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Top 10 Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the World

Food is the most important thing for every person and to survive in the world. With the passage of time, the trend of fast food has increased and is further increasing more due to the introduction of many fast food chains. Every person wants to try something different from the normal food that is available at home to satisfy their taste buds. The most common lovers of fast food are the young generation and kids all around the globe not in any specific area. The best thing about fast food is that it is available 24/7 for the people. The reason for their popularity can be different as they can be their affordable prices, a variety of food, sitting environment, etc. The food experts say that fast food is not healthy for the people and has many negative effects on their health so not be regularly eaten. But some famous fast food brands are working to provide healthy food to avoid this misconception for their customers. Some of the fast food chains are very expensive and are opening their branches in different countries to serve more people with their foods.
The following are top 10 best fast food franchises operating in the world:

10. Wendy`s:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the WorldWendy`s is very famous burger restaurant that is similar to Burger King and McDonald`s but a little difference in their prices. It started to spread in the whole world from 1969 and at the end of 2010; it has almost restaurants in more than 6500 places in the world. The owner of this restaurant is Dave Thomas, who died in 2002 and promoted his restaurant before his death. Wendy`s is more expensive than other burger restaurants as its cheeseburger can be purchased at the price of $7. The apple chicken salad is available at the price of $5, and the quantity is also small while other restaurants are much cheaper than this.

9. Subway:

Top Ten Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the WorldSubway is very well known fast food chain in the whole world and is focusing on providing nutritious food to their customers. They have some specialty in their products that are their sandwiches and salads. It is claimed by the restaurant that eating foods from Subway and combined with light exercise will help in losing weight. It has its franchises in more than 44,000 locations in the world and is still growing. The seafood of Subway is quite expensive but very delicious. A single sandwich at Subway can cost you $5 and the salads combined with it can cost $8 for the special ones of a subway.

8. Chipotle Mexican Grill:

Top Ten Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the WorldChipotle Mexican Grill is the restaurant that focuses on using the organic products to provide healthy food to their customers. This restaurant was first started in 1993 but became famous and expanded in very short span of time because of the quality food. Recently, it has been estimated that it has now 1700 restaurants all around the globe. The burrito of this restaurant can cost $8 even when combined with chicken, and the addition of chips can increase $2 more. The can of beer is available at the price $4 to have it with the food.

7. Fuddruckers:

Top 10 Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the WorldFuddruckers is the brand that is basically of fresh burgers and fries and is working in this field since 1979. It has a small number of franchises and only operating in some places as it has only 200 restaurants in different countries like Canada, Saudi Arabia, etc. The original burger of this restaurant is available at the price of $6. The sandwiches and the BBQ burgers can cost almost $10 for an each one. All the customers have to pay an extra amount to get the special menu like buffalo burgers, Kobe at the price of $11 and more than this. Their specialty is chili cheese fries which can cost $5.

6. Firehouse Subs:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the WorldFirehouse Subs is basically the restaurant which only serves sandwiches. They not only serve the best sandwiches in the whole world but also the perfect dining experience for their customers. It has started its business in 1994 and still working successfully. It has almost 700 different spots only in the US and Puerto Rico at the end of 2012 and has also earned many awards from the National Restaurant Association. The sandwich there can cost $9, and some large sandwiches can cost $10. The drinks there are available at the price of $3 to combine it with food.

5. Arby`s:

Top Five Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the WorldAgain here comes a sandwich restaurant called Arby`s which also serves steaks, beef, and some other items. It has been operating in 3400 different locations as estimated in 2013 and started its business in this field in 1964. It has also opened its branches in countries like Turkey, Canada, Qatar and the USA. The single sandwich there can cost $5 while combo meal is available at the price of $10. It also offers some snack n save menu that can be obtained at the price of $4.

4. Captain D`s:

Top 5 Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the WorldCaptain D`s is a restaurant that opened its first branch in Tennessee in 1969. It serves not only fast food but also seafood. They claim to be providing the best quality fish to their customers with a high price but are totally worth it. It has almost 530 restaurants in the whole USA at the end of 2015. The price of batter dipped fish can cost $8, and a single piece of adding in it can increase the price to $9. They also offer the deal for the whole family with 10 pieces of fish which can cost $26.

3. Papa Murphy`s:

Top Three Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the WorldPapa Murphy`s is the restaurant which mainly serves Pizza and is based in Washington. It owns almost 1400 restaurants in the whole USA and Canada. They offer a large variety of the crust, cheese, sauce flavors and toppings as well. The pizza at Papa Murphy`s can cost almost $15 with your requirements. The flavors and types of pizza they offer are the best in the whole food market which is loved by all customers.

2. Long John Silver`s:

Top 3 Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises in the WorldLong John Silver`s is also a fast food fish restaurant and is the most famous seafood chain in the whole world. It has almost 8400 restaurants all around the world till 2015. It offers all types of seafood to their customers, and the fish can cost $12.  The two pieces of fish which are available in deals can cost $10. It also provides a variety of drinks and starters for their customers. The six small pieces of shrimps can cost $9.

1. Panera Bread:

Most Expensive Fast Food Franchise in the WorldPanera Bread is the best fast food chain that can provide you the perfect experience for their customers. They serve a large variety of food items that includes baked products, pasta, sandwiches, soups, and salads. Panera Bread has almost 1800 restaurants at different locations in the world. The sandwich there can cost $10 with some options of mozzarella, tomato, etc. The pasta of this restaurant is available at the price of $10 but the small ones.

Top 10 Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises

Sr.No. Names CEO Founded
1 Panera Bread Ronald M. Shaich 1981
2 Long John Silver`s James Patrick O’Reilly 1969
3 Papa Murphy`s Ken C. Calwell 1981
4 Captain D`s Philip M. Greifeld 1969
5 Arby`s Paul Brown 1964
6 Firehouse Subs Don M. Fox 1994
7 Fuddruckers Peter Large 1979
8 Chipotle Mexican Grill Steve Ells 1993
9 Subway Fred DeLuca 1965
10 Wendy`s Emil Brolick 1969


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive fast food franchises in the world is given according to the prices these restaurants are charging from their customers. The trend of fast food is very common among the people and wanted to eat them regularly. All these restaurants are quite famous in the whole world and are operating many branches at different locations in the whole world, and every restaurant has its specialty that is loved by the people.