Expensive Espresso Machines

Coffee is a very famous hot drink that most of the people in the world love to drink. It is a very delicious hot drink that is very effective for the cold atmosphere. There are many cafes and restaurants that offer different kinds of coffees like cappuccino, latte and espresso as well. But the real coffee lovers wanted to have coffee machines at their home. Most of the people are still making coffee from the old traditional method that is manual and by hands, but real lovers wanted to have professional coffee that can only be made by a machine. The beans in this machine are added which are either roasted or grounded according to the type of coffee. Investing some amount to grab the best machine for home is not a bad option to provide the best quality coffee to everyone. There are many types of espresso coffee machines which are available in the market in different price ranges from which the best one can be chosen according to your budget and kitchen space that is a very important element in selecting a machine.
The following are top 10 most expensive espresso machines of 2015 with reviews:

10. Espressione Café Minuetto:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Espresso Machines in the WorldEspressione Café is the machine that provides an amazing taste of java with the perfect pressure. It only produces one cup of joe at a time, and very versatile machine in which not only espresso is made, but some other types of java can be made in it as a latte, cappuccino, etc. It has to control manually as it is not an automatic one. The parts of the electronic can be separated easily for cleaning and washing them. It can make the coffee from both beans either grounded or from pods. The price of this espresso  is $139.99.

9. Mr. Coffee Pump ECMP50-NP:

Top Ten Most Expensive Espresso Machines in the WorldMr. Coffee is a quality machine available for the perfect java that is very affordable for everyone as its price is $63.99. It can make two cups of joe at a single time and is very powerful one. It also has built-in cup warmer in it and always uses the pre-packed java pods. It has no cup tray in it and no automatic shut off which has been to shut off after the use. It is the best tool with some latest and added features in it for making the perfect coffee at home. It is a small and compact product to be kept in the kitchen.

8. Hamilton Beach 40715:

Top Ten Expensive Espresso Machines in the WorldHamilton is very famous brand and the espresso machine made by it was also very professional one. It has many adjustable features by which different tastes can be added in espresso joe and other types of java as well which are a cappuccino, latte, etc. It is a kind of personal tool that is the best option to be kept at home for enjoying the best java at any time. The water tank on this tool is at the back of this machine that is very clear one. The price of this Hamilton Beach 40715 is $65.36 which is affordable one.

7. DeLonghi BAR 32:

Top 10 Most Expensive Espresso Machines in the WorldDeLonghi is the machine which is very latest one in which any time espresso can be converted into latte and cappuccino. The stream option in this tool is adjustable which is done manually. It has a tray for keeping the cups and can be removed easily for washing it. It is a good choice to be kept at home. It can make two cups of joe at a time and user needs some guidance for using it. The price of this espresso tool is $70.00.

6. Capresso EC100:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Espresso Machines in the WorldCapresso EC100 has a dual steam system in it to get the perfect flavor of coffee which is very rich in taste and texture. It makes the best hot drink for the people at home which are a great thing. It also has built-in cup warmer and makes two cups of java at a time. All parts of the tool are removable for cleaning them and are very safe to use. In this product, different varieties of coffees can be made easily. The rich foam on the top of the coffee is loved by all the coffee lovers. The price of this tool is $149.00.

5. Brevile Duo-Temp:

Top Five Most Expensive Espresso Machines in the WorldEspresso coffee can be made perfectly in this Brevile Duo-Temp machine in which all types of espresso drinks can be made easily. All the accessories and features in it are very helpful for the users. It has no shut off automatic feature, and the parts of this machine cannot be removed easily for cleaning them. The price of this tool is $308.99. It is fully made from the pure stainless steel with a perfect mug with it. It is the best choice for making coffee and some other hot drinks as well.

4. Krups XP6040:

Top 5 Most Expensive Espresso Machines in the WorldKrups XP6040 is a best coffee brewer and also makes all types of coffee which are a cappuccino, latte and mainly espresso. It comes with a two years warranty and effective customer service after that as well. It has bar pump pressure for making the best espresso. It is not only the best espresso machine but the best coffee machine available in the market. The price of this espresso machine is $232.75. It is little heavy one and best quality machine.

3. DeLonghi BCO:

Top Three Most Expensive Espresso Machines in the WorldDeLonghi is a nice option for a home for providing the best coffee to all family members at home with different coffee types. In one machine, all types of coffees can be made easily. The flavor in this machine remains very pure in the coffee. It is made with many functions and features to make it more comfortable for the users. The price of this espresso machine is $175.99. It provides the traditional taste to the coffee. This machine has also won a bronze award as one of the best espresso machines on the market.

2. Cuisinart EM-200:

Top 3 Most Expensive Espresso Machines in the WorldMost of the people in the world spend a large amount of money in cafes to get the best coffees there, so Cuisinart EM-200 machine is the best option for them to enjoy it at home. It is made with all the latest and unique functions to make the best espresso and other types of coffee easily at home. It is very different kind of machine that has many adjustable features to keep the user comfortable. This machine is famous in most of the cafes or coffee shops. It is a very heavy machine that provides the best taste. The price of this machine is $249.00.

1. Krups XP5620:

Most Expensive Espresso Machine in the WorldKrups XP5620 is a fully automatic machine that comes with many adjustable features in it and is a professional machine in the market. It makes all types of coffees easily at home. It is made with all the safety measures for the users and minimizes the accidents. It provides the best taste of coffee, and this machine has also won a gold award as the best espresso coffee machine in the world. The price of this espresso machine is $349.00.

List of Most Expensive Espresso Machines in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Krups XP5620 $ 349
2 Cuisinart EM-200 $ 249
3 DeLonghi BCO $ 175.99
4 Krups XP6040 $ 232.75
5 Brevile Duo-Temp $ 308.99
6 Capresso EC100 $ 149
7 DeLonghi BAR 32 $ 70
8 Hamilton Beach 40715 $ 65.36
9 Mr. Coffee Pump ECMP50-NP $ 63.99
10 Espressione Café Minuetto $ 139.99


The above ranking of the top 10 most expensive espresso machines in the world is given according to the reviews given by the users and price of these machines. Coffee is loved by everyone and espresso is very famous around the globe. All these machines are best in their way and provide the best performance to all the users. Some of them are affordable while some are very expensive ones.

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