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Top 10 Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the World

Every person wants to look beautiful and attractive for which they work hard for their skin especially for face. In past, there were no proper facial treatments available for the people and people were only dependent upon some creams but with the passage of time, technology has introduced many things to the people. Like this whole world and life is full of stress for which people are willing to pay high charges for pampering them and enhance their beauty. There are many types of facial treatments that include glowing, complexion, radiant and many others for making the skin beautiful. Facials are getting famous in the world, so parlors are introducing much more types of facial with different procedures for the people and are continuously introduced in the market. It is recommended by the specialists that facials must be done at least once in a month to keep the skin healthy and glowing. The charges of each type of facial are different so that people can choose according to their budget and requirements.
The following are top 10 most expensive facials available on different parlors in the world:

10. Bird Poop Facial:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the WorldBird Poop Facial is a Japanese face treatment that was invented and practiced by Geishas. But now it is available in the big and high-class spas and parlors located in New York City. It is done by the magical and special enzymes which remove the dead skin from the face, and the results are amazing as a skin is perfectly polished and glows. It is a very popular face treatment, and the famous fashion icon Victoria Beckham also experienced it and told she is a big fan of this face treatment. She also told that she applies this amazing face treatment twice a month. The price of this face treatment product is $215 to get effective results.

9. UMO 24-Carat Gold Facial:

Top Ten Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the WorldUMO 24-carat gold facial is the special facial that is only offered and is the specialty of the Beauty clinic located in London. In this procedure, the massage is done from the Gamma PGA and is very hydrating for the skin. After that special shield of gold is applied to the face that will soft the skin. Then there is an intense massage that removes this gold layer from the face. This whole procedure will leave the face with the 24 carat complexion that is perfect. It is also helpful in removing wrinkles, skin cells and makes the skin bright. The charges of this facial are $600.

8. Triple Life Luxury Facial:

Top Ten Most Expensive Facial TreatmentsThe Triple Life luxury facial is an anti-aging facial that is offered by the special The Peninsula Spa, which is located in New York. This whole facial treatment will boost up the cellular metabolism that is perfectly done by two procedures from which one is manual life, and other is bio-electrotherapy life. This can lift the whole skin and hydrate is perfect. The charges of this special facial are $650 but are totally worth it because of its effective result.

7. The Grand Luxe Facial:

Most Expensive Facial Treatment in the WorldThis Grand Luxe Facial is the one that I offered at Spa Radiance located in San Francisco. It is the whole procedure that takes 3 hours. It starts with the application of diamond pee that cleans the skin deeply and also provides the benefits of a surgical procedure. It is further enhanced with the LED light therapy and to further enhance the experience it also has full body massage in it. The charges of this facial are $750 and are quite effective for the skin.

6. White Caviar Illuminating Facial:

Top 10 Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the WorldWhite Caviar Illuminating Face treatment is the one that is being offered at the La Prairie located in New York. In this procedure, golden caviars are used for removing the age spots and to enhance to a glow of the skin. It is little expensive as its charges are $1000, but the spa also offers a package that is available at the price of $495. This package also includes massage of the full body and further firming of the facial by caviar.

5. Vampire Facial:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the WorldIt is a unique kind of facial and uses rich plasma to enhance the looks of the skin and make it glow. It uses the blood of the person that is taken from the arm section, and then the platelets are extracted from it which is then used for a facial. Then after the procedure, blood is again injected into the body that will enhance the radiant glow to the skin. It has been also used by the famous Star Kim Kardashian and was much satisfied with the procedure that enhances its skin. The charges of this treatment are $1,500.

4. L.Raphael Oxy Star anti-pigmentation facial treatment:

Top Five Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the WorldL.Raphael Oxy Star anti-pigmentation facial is being offered at the Palace Spa that is located in Switzerland. It is the total procedure of 50 minutes which starts from the oxygen services and peel off therapy. It is very high performing treatment for the skin and body that is done from rare ingredients and latest technology, and it can be done on all types of the skin. This company is working in this field for more than 20 years, and its research is very latest. Its charges are $1,590.

3. Evian Bath:

Top 5 Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the WorldEvian Bath is a treatment that provides an unforgettable experience to the people because it is very refreshing to the face and the whole body. It provides a luxurious bath from the natural spring water with some rose petals. It is only offered to the special guests who are staying in the famous Hotel Victor which is located in Miami. The best experience taken from this procedure was the famous tennis star Serena Williams. It also provides a bottle of champagne and luxurious desserts. The charges of this luxurious treatment are $5000.

2. HD Diamond and Ruby Peel:

Top Three Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the WorldHD Diamond and Ruby Peel are offered as the famous Scott-Vincent Borba. It is an expensive procedure that includes scrubs that are made from crushed diamond and rubies to be applied on the skin. Then after that a lactic acid peel is applied to provide a glowing texture to the skin. It is a quite famous treatment that was also done by the American actress called Mila Kunis who experienced it before the premiere of her movie called Friends with Benefits. The charges of this treatment are $7,000.

1. Bee Venom Facial:

Top 3 Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the WorldBee Venom Facial is done from the bee venom that is diluted and is used in this procedure. The special mask used in this treatment is made from ingredients like manuka honey, butter and lavender oil. The charges of this facial are $55,200 which is the most expensive facial treatment in the whole world. It has been also experienced by the famous personality of the world Kate Middleton, and this made her skin more radiant and glowing.

List of Most Expensive Facial Treatments

Sr.No. Names Charges
1 Bee Venom Face $ 55200
2 HD Diamond and Ruby Peel $ 7000
3 Evian Bath $ 5000
4 L.Rapheal Oxy Star anti-pigmentation face treatment $ 1590
5 Vampire Face $ 1500
6 White Caviar Illuminating face $ 1000
7 The Grand Luxe face $ 750
8 Triple lift luxury face $ 650
9 UMO 23-Carat gold face $ 600
10 Bird Poop Face $ 215


The above ranking of the top 10 most expensive facial treatments is given according to the charges of these treatments at different spas. Facials are quite effective for the face and skin that makes them radiant and glowing. These facial treatments are available at different charges from which people can choose the best one according to their budget and requirements for the skin.