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Top 10 Most Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can Buy

Top 10 Most Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can Buy

There are many religious events that are celebrated all over the world in different religions like Christmas, etc. Christmas is the religious celebration that is celebrated by the Christians in the whole world with full swing. Christmas is the event that is celebrated every year on the same date which is 25th of December. All Christians on this event visit their churches and offer their special prayers, there is also an arrangement for lunch or dinner facility for the people visiting on this special day. It is their tradition that people present some gifts to each other on this special occasion as it is said that gifts are the best way to express love to each other. On Christmas, there is a public holiday all around the globe for celebrating it completely. Most of the shops offer special discounts on this event on products like electronics, clothes, shoes and some other gift items. But this special list of the most expensive gifts is only for the people who are very rich and wanted to show their luxurious life to their family by giving them most expensive gifts.
The following are top 10 most expensive Christmas gifts 2014 which you can buy:

10. Pauline`s Human-mimicking robot from ROCKY IV:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can BuyIt is a celebrity robot that can be controlled easily by a remote, and it has limbs that have wires and are visible as well. It is made with much emotional intelligence that it can mimic the conversations of humans and their movements as well which also includes dancing and many other gestures. It can also work like the famous boxers with its moves and can shock the people with it. It is very helpful for the people as it help to do some tasks. The price of this robot is $345,000 which is very expensive but totally worth it.

9. The Most expensive sunglasses:

Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can BuySunglasses are very common in the whole world, and almost every person uses them. There are many brands that are making sunglasses for the people. Dolce & Gabbana is a very famous brand in the world regarding many fashionable products. These sunglasses are the most expensive in the whole world as its frame is made from the solid gold and with some diamond pieces on it. It is very classy and luxurious sunglasses to be used on a sunny day. The price of this gold plus diamond sunglasses is $383,609.

8. A unique fragrance designed just for you, in Paris:

Top Ten Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can BuyPerfumes are loved by everyone and people wanted to have special perfume for themselves. This unique perfume was introduced by the House of Creed Bespoke, which is very refreshing and perfect for the people with luxurious taste. It is only available in Paris and is available in the bottle that is made from the 14 carat gold to make it a special perfume as a whole. The price of this expensive perfume is $475,000.

7. A gold plated vacuum cleaner:

Top 10 Most Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can BuyThe vacuum cleaner is a very common thing that can be seen at every house, but you will be shocked to see a vacuum cleaner that is gold plated. It is a cleaning machine that works on a motor and has cleaning nozzle. It was made in limited number in the whole world only 100 pieces of this vacuum were available on the market and were gold plated as well. It is a million dollar vacuum which is very luxurious one and clearly depicts the high standard of living of the people. The price of this gold plated vacuum cleaner is $1 million.

6. Your personal cargo ship:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can BuyCargo ships mostly move in the Pacific Ocean and seem like a floating aqua in the water. It is the personal cargo ship that is available for purchasing it on a Chinese website called Alibaba so that person can own its personal cargo ship. In this ship, a person can carry anything that they want and can easily move it dominating the other shipping lines in the water. The price of this cargo ship is $1 to 2 million. It is the a huge ship that has a large space in it.

5. The Sports car that’s also a Submarine:

Top Five Most Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can BuyPeople loved to have different kind of cars either sports or any other but wanted to have a unique and special car to make their life luxurious. It is the car that is also a submarine that was inspired by The Spy who loves Me. It can dive easily up to 33 feet and has enough oxygen with it for the people. It is made from pure steel and is powered by strong batteries. The price of this super submarine car is estimated to be $2 million which is an amazing thing to be gifted to someone special.

4. Your Submarine:

Top 5 Most Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can BuyMost of the people wanted to have different and lifetime experience in their life. People wanted to have their submarine that can be used for exploration. It is the personal submarine that is available at the price of $2 million. It can dive up to 1000 feet and can operate for 6 hours at a time. It is made of the GPS system and many other latest systems for the safety of the people using it. It is a very luxurious submarine and is entertaining as well.

3. Another Submarine, this time for five people:

Top Three Most Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can BuyIt is the submarine that can dive up to 656 feet and is made suitable for 5 persons so that whole team can go under water for different explorations. It comes up with two different life support systems for the people traveling in it. It also provides a training booklet with it when it is purchased for understanding it properly before use. The price of this special submarine is almost $2.7 million which is the best gift to b given on Christmas.

2. A 52 Carat Diamond Dog Collar:

Top 3 Most Expensive Christmas Gifts which you can BuySome people in the world consider their dogs as their kids and love them a lot and are willing to pay anything for them. Here comes the most expensive dog collar that is made from 52 carat diamonds which has total 1600 diamonds on it to make it luxurious for the dog. It was named as the Bugatti of dog collars by the famous Forbes Magazine. The price of this expensive and luxurious dog collar is $3.2 million.

1. The Ultimate Bond Villain Island Lair:

Most Expensive Christmas GiftIt is a luxurious floating yacht island that is very large and seems like a small country. It has different luxurious facilities on it that includes, dock for boats, helipad, jet skies restaurant, casino, night club, Movie Theater and bar as well. The design and look of this island are very impressive and has a large space for storing different things. The price of this super Christmas gift is almost $100 million.

List of Most Expensive Christmas Gifts

Sr.No. Names Price
1 The Ultimate Bond Villain Island Lair $ 100 Million
2 A 52 Carat diamond dog Collar $ 3.2 Million
3 Yet another Submarine, this time for five people $ 2.7 Million
4 Your own Submarine $ 2 Million
5 The Sports car that’s also a Submarine $ 2 Million
6 Your Own personal cargo ship $ 1 to 2 Million
7 A gold plated vacuum cleaner $ 1 Million
8 A unique fragrance designed just for you, in Paris $ 475000
9 The Most expensive sunglasses $ 383609
10 Paulie`s Human-mimicking robot from ROCKY IV $ 345000


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive Christmas gifts that you can buy is given according to the price of different luxurious gifts. Christmas is the religious event of Christians which is celebrated in full swing by them, and they gift each other different luxurious items to make it special for their loved one. All these gifts are suitable for the rich people as ordinary people cannot afford them for their family.