Expensive Deodorants

Deodorants are used all over the world by everyone to avoid body odor and to have a fresh smell. There are many brands all over the world which are making deodorants for the people among which some of them are expensive while some are very cheap and can be used in daily life these are part of our lifestyle. There are many varieties in deodorants, and many of them are made with different flavors and different kinds of flower smells. Deodorants are considered the most important part of every grooming kit. It can help to provide the fresh smell and to feel from morning till evening. It is said that a good deodorant has a mild smell and will not mix it with the smell of the perfume that is its best quality. It also provides protection to the person for the whole day. In this world, every man, women, and even kids are conscious about them and cannot live without deodorants or expensive perfumes. Deodorants make the person fresh and attractive for others. Some brands provide separate range of deodorants for men and women, but there are some deodorants that can be used by the both genders due to their mild smell.
The following are top 10 most expensive and best-smelling deodorants in the world:

10. Mitchum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Deodorants in the WorldMitchum Anti-Perspirant may not be the best deodorant for men available in the market but is performs its work very effectively as compared to others. It helps to avoid the sweat for a long time. But it has some disadvantages as well like it has no scent in its formula and is without a smell. It sometimes also leaves stains on the white clothes depending upon the body nature of the person using it. Its price is almost $25.96. It comes in a bottle in green color with the brand name on it.

9. Gillette Clinical Strength deodorant:

Top Ten Most Expensive Deodorants in the WorldGillette is a very famous brand all over the world in terms of grooming kits, deodorants, shavers, etc. It is very famous brand especially among the men and their products. This special deodorant was designed especially for the people who have excessive sweating problems and is good for all types of the body. It has very mild smell and reasonable for afford. The best advantage of this product is that it belongs to the best care product brand of the world. The price of this Gillette deodorant is almost $19.98 which is affordable.

8. Dove Men Plus Care Clinical Protection Deodorant:

Top Ten Expensive Deodorants in the WorldDove is a beauty brand and is famous in the world for its skin protection products available all over the world. The deodorant of Dove is also loved by the people. It offers different range in deodorants like for sensitive skin, normal, etc. It also has a deodorant with day long protection that was made for the athletes who sweat more than the normal people. It is made with a mild smell that is very pleasant and does not leave any stain on the clothes. The price of this Dove deodorant is $11.54.

7. Old Spice, Sweat Defense deodorant:

Top 10 Most Expensive Deodorants in the WorldOld spice is not very famous brand in terms of their marketing campaigns and advertisement on television. But still it is considered as the best brand for deodorant and toiletries. This deodorant has the old traditional smell and can protect the person for more than 12 hours. It is little expensive than some other brands as its price is $19.96. It also leaves yellow stains on the clothes and it considered best for the dark colored clothes. It is expensive, but its quality is excellent for which people are willing to spend on it.

6. Crystal Body Deodorant Stick:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Deodorants in the WorldSome people in the world are allergic to the normal deodorants available in the market. The crystal body deodorant was specially designed for the help of people with different kinds of allergies. It is also without any scent and works efficiently for the long time. Its price is affordable as not very expensive and is $7.00. It does not leave any stain on the clothes when used even after the sweat. It is a stick, not the simple deodorant and is used directly on the skin.

5. Maxim Prescription Strength Antiperspirant & Deodorant:

Top Five Most Expensive Deodorants in the WorldMaxim is also a famous brand in the world and used by most of the people in the world. This deodorant was developed for the people who have uncontrollable sweat problems, especially in summer. It is very effective for sweat for the long time. It is without any smell and can be used for two times in a day. As compared to all other products in the market it is very affordable one that is a good point about it. The price of this Maxim Deodorant is $14.95.

4. Boss by Hugo Boss:

Top 5 Most Expensive Deodorants in the WorldHugo Boss is very famous brand especially for its men products in the world. The Boss Deodorant is made for men to fulfill two main purposes. The smell of this deodorant is similar to the men perfume and is very strong. It is also very effective for the sweat protection and does not leave any stain on the clothes. It is a bit expensive one because its quality is best and superior. The price of this deodorant is $25.90.

3. CK Be by Calvin Klein for men:

Top Three Most Expensive Deodorants in the WorldCalvin Klein is a very famous brand in the world and used in the whole world. It is a very expensive brand but still some of their products are cheap and affordable for the people. It’s deodorant is made to keep away the smell of the sweat and is of best quality as compared to other products. It is bit expensive, but the quality of this deodorant is very effective. The price of this product by famous brand is $23.96.

2. Vetiver by Guerlain for Men Deodorants:

Top 3 Most Expensive Deodorants in the WorldGuerlain is very famous Fashion house and an expensive one. The deodorant by this brand is very intense and can easily replace the best perfume as well by its smell and different qualities. It has a classic smell that keeps the smell of sweat away from the person and provides them a fresh feeling for the whole day. It is a bit expensive one as its price is $28.00.

1. John Varvatos for Men Deodorants:

Most Expensive Deodorant in the WorldJohn Varvatos is very expensive and high-class brand of the world. It is always on the top of the line because of its quality products. The deodorant of this brand is very effective and similar to a perfume. It has a mild smell and leaves no stain on the cloth. It is one of the most famous and loved deodorants of the world. The price of this famous deodorant is $30.00.

List of Most Expensive Deodorants in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 John Varvatos for men deodorants $ 30
2 Vetiver by Guerlain for Men Deodorants $ 28
3 CK Be by Calvin Klein for Men $ 23.96
4 Boss by Hugo Boss $ 25.9
5 Maxim Prescription strength antiperspirant & deodorant $ 14.95
6 Crystal Body deodorant stick $ 7
7 Old Spice, Sweat defense $ 19.96
8 Dove Men Plus Care Clinical Protection $ 11.54
9 Gillette Clinical Strength $ 19.98
10 Mitchum Anti-Perspirant $ 25.96


The above ranking of the most expensive deodorants in the world is given according to these prices of these deodorants, their brands and the reviews from the users of these deodorants. All these deodorants are very good in quality and effective for the body sweat as well. Most of the brands have different varieties in deodorants from which people can choose according to their skin and allergies.

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