Expensive Food Items at Grocery Store

Food is the basic need of every person and the main reason for their survival. In past, there was no trend of large grocery stores on which people can purchase everything in their single visit easily, and they have to gather all items from different places. But the modern society has changed many things which include grocery stores on which everything is available under a single roof. It is very easy to do grocery from these stores with a trolley. Some people consider that food items on grocery stores are little expensive than the normal stores. With the increase in inflation, prices of food items are increasing with every single day passing which is difficult to afford for everyone. Every person has some limited budget for their home cook in which they have to purchase in that budget. The needs of people are increasing in their limited budget in which it is difficult to survive in it.
The following are top 10 most expensive food items at different grocery stores of the world:

10. Parmesan:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Food Items at Grocery StoreParmesan is considered as the best pasta enhancers which are very expensive. The price of this Parmesan is $8.99 for each pound which is mostly packed in a container. It mostly comes in bags in a shredded form which is mostly imported from different countries. It is said that most of the Parmesan is obtained from Italy and is cheese. It is named as the most glorious cheese of the world which is quite luxurious food item which is the main ingredient of many food cuisines.

9. Sun Dried Tomatoes:

Top Ten Most Expensive Food Items at Grocery StoreSun Dried Tomatoes are loved by most of the people especially in sandwiches when combined with cheese, olive oil, basil and tomatoes. It is estimated that its 10-ounce jar is available at the price of $8.99. It is also available in a container which is without oil and is available at the price of $7. It is obtained from a laborious process which will save the time and money to the person by purchasing it in a container to get them for eating delicious sandwiches. It also reduces the hassle of people by doing on their own, so it’s better to purchase them in a container.

8. Dried Cherries:

Top 10 Most Expensive Food Items at Grocery StoreAt different grocery stores, organic cherries are available widely which is imported from Uzbekistan, which is available at the price of $24.20 for each pound. The growing season of these cherries is very short and when dried can be used for a large period. It is also named as the most important part of a pantry in New York City and is the main item on their shelf. Some of the people also use dried cranberries instead of cherries for their needs. Dried cherries are the main ingredients of red tart which are loved in all countries.

7. Anchovies:

Top 10 Most Expensive Food Items at Grocery StoreAnchovies are the food item which is imported from Spain and comes with the high price of $30.49 for a four-ounce jar. These Anchovies are marinated in vinegar and salted as well. It is said that these Anchovies are worth eating once in the lifetime of a person. They are mostly used in pizza and sandwiches. They easily dissolve while cooking and are used in pasta sauces and salads. It is quite an expensive food item to be purchased for eating luxurious food from a grocery store.

6. Pine nuts:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Food Items at Grocery StorePine Nuts are quite an expensive food item which is available at the price of $42.40 for a single pound. These are very difficult to cultivate and harvest as it takes almost 18 months to get mature and their harvesting is also a big challenge. They can be easily stored in a fridge and are dried perfectly. Their sweet toasted taste and texture are very amazing which can be used amazingly in the green salad to make it more tasty and delicious.

5. Cultured Butter:

Top Five Most Expensive Food Items at Grocery StoreCultured butter is the one which is made from the fermented with cream. It is said that it is nuttier and more delicious than the normal butter. The fat content in this cultured butter is very increased which has enhanced its taste. The price of this cultured butter is $3.49 only for 4 ounces. It is enhanced with heavy cream and milk yogurt which is a different thing for the normal one and is worth trying once in the lifetime of a person. It comes in its packing which has won many awards due to its quality.

4. Creme Fraiche:

Top 5 Most Expensive Food Items at Grocery StoreCrème Fraiche is a fat cousin of the sour cream which is very tasty, and when mixed with blueberries its taste is much enhanced. The price of this Crème Fraiche is $3.16 only for 16 ounces. It is a French imported food item which is considered as a special item. It is difficult to find at every home because it is a very expensive item. It is also enhanced with yogurt and cream which provides a special satisfaction to the taste buds of the person which provides a unique taste.

3. Artichoke Hearts:

Top Three Most Expensive Food Items at Grocery StoreArtichoke Hearts is very fresh food item which is prepared in olive oil and is available at the price of $7.48 for each pound. Their taste is much enhanced and is considered as best for the dressing of salads and different dishes. It is used with many different snacks and adding a different taste to the salad and the dressing made for salads. It is not commonly available in the whole world but at some big grocery stores of the world.

2. Walnuts:

Top 3 Most Expensive Food Items at Grocery StoreWalnuts are not a cheap item which is available at the price of $13.99 for each pound. It comes in pre-packed option in the market. They are used for the dressing of different dishes including pie and many others. The freshly packed walnuts are loved by everyone and are available in a bulk form which is the best option to be purchased for having something luxurious and food with different taste. It is quite common food item but an expensive one.

1. Vanilla Beans:

Most Expensive Food Item at Grocery StoreThe baking life of any food is incomplete without these vanilla beans. These are very light and are expensive as well as it comes in $116.80 which is very expensive. They are grown in special orchids which are made with pollination, and the biggest farms are located in Indonesia and Madagascar. Vanilla extract is also obtained from these beans to use the essence in baking for providing a different taste and fresh smell to it.

Most Expensive Food Items at Grocery Store – Top Listed Foods

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Vanilla Beans $ 116.80
2 Walnuts $ 13.99 Per Pound
3 Artichoke Hearts $ 7.48 Per Pound
4 Crème Fraiche $ 3.16 Sixteen Ounces
5 Cultured Butter $ 3.49 Four Ounces
6 Pine Nuts $ 42.40 Per Pound
7 Anchovies $ 30.40 Four Ounce Jar
8 Dried Cherries $ 24.20 Per Pound
9 Sun-Dried Tomatoes $ 8.99 Ten Ounce Jar
10 Parmesan $ 8.99 Per Pound


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive food items at grocery stores is given according to the prices of these items. Grocery stores are common in all big countries of the world which have made easy shopping for the people. All these food items are very luxurious for the people and provide much different taste to food after using them. Some of these items are not easily available in all countries.

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