat Gold case:

Top 3 Most Expensive Iphone Cases in the UniverseMiansai is very high class and luxurious cover that are made from 14 carats solid gold. The price of this luxurious cover is estimated to be $10,000. It can protect the whole phone from all types of damage and make it more precious phone as a whole. It is an accessory that is affordable for few people to spend this high amount on it to make the iPhone more precious and appealing.

1. Dragon and Spider case from Anita Mai Tan:

Most Expensive Iphone Casing in the UniverseIt is the most expensive iPhone case in the world which is from Anita Mai Tan, and the price of this cover is $880,000. It is made from the pure 18 Carat white gold and is embossed with the real diamonds of 23 carats in total. It has attached dragon on its back that is difficult to keep it in the pocket but has very beautiful and enhanced look.

List of Most Expensive Iphone Cases in the Universe

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Dragon and Spider case from Anita Mai Tan $ 880000
2 Miansai 14 Carat Gold case $ 10000
3 Titanium Case from Brikk $ 4430
4 The Case-Mate Case $ 4271
5 The Tower Flower Case $ 1495
6 Titanium Bumper Case from Gresso $ 1000 to $ 10000
7 Dolce and Gabbana case $ 595
8 Gucci Crocodile Case $ 495
9 Louis Vuitton Case $ 330
10 Swarovski Crystal-covered case $ 239


The above ranking of the top 10 most expensive iPhone cases in the world is given according to the price of different cases of different brands. All these covers are made for the protection of the phone and to enhance the beauty as well. All these covers are made of different precious material that makes them very expensive and not affordable for everyone. Most of the cases are available in prices even more than the price of an iPhone but still people like to purchase them to make their iPhone appealing.

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