Most Expensive Beds

Beds are used everywhere in the world for the purpose of sleeping. It is the most important thing that is used in all homes of the world. No house in this world is considered complete without the beds. There are many types and designs of beds available in the world that is available in different price ranges as well. Due to the hectic life, people have to take the rest that can be taken only on comfortable beds. Some people prefer to have small beds in their rooms due to a small space while some people prefer to have large beds like some royal styles. The most important thing in selecting a bed is that is the most comfortable and stylish to relax the person in their house. Some beds are stylish and are cost friendly as well which can be purchased to complete the house. Now some latest beds are made with unique features that attract the people like beds are a perfect combination of technology, style and design as well. Some beds provide the different features with them like places for storage and can be converted into sofas, etc.
The following are top 10 best beds in the world:

10. Monarch VI Spring Bed:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Beds in the WorldIt is a very famous crib that everyone wants to have and the luxurious one as well. The price of this crib is almost $50,000 and is made with the combination of more than 2000 springs in it. It is made with the very high-quality product and is stylish as well which makes it more famous in the world. It has a perfect mattress that is handmade to compliment the crib with that. It is a very simple crib that is not very decorated or fancy, but it is perfect to enjoy the comfortable sleep to relax from the hectic routine. It is a very soft bed that will amaze the people.

9. Quantum Sleeper Bed:

Top Ten Most Expensive Beds in the WorldIt is very amazing and beautiful bed. It is available in the world in many colors from which people can choose according to their choice. It is made with very unique features which  are unbelievable to see in the cradle that are toilet, oxygen sensors, ventilation system, monitor system as well which is amazing to be in the cradle which makes this bed more luxurious one. It is a custom-made crib that is made after receiving an order from the customer. The price of this multi-tasking cradle is almost $60,000. It is made from the pure wood and is shiny as well which make its look more attractive for the people.

8. Magnetic Floating Bed:

Top Ten Expensive Beds in the WorldIt is very different kind of cot available in the world that will amaze the reader after reading its feature. It is the cot that floats in the air, and it is true as many people will not believe that. The floating process is made by using different strong wires that are tied on all sides on the crib to prevent any damage to the person and cot as well. The makers of this bed have also used 1500 pounds of magnets to keep the floating process safe and sound. The price of this unique cot is almost $65,000.

7. Sphere Bed:

Top 10 Most Expensive Beds in the WorldThis different kind of cot is made by the designer Karim Rashid. It is very beautiful and unique cot that is made with different features. It has many features like LED lights, TV, champagne stand, etc. which makes it luxurious and attractive cot in the world. It is considered as the small complete room where one can sleep, get entertainment and get ready as well. It is available in the world in many colors. The price of this cot is almost $70,000.

6. Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Beds in the WorldIt is the best cradle that is made for the people having some medical problems that the back issues and some other health problems. It is made with some latest technology to provide the best for the people. The price of this cot is almost $80,000. It is also made for some other problems in the people like snoring, etc. It can also help to mute the sounds of snoring and to sleep in a silent environment. It has many facilities like internet connection, iPod slot, etc.

5. Majesty Vi-Spring Bed:

Top Five Most Expensive Beds in the WorldThis beautiful and stylish crib is made by the famous designer Jab Anstoez. It provides the people the best suspension experience and is made with almost 6000 springs. The layers in the crib are made with precious material that are gold and silver that increased the price of the cot. It is further made with cotton, wool and silk as well. The price of this cot is $85,000 which is very expensive but is worth spending on this crib.

4. Parnian Furniture Bed:

Top 5 Most Expensive Beds in the WorldIt is considered as the most luxurious and best bed in the world and was designed by the Abdolhay Parnian. This bed is made and curved by his hands. It was completed in 1 year and then was introduced to the world. It is made with final touches and has many facilities like iPad holder, secret drawers, and TV as well. It is made with some precious materials that are silver, gold and wood as well. The price of this bed is $90,000.

3. Jado Steel Style Gold bed:

Top Three Most Expensive Beds in the WorldThis bed is considered as the perfect combination of the technology and luxury as well. It will provide the best experience for sleeping and is very comfortable to make the sleep the best one. It also offers many facilities like a DVD player, internet connection, sound system and play station as well. The price of this luxurious bed is $95,000. It is the very beautiful bed that will complete the whole look of your luxurious bedroom.

2. Cosmovoide Bed:

Top 3 Most Expensive Beds in the WorldIt is the bed that is made in very different style and shape as well. It will make the sleeping of the person best and will make them enjoy their sleep as well. It is the best bed that is combined with many features like TV, Phone and DVD player as well. It has a large space, and the design of this bed is very attractive which attracts people towards it. The price of this bed is $100,000 which is very expensive and not affordable for everyone in the world.

1. Baldacchino Supreme Bed:

Most Expensive Bed in the WorldIt is considered as the most expensive cradle in the world until now. It is made and curved by the Stuart Hughes. It is made of some precious and expensive wood and the cherry and classy canopy as well. It is not always ready for purchase as it is custom made on the request of the people and is finished with the 24 carat gold that makes it the most expensive and luxurious bed in the world. The price of this bed is almost $150,000.


List of Most Expensive Beds in the World:

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Baldacchino Supreme $ 150000
2 Cosmovoide $ 100000
3 Jado Steel style gold $ 95000
4 Parnian Furniture $ 90000
5 Majesty VI-Spring $ 85000
6 Starry Night Sleep Technology $ 80000
7 Sphere $ 70000
8 Magnetic Floating $ 65000
9 Quantum Sleeper $ 60000
10 Monarch VI Spring $ 50000


We conclude that beds are used in the whole world. There are many types of beds among which some of them are expensive while some normal ones are cheap as well. All the beds discussed above are the most expensive and luxurious ones in the world. Some of them are made with the latest technology and provide different facilities to the people as well which made them famous in the whole world.

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