Expensive Cut of Diamonds

Here we will talk about top 10 most expensive cuts of diamonds in the world. There are many things in the world which are very expensive and precious as well and are not affordable for everyone. Precious stones are used in the making of different things like jewelry especially rings bags and even cupcakes as well which is unbelievable for many readers. Before shopping diamonds, people have to get extensive knowledge about their colors, certificates and resale as well. It is said that before purchasing them people should focus on the defined 4C`s which are color, carat, cut and clarity as well. Colorless diamonds are more in fashion and demanded as well because of their look and sparkle as well. Carat defines the price of the diamond as the carat increases; its price also increases that is why large diamonds are very expensive. The cut of the diamond is the most important thing in purchasing them but by keeping in mind the budget of the buyer as well. There are many cuts of diamonds in the world which are available in different price ranges, and some of them are affordable as well and can fit in your budget very easily. The shape of the diamond can also be selected.
The following are top 10 expensive and best cut of diamonds in the world:

10. Radiant Cut Diamonds:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Cut of Diamonds in the WorldRadiant Cut Diamonds are the rectangular and square diamonds that are very beautiful and brilliant as well. It is considered that these cuts of expensive stones are called princess cut diamonds because of their style. The shape of the stone is changed its color reflection also changed which looks fancy and is the desire of almost every woman in the world. The price of this cut is $2,803 for the 0.5 carat of it which is very expensive. The carat of the ring can be increased by paying more to grab it and to get the perfect diamond in the ring to make it more special.

9. Heart Shaped Diamonds:

Top Ten Most Expensive Cut of Diamonds in the WorldHeart shaped diamond is a very elegant choice of a cut which is the most demanded in the world. This kind of luxurious stone is available in different sizes that are like fat and narrow as well. The length of the gem purchased depends upon the person purchasing them. The price of this precious stone is estimated to be $2,803 for each 0.5 carats of this shaped diamond. It is mostly considered as the best precious jewel to be sued in rings on engagement by the couples. It is also colorless and elegant as well.

8. Asscher Cut Diamonds:

Top Ten Expensive Cut of Diamonds in the WorldAsscher cut diamond was introduced first in Holland by the famous Asscher diamond company and then later it was spread in the world. It is now a very popular thing in the world of jewelry. It is said by the company that their products can reduce the effects of depression. Their diamond is inspired by the emerald cut that is considered as a fashionable item in the world. The exact shape of this precious stone is square. The price of this precious jewel is $2,803 which is not affordable for everyone.

7. Emerald Cut Diamonds:

Top 10 Most Expensive Cut of Diamonds in the WorldEmerald shaped Cut is very fancy diamond because it is very common kind of diamond cut. The shape of this precious stone is in a rectangle, and the corners of this diamond are cut. Extra research is needed before purchasing this expensive stone from the market because some low-grade versions of this diamond are also available in the world. The price of this cut is $2,803 for each 0.5 carats. The look of this diamond is very luxurious and expensive as well.

6. Cushion Cut Diamonds:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Cut of Diamonds in the WorldThe name of this diamond completely tells about the shape of the diamond. This stone is square, but the corners are rounded that is the reason the whole look of the diamond looks like a pillow or a cushion. It has been on the market for almost two centuries, but it was more popular among the people for its 1st century. Its price is also the same that is $2,803 for each 0.5 carat. It is loved by the people because of its different and beautiful shape.

5. Pear Shaped Diamonds:

Top Five Most Expensive Cut of Diamonds in the WorldPear shaped stones were basically made from the oval and marquise cut diamond. It looks like a tear drop because of its look. It is very beautiful cut and almost 5 carats of this expensive stone can completely define its look and seems perfect. But people can buy it in any size and shape as well. But it is more common in pendants. The price of this pear-shaped diamond is estimated to be $2,803 for only 0.5 carat of it.

4. Marquise Diamonds:

Top 5 Most Expensive Cut of Diamonds in the WorldMarquise diamond is very perfect and famous cut of diamond in the world. It is considered as most modified version of diamonds. It can be easily blended with different small precious stones. It is mostly best choice among the people, and its size can also be increased. The price of this precious stone is $2,803 for only 0.5 carats and as the size increases its price will also increase.

3. Oval Diamonds:

Top Three Most Expensive Cut of Diamonds in the WorldOval shaped stones are considered as perfect for women especially for those who have long fingers. It is brilliant cut of a diamond and enhanced as well. It is the best option for the people loving traditional things and famous as well. It looks exceptionally well if it is outlined with different small stones. The price of this diamond is $2,803 and looks extremely flawless when it is worn by the women.

2. Princess Cut Diamonds:

Top 3 Most Expensive Cut of Diamonds in the WorldPrincess Cut engagement rings Diamond is the best and perfect choice for everyone. The shape of this diamond can be square and rectangle as well. It was first introduced in the world in 1960 and gained popularity very early. It is a four-sided pyramid and is considered as the best option for the princess. The price of this diamond is also the same that is $2,803. It is also very light in weight and can be used easily.

1. Round Diamonds:

Most Expensive Cut of Diamond in the WorldRound Diamonds are mostly in fashion and the traditional one as well. The quality of these diamonds is very good and is in high demand as well. They are expensive than all other cuts of diamonds as their price is estimated to be $2,950. Their demand of this diamond is very high and with it many small stones of different colors can be used.

List of Most Expensive Cut of Diamonds in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Round Shaped $ 2950
2 Princess Shaped Cut $ 2803
3 Oval Shaped $ 2803
4 Marquise Shaped $ 2803
5 Pear Shaped $ 2803
6 Cushion Shaped Cut $ 2803
7 Emerald Shaped $ 2803
8 Asscher Shaped $ 2803
9 Heart Shaped $ 2803
10 Radiant Shaped $ 2803


The above ranking of the most expensive diamonds cut are given according to their price and their demand in the market as well. All of these diamonds are very expensive and beautiful as well. Some of them are in high demand among the people and are rare as well. It is said that “Diamonds are women best friends” and that is true as every woman loves diamonds. These diamonds are not easily affordable for everyone because of their high prices.

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