Most Expensive Gyms

Some people in the world are conscious of their health and fitness for this they go to a gym. There are hundreds of gyms in the whole world which can be joined at different monthly or annual charges. It is estimated that people are going to gym normally live healthy and long life due to their fitness. Today everyone has a busy life and hectic routines in which taking some time out from normal routine is very difficult which must be consumed in a gym to get best results. There are many luxurious gyms as well which provide all types of best equipments and machines for exercise and other facilities but are very expensive to afford. The luxurious gyms are equipped with different facilities that include steam rooms, pools, tennis courts, celebrity trainers and many other facilities. These gyms also provide fitness trainers to the people who will guide them in a perfect manner and desired results can be obtained in less time. For joining these gyms, people need to pay some starting fee and then monthly fees to continue there.
The following are top 10 most expensive fitness centers in the world:

10. The Houstonian:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Gyms in the WorldThe Houstonian is a famous fitness center that is considered as perfect for the professional athletes. They provided almost 150 classes in a single week and claimed that they can bring the body into shape in no time. The total charges charged by this gym are almost $3,100. It also provides the facility of swimming pools, indoor driving range and all machines used by professional athletes. It is quite famous for training the famous football players of the world in it. It is very huge and best gym to be visited to remain healthy and fit.

9. Tiger Muay Thai Gym in Thailand:

Top Ten Most Expensive Gyms in the WorldTiger Muay Thai is the gym that is located in Thailand. It provides all the facilities with all equipment in a luxurious way. It also provides all equipment related to the martial arts and is a big one in the whole world. The training environment there is amazing. It provides all types of facilities that include heavy bags, yoga, conditioning and many others. It is a very large gym that provides different packages to the people according to their needs and charges almost $3,444 for a single year.

8. The Detroit Athletic Club:

Top Ten Expensive Gyms in the WorldThe Detroit Athletic Club is the gym that provides all facilities at a beautiful location near the Detroit River. It is located in Canada and is quite famous. It also provides the facility of boat docking and marina ride as well. There are many floors with full of exercise equipment and intense classes to bring the body into shape. Some of their classes are also held on a yacht to provide a different and luxurious experience to the people. It charges $4,800 for each month spending there.

7. Gold`s Gym CA:

Top 10 Most Expensive Gyms in the WorldThe gold gym has been included in this list due to different reasons that include its facilities, membership charges and its large size. It is considered as the luxurious gym located in America according to the reviews taken from their customers. It also offers some latest fitness facilities to the people who are cardio equipment, spinning machine and resistance machines as well. The trainers there is also very experience provided to people. It also offers many packages to the people from which they can select according to their budget, but it charges almost $10,000 in a year for facilities plus a personal trainer.

6. The Harbour Gym in London:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Gyms in the WorldThe Harbour Gym is located in London and is considered as the most luxurious gym there. Almost all celebrities are their permanent customers and have taken the annual membership to exercise there. The annual charges of this gym are estimated to be $20,000. The famous Princess Diana was also their regular customer and loved to have their luxurious facilities. It also has different luxurious facilities like courts, spa, clinics, waterfalls and swimming pools, etc. It is a huge gym and is worth visiting for the people.

5. E at Equinox in New York:

Top Five Most Expensive Gyms in the WorldIt is considered as the 2nd most expensive gym that is located in the USA. It charges $21,000 in each year for the unlimited training with the personal trainer as well. It was started in 2004, and the services are a luxurious one. The luxuries there are unmatchable, and experts are present to calculate the metabolic rates and movements of the people. It also provides the extra facility of a private cabana. It is considered as one of the luxurious gyms in the whole world due to its environment and facilities.

4. The Houstonian Club in Houston, Texas:

Top 5 Most Expensive Gyms in the WorldThe Houstonian Club is the most luxurious and the best one located in the whole USA according to its size and facilities. It charges almost $24,000 monthly charges to enjoy its services. It also offers large swimming pools, boxing ring, tennis court and many other facilities. It is little expensive because of the luxurious equipment and the facilities provided there.

3. The Madison Square Club:

Top Three Most Expensive Gyms in the WorldThe Madison Square Club is located in New York City which is regularly visited by many famous celebrities. It offers private shows, equipment and laundry services to the people. It charges almost $26,000 for the whole year to enjoy their services. The personal trainers are also available there for the people to get best from there and enjoy the desired results in less time.

2. Wellness Sky in Serbia:

Top 3 Most Expensive Gyms in the WorldSerbia is the place that is famous for the luxurious gyms. The Wellness Sky gym charges $30,000 annual charges for their services. It is located in the beautiful recreational building of Serbia. It also has a beautiful river to provide the fresh feeling to the people and for their eyes. It not only provides gym equipment but facilities like yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates as well.

1. Athletes Performance Gym in Phoenix, Arizona:

Most Expensive Gym in the WorldAthletes Performance gym is the best and most expensive gym in the whole world. It charges almost $30,000 for a single year. The charges of this are totally worth of their services and their customers are always satisfied with their facilities. The famous professional athletes like Kevin Love and Mario Williams also provide their services there. It also offers hot and cold water pools for the people.

Most Expensive Gyms in the World – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names Annual Charges
1 Athletes Performance Gym in Phoenix, Arizona $ 30000
2 Wellness Sky in Serbia $ 30000
3 The Madison Square Club $ 26000
4 The Houstonian Club in Houston, Texas $ 24000
5 E at Equinox in New York $ 21000
6 The Harbour Gym in London $ 20000
7 Gold`s Gym CA $ 10000
8 The Detroit Athletic Club $ 4800/ per Month
9 Tiger Muay Thai Gym in Thailand $ 3444
10 The Houstonian $ 3100


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive gyms in the world is given according to the annual charges of these gyms and the facilities provided there. A gym is a quite important place to be visited to live healthily and fit life. Today people are conscious about their health and wanted to spend some time in a gym to get their body in shape. All these gyms are very luxurious and provide many facilities in different packages.

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