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Top 10 Most Expensive Gyms Memberships

Top 10 Most Expensive Gyms Memberships

Some people are very conscious about fitness and wanted to join gyms to keep themselves fit and healthy. Every person has some reasons to join a gym in their life which includes making friends, weight training or taking fitness classes. Exercise can be done at home also, but that is not much effective because people change the routine of exercise according to their daily routine, so people prefer gyms for their fitness. Every country or city has a large number of gyms for the people who are full of needed equipment and classes as well. People who are fitness conscious and can afford it to grab the membership of big gyms. Gyms have very flexible hours which are suitable for the people with different routines and can have different fitness challenges with their friends. Gyms provide many benefits to the people after paying high prices, and they also benefit the people by providing them with fitness charts and daily eating routines. People can spend a large amount to get their body in physical shape and remain healthy.
The following are 10 top rated gyms with high membership fees in the world:

10. L.A Fitness:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Gyms MembershipsL.A Fitness is gym where all facilities are available for a the fitness which includes personal trainers, equipment, classes and childcare as well. It is located in different places like New York, Miami and Los Angeles etc. Its membership is available with very, high rate of $87 for a month. Its classes run for the whole day and their charges vary according to different places. The intense classes there start from 6 in the morning. They claim to get you ready for a gym in bikini.

9. Crunch Fitness:

Top Ten Most Expensive Gyms MembershipsCrunch Fitness a is the luxurious gym which offers boxing rings, high intensity classes, celebrity sightings and enhance with advance equipment. The charges of its membership are $110 for a single month. It is operating in almost 31 different countries of the world which includes Los Angeles, Portland, Boston, New York City and many others. It is more famous for its classes because of the fitness conscious people these days. It also offers childcare with the additional charges given. It is one of the most famous gyms of New York City which has also train many known athletes.

8. David Barton Gym:

Top Ten Expensive Gyms MembershipsDavid Barton Gym is the gym which offers facilities to the people of classes, equipment, personal services and classes as well. It also offers some other additional facilities like Shoe shine, Laundry, sauna and almost hundreds of classes for a single week. Their equipment is very additional which also provide nutrition coaching, weight loss plans and personal trainings as well. The charges of its membership are $125 for each month.

7. East Bank Club:

Top 10 Most Expensive Gyms MembershipsEast Bank Club is the gym which offers facilities like golf options, rooftop pool and large sundeck and all gym equipment as well. The membership charges of this gym are $170 for each month. It is considered as the most expensive fitness gym of Chicago Region which has 2 indoor swimming pools and 8 big tennis courts as well. The luxuries of this gym completely worth it for the price paid for it which is loved by all the fitness lovers of the world.

6. SoulCycle:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Gyms MembershipsSoulCycle is the gym which offers many personalized options, high technology interactive bikes and all types of equipment. The membership charges of this gym are $32 for each class and $3000 for 50 classes. It also helps to calculate the calories burned by using their equipment. They have a gym at 12 different locations in New York City. It also provides services for an hour which are $32 for an hour and their classes are very high tech ones.

5. New York Sports Club:

Top Five Most Expensive Gyms MembershipsNew York Sports Club is the one which offers all types of classes, swimming pools and sports activities as well. Their membership charges are $225 for each month. It operates in different locations of New York while the most popular chain of their gym is Washington. It offers Olympic-sized swimming pools and also an aerobics class as well. Their childcare facilities are provided with additional extra charges.

4. Equinox:

Top 5 Most Expensive Gyms MembershipsEquinox is the gym which offers all needed equipment for fitness, personal training, spa, juice bars and also diet plan as well. The membership charges of this gym are $500 for each month. It is named as one of the most expensive gyms of the country and their atmosphere is more like a health, spa. All their equipment is used with the additional instructions and some sessions as well. They also provide the strength training, zumba and yoga training as well.

3. The Houstonian:

Top Three Most Expensive Gyms MembershipsThe Houstonian is very expensive gym which has the starting fee of $24,000 while the monthly membership of this gym is $365. It offers total 150 classes in a week to bring the people into shape in less time. Some other facilities there are provided with additional charges which are batting cages, swimming pools etc. Most of the professional football players are trained there which made this gym famous in the whole world. Some of their latest technology is offered only for the professional athletes.

2. The Detroit Athletic Club:

Top 3 Most Expensive Gyms MembershipsThe Detroit Athletic Club is the gym which provides all types of equipment, additional facilities and boat access. It is the gym which was located in Canada. It has many floors with the latest equipment, yoga, intense classes and racquetball as well. It also offers boat docking and marina which is very expensive. The membership charges of this gym are $400 for each month. It is very luxurious one and mostly famous celebrities are their regular customers who are spotted there, and it is also located in the best location there.

1. The Madison Square Club:

Most Expensive Gym MembershipThe Madison Square Club is located in New York City and is the most luxurious and expensive gym which cost $26,000 for the membership of whole year. This club is owned by the celebrity trainer called David Kirsch. It is provided with all luxuries which include the latest equipment, laundry services, private showers and many others. It has many other entertainment facilities for the people with additional charges.

Most Expensive Gyms Memberships – Top Ten List

Sr.No. Names Fees
1 The Madison Square Club $ 26000 P/Y
2 The Detroit Athletic Club $ 400 P/M
3 The Houstonian $ 365 P/M
4 Equinox $ 500 P/M
5 New York Sports Club $ 225 P/M
6 SoulCycle $ 32 P/C
7 East Bank Club $ 170 P/M
8 David Barton Gym $ 125 P/M
9 Crunch Fitness $ 110 P/M
10 L.A Fitness $ 87 P/M


The ranking of top 10 most expensive gyms membership is given according to their membership charges. Gyms are very important to keep the body toned and fit and to remain healthy. People are not more conscious about their health and wanted to remain fit for that they are willing to get out of their comfort zone. All these gyms are very luxurious and expensive but are providing the best and professional facilities to the people in return for their money. Fitness conscious people are willing to spend high amount to get their body in shape.