Expensive Baby Toys

Parents are willing to spend a large amount on their babies to make their life luxurious and comfortable. There are many types of toys available in the world for babies among which some of them are very expensive. In past, there was no trend of expensive toys and people mostly prefer to provide homemade toys for their kids as no special toys were available in the market. But the trends now are much changed, and there are many toys for boys and girls to make their life luxurious and make the kids happy. As there are many events on which parents are willing to spend a large amount on their babies to give them expensive toys as a gift for a birthday, result day, etc. The expensive toys are not affordable for everyone, and only rich people can afford them for their babies as they are status conscious and wanted to have a rich mark in the society.
The following are top 10 best toys for kids in the world:

10. Priciest Pacifier:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Baby Toys in the WorldThe pacifier is used by all the babies in the world. It is considered as the most important thing for the babies and to make them more comfortable as well. It is the most expensive pacifier available in the world that is made up of 14K gold and is further studded with the precious 278 diamonds on it. It is very special kind of pacifier only available on the request as it is custom made pacifier. The price of this luxurious pacifier is $17,000 which is very large amount to spend on a pacifier. It will make the baby comfortable and a strong position in the society.

9. Video Game System:

Top Ten Most Expensive Baby Toys in the WorldThis new world is the world of technology. Video games are very common, and parents are spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing the video games. Kids are fond of these games that raised the demand for these games. This video game is made by the famous brand Nintendo, which is made from the 18K gold. It was designed by the Jewelry designer of London in 2006. The power button is made up of a diamond that made it more luxurious and precious as well. The famous games Mario and Luigi never looked so good and appealing than on any other video game. The price of this video game is $30,000.

8. Priciest Whac-a-Mole Game:

Top Ten Expensive Baby Toys in the WorldThis large sized carnival game was made by the fine folks of Hammacher. It is completely controlled by the remote and the doors and shelves of this game were operated by the remote control. It is very different kind of toys and creative as well to develop the brain skills of the babies as well. The price of this toy is almost $35,000. It is considered as the largest and king size game in the world. It is not widely used a toy in the world and loved by only some people.

7. Luxurious Clubhouse:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Toys in the WorldDollhouse or clubhouse is loved by every girl in the world. They are very entertaining to play and make the whole game very appealing for the girls. This toy is always associated with the girls, not boys. It is very latest kind of house which has been made according to the latest style of houses. It is a custom made house that is made in the England. It is well equipped with the TV, rooms, central air and many other facilities in it to make the game of the babies more entertaining. The price of this beautiful toy is $54,000 which can be seen in the house easily.

6. Priciest toy sold on eBay:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Toys in the WorldeBay is a online selling website on which all types of products. Toys also have a specific range and all types of expensive toys are sold on this website. It is the most expensive toy ever sold on this website that is for $85,000. It is a Lionel 3360 Crane which is made with some latest technology. It is made with some traditional model of 1950 but was in high demand by the boys. It was sold at an auction on the website that is the equal price to the BMW convertible model of 2012 which is amazing that the price of both things was same.

5. Priciest Monopoly Game:

Top Five Most Expensive Baby Toys in the WorldMonopoly is a very famous game and is played all over the world. It is a mind game and very entertaining as well. It was the handmade game that was made on the traditional pattern of 1933 by the famous creators Charles Darrow. It is the old version that is prevailing in the market from the long time. It has around board that is made by a pen and has 200 pieces all are handmade which raised the value of this toy. The price of this most expensive monopoly is $146,500 in the world.

4. Teddy Bear Line:

Top 5 Most Expensive Baby Toys in the WorldTeddy Bears are very cute and soft toys for the babies that will not harm them and are loved by the babies. This special and expensive teddy bear was made by the company on their 125th birthday and was made in 2000. It is stuffed soft toys that were made in limited number that was only 41. It was made with expensive material that was gold and the eyes of the teddy bear were made from diamonds. It was the best teddy bear ever made in the world and was sold in an auction for the high price tag of $195,000.

3. Priciest Dollhouse:

Top Three Most Expensive baby Toys in the WorldDollhouses are very cute and are always associated with the girls. Girls in the whole world love to play with dollhouses and Barbie as well. It is very luxurious and a big dollhouse that looks like a dream house. It is considered nothing less than the Titiana palace. The company started to make this dollhouse in 1907 and was then completed in 1922. It was a very large house that has 18 rooms in it. It was equipped with beautiful furniture and about 3000 pieces of art to make it more beautiful. The price of this expensive dollhouse was $256,600.

2. Priciest Barbie:

Top 3 Most Expensive Baby Toys in the WorldBarbie dolls are loved by every girl and these barbie dolls are available in all price ranges for the girls. It is very beautiful Barbie which is tall and is wearing a beautiful long dress in black color. The Barbie is wearing the diamond necklace that made this barbie doll most expensive. It was design and made by the famous jewelry designer of Australia called Stefano Canturi. This doll was sold at auction in 2010 for $302,500 and the whole money was donated to the cancer research center.

1. Priciest Model Car:

Most Expensive Baby Toy in the WorldThe most famous toy among the boys is cars. Boys love cars and like to play with them. The total price of the real Lamborghini is almost $3.8 million while this toy car that is small is available for $4.8 million. It is made up of gold and has platinum rims. It has diamonds on its seats and headlights as well. There are not words to describe the beauty of this car and its look as well.

List of Most Expensive Baby Toys in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Priciest Model Car $ 4.8 Million
2 Priciest Barbie doll $ 302500
3 Priciest Dollhouse $ 256600
4 Teddy Bear $ 195000
5 Priciest Monopoly Game $ 146500
6 Priciest toy sold on eBay $ 85000
7 Luxurious Clubhouse $ 54000
8 Priciest Whac-A-Mole Game $ 35000
9 Video Game System $ 30000
10 Priciest Pacifier $ 17000


We conclude that babies love to play with toys. There are many kinds of toys available in the market among which some are expensive while some are cheap as well. All these expensive toys explained above are made with some precious material and special features that made them more expensive and are sold at an auction because of high prices.

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