Expensive Degustation Menus

Here we will talk about top 10 most expensive degustation menus in the world. Degustation is a culinary word which means that tasting of different kinds of food by a good company and well presented as well. These Degustation menus are served in small quantities and usually are the signature dishes of different big chefs. Many big restaurants all over the world offer their special and unique dishes as their tasting menu. All these dishes are small in size and charged fixed price for them. These original dishes are very expensive not affordable that is the reason these tasting dishes provide the same experience to the people but in small quantity. In the world of food, a presentation is more important than the food, so restaurants have to keep that in their mind and present dishes in a very attractive way. Some of these dishes are charged money except taxes and tip as well which later increases the total bill by adding them. Most of these dishes are served with wine that is charged separately and is very expensive. These tasting dishes are the best experience to all the people by paying more money to grab the best ones.
The following are top 10 most expensive degustation menu ideas in the world:

10. The Fat Duck- London:

List of Top ten Most Expensive Degustation Menu's in the WorldHeston Blumenthal fat duck restaurant is listed in the top 50 best restaurants in the world. This restaurant is located in London and serves almost 14-course menu for the tasting that is combined with the ice tea, soup and porridge as well to make it more attractive and increase its variety. They have recently opened their new branch of the restaurant in Australia until its London branch is renovated as their building is very old and need some work but there also they offer the same range of menu. The charges for the tasting menu are $371 for each person that is very expensive.

9. Le Louis XV Monte-Carlo, Monaco:

Top Ten Most Expensive Degustation Menu's in the WorldThe world famous chef called Alain Ducasse opened his restaurant in Paris almost 25 years ago. This restaurant has its websites to inform about its menus and charges to all the people. It also offers some unique dishes like French Riviera Cuisine, sea bass that are very expensive but the best experience provided to the people. This famous restaurant offers three types of tasting menus like lunch, dinner and six-course gourmet menus. But in their prices, tax and tip is also included. The charges of their tasting menu are almost $416 for each person.

8. Maison Pic- Valence, France:

Top Ten Expensive Degustation Menu's in the WorldMaison Pic is located almost 5 hours away from Paris and was established in 1889. This restaurant also won its first Michelin star in about 1930. It is run by a family and have introduced large tasting menu for the people. Their menu includes a large variety of dishes and desserts as well which are very expensive like lobsters etc. Taxes and tip are already included in the prices of the dishes. The charges charged by this restaurant are $429 which is a very high price to be paid for tasting menu.

7. L Arpege- Paris:

Top 10 Most Expensive Degustation Menu's in the WorldAlain Passard is a three-star Michelin restaurant that is listed in top 10 best restaurants of the universe which is amazing and made it famous in the whole world. This restaurant offers a large tasting menu that is very expensive and made with best ingredients. They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in their menu. Taxes and tips are included in all their prices that are a good thing. Their tasting menu includes almost 11 main courses that are amazing. The price charged by this restaurant is $456.

6. Urasawa- Los Angeles:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Degustation Menu's in the WorldBeverly Hills is a very expensive restaurant that is located in America and the famous Chef called Masayoshi Takaya made the entire tasting menu for the people at very high prices. Urasawa can only accommodate almost 10 people for the tasting menu which also includes some Japanese dishes in it. The whole tasting menu includes 30 courses with all types of food and cuisines. Tips and taxes are separate from the prices of the dishes. The charges for the tasting menu are $350 for each person.

5. Joel Robuchon- Las Vegas:

Top Five Most Expensive Degustation Menu's in the WorldLas Vegas is famous all over the world for its big chain restaurants and large buffets. It is a three-star restaurant that has many branches in London, Hong Kong, and Macau etc. It offers many levels and cuisines in tasting menu`s but at very high prices. Their presentation of food is exceptionally good and attractive for the people. The price charged by this restaurant is $435 only for a single person.

4. Masa- New York:

Top 5 Most Expensive Degustation Menu's in the WorldMasa is the sushi restaurant that was opened by the famous Japanese chef called Masayoshi Takaya almost a decade ago. By paying $450 for each person can taste all the tasting menu of the restaurant? The whole menu desig includes 25 courses which is amazing and loved by the people. It also has another restaurant in Vegas with the same menu and charges as well. The cocktails, on the other hand, are available at $25 for each drink.

3. The Restaurant Meadowood- St. Helena, California:

Top Three Most Expensive Degustation Menu's in the WorldMeadowood is very famous for serving fancy food, and the guests have to follow the theme of dark denim jeans to get into this restaurant. Babies are not allowed and kids above 12 years are allowed. They offer almost 140 pages of menu card only for varieties of wine that are very expensive. It is very comfortable and beautiful restaurant to enjoy the best moments of life there. The charges charged by this big and classic restaurant are almost $500 for each person that is not affordable for everyone.

2. Guy Savoy- Paris, France:

Most Expensive Degustation MenusIt is a three star Michelin star winning restaurant that is located in Paris. The tasting menu of this restaurant has 18 courses that are made with inspirations and innovations as well. The price charged by is $657 for each person. Their most expensive item is whole roasted duck charges almost $180 which is very expensive and this restaurant is considered as the best place to be visited in Paris.

1. Sublimotion- Ibiza, Spain:

Most Expensive Degustation MenusSublimotion is the restaurant that is located in Ibiza and is the most expensive one in tasting the menu of the world. Most of the celebrities love to visit it and taste their menu. They serve 20 courses in their tasting menu and can serve almost 12 guests at a time. This restaurant also provides theater performance with the meals that are amazing. The price of their tasting menu is $2,082 for each person.

List of Most Expensive Degustation Menus in the World

Sr.No. Names Menu Charges
1 Sublimotion- Ibiza, Spain $ 2082
2 Guy Savoy- Paris, France $ 657
3 The Restaurant Meadowood- St. Helena, California $ 500
4 Masa-NYC $ 450
5 Joel Robuchon- Las Vegas $ 435
6 Urasawa- Los Angeles $ 350
7 L Arpege- Paris $ 456
8 Maison Pic- Valence, France $ 429
9 Le Louis XV Monte-Carlo, Monaco $ 416
10 The Fat Duck- London $ 317


The above ranking of the most expensive tasting menu is given according to the prices charged by the different restaurants of the world. All these restaurants are very famous and big. Their menus are very large and come with a large variety of dishes. But still these tasting dishes will provide best and lifetime experience to all their guests in a return for high prices.

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