Most Expensive Illnesses

Illnesses are a very common thing in the world among humans, and people are facing different kind of health problems. There are many different diseases in the world among which some are new and more dangerous while some illnesses have proper treatments in the world for the cure of their illnesses. The new illnesses occurring need some time for research work that will further produce medicines for them. The treatment of almost all disease is very expensive, and everyone cannot afford their treatment due to which most of the people suffering died because of them. Some people go with insurance policies for the treatment of their problems as insurance companies provide the charges for their treatment. A medical study is very extensive and the illness first need to properly research and tested to give the patient proper treatment. The hospitals are very expensive which everyone cannot afford due to their charges. Some intense and dangerous illnesses like cancer are very expensive to treat and are now very common in the world almost it is estimated that 2 out of every 3 people are suffering from cancer.
The following are top 10 most expensive medical treatments in the universe:

10. Childbirth:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Illnesses in the UniverseChildbirth is very common and normal thing in the whole world which is basically not a disease or something but important and natural thing. But the cost of giving birth to a baby is very high which is estimated to be almost $39 billion each year which shows how expensive it is. The natural process of delivering baby is a bit less expensive but operations conducted for these costs very high charges as patients have to stay there for many days. The medicines, baby things, hospital charges, doctor fees, operation charges etc are very high which makes it among the most expensive illness.

9. Back Pain & Back Problems:

Top Ten Most Expensive Illnesses in the UniverseIn past back problems were only common among the old age people but now it is very common to all ages. The total cost incurred on back problems is estimated to be $41 billion in each year. It is very common problem among the people during their whole life. These back problems can occur due to many reasons like stress or injury etc. It also depends upon the posture of the person who is suffering from this illness. It can be overcome by the regular exercise, lose weight, change posture etc.

8. High Blood Pressure:

Top Ten Expensive Illnesses in the UniverseHigh blood pressure is, also very common thing in the world, and almost 2 out of every 3 persons suffer from this problem. It is also estimated in America that among every 3 persons 1 person suffer from this illness. The total cost for the treatment of this illness can cause almost $47 billion in a single year. Blood Pressure is the flow of blood in the body which gets strong and circulates fast in the body. It can cause many major problems in the body like heart attack etc. Mostly people are unaware that they suffer from these problems as it has no prominent symptoms and has to check regularly through a machine.

7. Diabetes:

Top Ten Expensive Illnesses in the UniverseDiabetes is very common illness in the world which is estimated that almost $60 billion are spent on this illness in each year. In Diabetes, the issue is that due to this illness the level of sugar in the world is very high which can cause many health problems like kidney, heart attack, etc. It has to be treated permanently in the whole life, and proper medicines for this illness are to be taken by the patient. They have to exercise regularly and stabilize their diet to control it. They also have some dissolving issues of their scars and wounds as they will not dissolve due to this issue.

6. Osteoarthritis & Joint Problems:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Illnesses in the UniverseOsteoarthritis and Joint problems occur in people due to the lack of Vitamin D, which keeps them fit and fine. The total cost of the treatment of this illness incurred $74 billion in a single year. It keeps the bones in pain and stiff that makes their walk difficult. It gets more intense with the age and mostly occurs by the operations of knee or hips. It can be avoided by permanent cycling, food, etc. Once it occurs it will not leave that person and patient has to bear this pain throughout the life.

5. Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease and Asthma:

Top Five Most Expensive Illnesses in the UniverseAsthma is the breathing problem which is very long term. The total charges incurred by this illness are almost $76 billion each year. The main problem of this illness is smoking which is very common among the people and the polluted air which is being inhaled by the people. It is no complete cure for this illness but patients have to take proper medicines to prevent them and making it more badly. All patients with asthma have to avoid dust and pollution.

4. Mental Illness:

Top 5 Most Expensive Illnesses in the UniverseMental Illness is very expensive one which takes almost $83 million each year for its treatment. It is estimated that among 4 adults 1 person is suffering from this illness. It can cause further many problems like mental disorder, depression etc. The medicines and the therapy sessions for this illness are very expensive which as a whole becomes with expensive and the condition in which patients are living is very intense.

3. Cancer:

Top Three Most Expensive Illnesses in the UniverseCancer is very dangerous illness and has got much increased in some recent years. The total cost of the treatment of this disease is almost $87 billion each year. It is becoming the 7th largest spreading disease in the world. The diagnostic research, tests, treatment etc are very expensive for it and then patient has to get some follow-ups as well. But due to latest medicines, the death rate because of this illness is much decreased.

2. Injuries & Trauma:

Top 3 Most Expensive Illnesses in the UniverseTrauma and injuries are mostly natural like through accidents etc. but are charged almost $92 billion in their treatment. The burn cases, injuries by accidents, cash etc. occur every day in a life. Men are mostly affected by this problem than women. The people can remain safe either by using helmets, seat belts, etc. by which they can be avoided.

1. Heart Disease:

Most Expensive Illness in the UniverseHeart problem is the most common and the highest occurring disease among the people. It costs almost $100 billion each year for the cure of this problem. It is estimated that among every 3 persons 1 person is suffering from this illness. The surgery and medication of this illness are very expensive and need proper check-ups from a doctor. To cure, this illness, patient’s needs to get proper exercise, maintain food diet, etc.

List of Most Expensive Illnesses in the Universe

Sr.No. Names Treatment Cost per Year
1 Heart Disease $ 100 Billion
2 Injuries & Trauma $ 92 Billion
3 Cancer $ 87 Billion
4 Mental Illness $ 83 Billion
5 Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease and Asthma $ 76 Billion
6 Osteoarthritis & Joint Problems $ 74 Billion
7 Diabetes $ 60 Billion
8 High Blood Pressure $ 47 Billion
9 Back Pain & Back problems $ 41 Billion
10 Childbirth $ 39 Billion


The above ranking of the top 10 most expensive illnesses in the world is given according to the cost incurred for the cure of these problems. All these problems are not good for the health but are getting common in the world day by day that is because of our food, eating habits, no exercise, etc. These illnesses are very expensive to be treated, and proper medications must be taken to stabilize these problems and remain healthy.

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